Sailor Uranus and Neptune Pullip dolls announced

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune Pullip dolls

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune Pullip dolls have been announced on the official Sailor Moon site. We later saw with another post on the official site stating that the Bandai Premium version of Sailor Uranus would come with a school uniform, allowing collectors to dress her as Haruka.

Sailor Uranus Pullip doll in Haruka civilian clothes

The Sailor Uranus doll will be released in June while the Sailor Neptune doll will be released in July. MSRP in Japan has the regular editions selling for 17,000 yen, about $140 USD, and the Premium Bandai edition selling for 20,000 yen, about $160 USD. We can expect them to sell for about $150 when released in the US.

Sailor Uranus Pullip doll

Pullip dolls are high quality kind of creepy looking dolls with very large eyes and heads, proportional to their bodies. There have been a lot of Sailor Moon themed Pullip Dolls released to date. Buy some using the Amazon links below to support the site.

Sailor Uranus Pullip dolla

Source: Sailor Moon Official site original post and update, Sailor Moon Collectibles

Sailor Uranus Pullip doll

Sailor Uranus Pullip doll

Sailor Moon S episodes 108 and 109 are now available on Hulu

Sailor Moon S episode 108 - Drunk Usagi and Mamoru - Just like their first kiss

The two latest episodes of Sailor Moon S have been released on Hulu and Neon Alley in Japanese with English subtitles by Viz. This week we get a couple of comedy filled episodes. With episodes 108 we ship everyone with anyone as Usagi gets drunk at a party, yet again. Then with episode 109 Minako strives to be a better person for odd reasons. Where’s Chibiusa this week anyway?

Sailor Moon S episode 108 - Drunk Usagi - Nice to meet you - Cream stew

Episode 108, Usagi Dancing to the Waltz, has Usagi yet again going to a party and getting accidentally drunk. How does this keep happening? Mamoru has English friends and an old English man, Edwards, invited him and the girls to his fancy mansion for a party because he’s eccentric, English and likes young Japanese people. He especially seems to like Ami, which is somewhat inappropriate with her being 14 and all, but whatever. Usagi gets sort of drunk. Hilarity ensues! She tries to speak English, which she is terrible at, and what comes out are weird English/Japanese jokes which make almost no sense to English listeners. I suppose to Japanese people “Nice to meet you” sounds like “Cream stew” but in the grand scheme of things there are so many English things rhyming with “Boo” that it’s really not a great joke. It seems to have more to do with how the syllables work together than anything else. This episode is all about shipping as various couples dance with each other such as Mamoru and Michiru or Usagi and Haruka, a throwback to a romance established in an earlier episode. One has to wonder if Mamoru kisses Usagi while she’s intoxicated, repeating his taking advantage of her while she was unable to consent at the masquerade back in the first season.

Sailor Moon S episode 108 - Edwards and Ami

Sailor Moon S episode 109 - Minako donating blood

Episode 109, The Shocking Moment: Everyone’s Identities Revealed, is yet another Minako episode! She didn’t get her pure heart stolen in the last episode which focused on her and she’s starting to wonder if she ever will! Minako is concerned that the enemy might not be targeting her in Tokyo, a city which was home to over 8 million people at the time. We know that we don’t see every Daimon in episodes but unless the gang are slaying thousands of them a night, it seems statistically unlikely that most of the city would have been targeted at this point. Still, Minako is feeling left out as somehow the people who’s lives intersect with the Sailor Guardians’ keep being targeted and she feels like she needs to do something special to show just how great she is! While reading about pure hearts in books she runs into Haruka and Michiru. On the book shelf are some book titles hinting at the future. There are five volumes of TARISMAN, a misspelling of talisman, and the author is noted as Michiru & Haruka. We’ll see next week what this foreshadows to. Finally Minako decides that donating blood is the way to be a good person with a pure heart. This is reminiscent of a chapter in the Sailor V manga where Minako decides to donate blood. In this case however she wasn’t doing it to be good but to get some orange juice and collect stamps in a frequent donator card. Once Minako has her Pure Heart removed she won’t let it go without a fight and proceeds to grab it and go off running! People without their Pure Hearts sure do act weird! Finally when the fighting ensues, everyone sees everyone transform. Sailor Moon sees Haruka and Michiru turn into Sailor Uranus and Neptune, so that secret it out. Following this Minako comes to join and transforms into Sailor Venus in front of Sailor Uranus and Neptune. With a basic amount of thought everyone is now able to figure out who everyone is, so we don’t need to pretend anymore. Next week we’ll be dealing with the repercussions of these revelations.

Sailor Moon S episode 109 - Minako runs off with her pure heart

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Sailor Moon S episode 108 - Haruka and Usagi

Sailor Moon S episode 108 - Michiru and Mamoru

Sailor Moon S episode 109 - Tarisman I - V - Michiru & Haruka

Sailor Moon Crystal Deluxe Limited Edition Blu-Ray vol. 8 review

Sailor Moon Crystal Blu-Ray Vol. 8 - Contents

The latest release of Sailor Moon Crystal on Blu-Ray was released on May 13th. Volume 8 collects acts 15 and 16. It’s packaging showcases Chibiusa. You can buy this volume on Amazon Japan and CD Japan. It only has Japanese audio with no English subtitles, though it will play in North American Blu-Ray players.

Sailor Moon Crystal Blu-Ray Vol. 8 - Sailor Mercury transformation item charm

The charm included this time is Sailor Mercury’s Star Power Stick. Her original transformation item was released with volume 2 when Sailor Mercury first appeared on the cover. It’s a safe bet that the next 3 releases will have Sailor Mars, Jupiter and Venus’s Star Power Sticks as charms.

Sailor Moon Crystal Blu-Ray Vol. 8 - Special Booklet - Page 2 and 3 - Act 15 summary

The 20 page special booklet included this time has the same breakdown as others, included episode summaries, screenshots, character art and a special page by Fumio Osano, Osabu. The interviews included in this release are with Yu Kaminoki, producer for the series and Misato Fukuen, the voice actress who plays Chibiusa. The character art included mostly focuses on Chibiusa but also has Koan and Berthier of the Ayakashi Sisters. There’s a heavy amount of focus on Chibiusa with her gun. Can any gun nuts identify exactly what model of gun this is and whether or not it can be equipped with an optional flower clip?

Sailor Moon Crystal Blu-Ray Vol. 8 - Special Booklet - Page 14 & 15 - Character art

The episodes included are Act 15, Infiltration – Sailor Mars, in which Sailor Mars faces off again Koan, and Act 16, Abduction – Sailor Mercury, in which Sailor Mercury faces off again Berthier. Chibiusa showed up at the end of the last release so now we begin focusing on the battle with the Black Moon Clan. Both episodes on this disk have minor changes to their animation that’s been done for the Blu-Ray release. I didn’t note anything terribly significant as far as changes go. You can check out the differences in Act 15 and Act 16 on Crystal Comparisons, which details the changes between the streaming version and home video versions of the show.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 17 - Chibiusa in her incorrect coloured uniform with Luna-P

Chibiusa in her incorrectly coloured uniform from the next episode preview for Act 17

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 17 - Chibiusa with a white top

Chibiusa in her correctly coloured uniform in Act 17

More shocking here is the lack of change! The next episode preview for Act 17 shows Chibiusa with a short sleeved but dark blue uniform. As we’ve covered in our review of Act 17, this was an incorrect colour which was actually corrected for the episode proper. The animators change things like this up until the last minute and update all kinds of things for the Blu-Ray but no one is bothering to fix up the next episode previews so that they don’t include these errors! Shameful!

As always as I don’t speak Japanese I can’t comment much on the audio commentary. There are three people appearing on these commentaries. You can hear Rina Sato, the voice of Sailor Mars, Hisako Kanemoto, the voice of Sailor Mercury and Munehisa Sakai, the series director for Sailor Moon Crystal.

Sailor Moon Crystal Blu-Ray Vol. 8 - Packaging

As with other releases it’s hard to justify buying a fairly expensive release for just two episodes. I don’t imagine I’ll change anyone’s mind on buying these at this point. Either you’ve bought the other releases and will buy this too, or you won’t be buying any. With free viewing options available for Sailor Moon Crystal and an English version inevitably happening in the future, this isn’t something many English speaking fans will find much value in.

Keep reading for more images of the packaging and all pages of the included special booklet.

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Jennifer Cihi to appear at JABEcon in Lebanon, Tennessee this Saturday May 23rd

Jennifer Cihi

Jennifer Cihi, a singer who performed many songs for the original English dub of Sailor Moon, will be making an appearance at JABEcon this coming Saturday at Cumberland University in Lebanon, Tennessee, not far from Nashville. Often credited as the singing voice of Sailor Moon, Jennifer Cihi’s voice was heard in the series and on the three soundtracks that were made for the show.

A quick look at the JABEcon schedule shows Jennifer Cihi appearing at two panels, held at 10:30am and 1pm.

10:30am to 11:30am
“Intro to Singing with Jennifer Cihi”:
Learn the ins and outs of singing in Anime, Music City, and much more with guest Jennifer Cihi (Singing Voice of Sailor Moon, Princess Mononoke, and an accomplished singer in Music City).

1:00pm to 2:00pm
“Sailor Moon Fan Panel with Jennifer Cihi”:
Join Jennifer Cihi (The singing voice of Sailor Moon) as we travel back to the 1990s when Sailor Moon was singing her way to pop culture and talk about the hit show’s impact. Bring your Sailor Moon cosplay and Q&A for a chance to win a cool prize!

On Sailor Moon soundtracks Jennifer Cihi is credited as Sailor Moon, Princess Serena and Sailor Mars. She provided the vocals for “I Wanna Be A Star!”, “My Only Love”, “Carry On”, “It’s A New Day”, “Call My Name”, “The Power of Love”, “I Want Someone to Love”, “I Want to Hold Your Hand” and “Who Do You Think You Are?”.

Sailor Moon S episodes 106 and 107 are now available on Hulu

Sailor Moon S episode 106 - Haruka decides to become Sailor Uranus

The two latest episodes of Sailor Moon S are now available on Hulu and Neon Alley. This week with episodes 106 and 107 we get two stories of people who fell in love with Michiru! First is a flashback to the time when Haruka first became Sailor Uranus and then Chibiusa is in love with a classmate and they make a clay grail which looks just like a future transformation item.

Sailor Moon S episode 106 - Haruka meets Michiru

Episode 106, The Bond of Destiny: Uranus’s Distant Past, partially takes place in flashbacks, which is the only part of the story we really care about. As a runner who Haruka is friends with is targeted we get a look back at when Haruka and Michiru first met. Michiru had, at the time, already transformed into Sailor Neptune and Haruka was having visions of the upcoming apocalypse. Haruka was not interested in becoming a Sailor Guardian and Michiru supported this decision. When she saw how much Sailor Neptune needs help, Haruka had a change of heart and became Sailor Uranus and so a great romance was born.

Sailor Moon S episode 106 - Haruka holding Sailor Neptune

Sailor Moon S episode 107 - Masanori blushing at Michiru while Chibiusa creeps on him

Episode 107, Art Is an Explosion of Love: Chibi-Usa’s First Love, is one of the many first loves Chibiusa has. Let’s see… first there’s obviously Mamoru who she was so in love with that she turned evil and old to get him, but the status of first love is also given to the likes of Helios and Peruru later in the series. Chibiusa has made a pie for a boy she has a crush on, but the Sailor Guardians all eat it. In this scene we get a look at Usagi’s book shelf and can see that she has a bunch of Sailor Moon books in her library. The boy Chibiusa is in love with is Masanori Tsuzuki, but unfortunately he does not return her affections instead being interested in Michiru. Naturally Chibiusa is upset with this, but they still manage to be good friends. In an art class Chibiusa, with the help of Masanori, makes a clay statue of the Holy Grail, a transformation item which will appear later in the season. This is really odd as it doesn’t really come back. This is lifted from the manga in a later chapter which has Chibiusa making the grail which ties in a bit better to the actual Holy Grail which Chibiusa has some memory of due to time travel and such. In the original anime the early appearance of the grail is a bit random. Chibiusa saves Masanori from the monster of the week and while it seems like their relationship is about to blossom he is never seen again. Chibiusa’s important encounter which she was sent to the past to make, is still yet to come.

Sailor Moon S episode 107 - Masanori and Chibiusa make the Holy Grail

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Sailor Moon S episode 107 - Usagi has many Sailor Moon books

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22, Hidden Agenda – Nemesis, Review

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22 - Black Lady

The latest episode of Sailor Moon Crystal, Act 22, Hidden Agenda – Nemesis, is now available to stream on Crunchyroll, Hulu and Niconico. This week we get teased a bit more with Black Lady but we still don’t get a really good look at her. Instead we focus on more exposition and freeing Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter who are trapped on Nemesis.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22 - Black Lady

Why does it take us so long to finally get around to showing Black Lady? The flow of the past few episodes seems a bit weird but this is partly due to the fact that the manga was originally broken up differently. This was changed when the manga was reprinted around the time the live action Sailor Moon series was out. Originally the last episode, Act 21, and this episode were part of one manga chapter, Act 20 Complication – Nemesis. This happened once in the first arc and will happen once again with the final Act of the Black Moon story arc. All in all we will have 26 episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal for what was originally 23 chapters of the manga. The original story that covered these two episodes was very long, almost 100 pages, so it makes sense to break it up into two episodes but the pacing seems a bit odd as it takes us forever to tease out the appearance of Black Lady. Sailor Moon Crystal is a 23 minute show but a manga chapter had no such restriction which is why there were some very long stories some months.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22 - Chibiusa takes Wiseman's hand

Next episode preview at the end of Act 21

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22 - Chibiusa wearing the correct top, with symbol of the Black Moon Clan on her head

Intro for Act 22

Shirt gate continues! This show can’t seem to make up it’s mind on this thing. I know I’ve mentioned this time and time again but as long as they keep screwing it up I will keep harping on them for it. As you can see above, the next episode preview that played at the end of Act 21 showed Chibiusa with her long sleeved blue uniform which she should absolutely not be wearing at this point. This is the uniform she wore when she came from the future which she traded for a short sleeve white uniform when she started going to school. She wore this on her trip back to the future and did not bring a change of clothes. The animators consistently mess up the colour of Chibiusa’s shirt in next episode previews, fixing it before the next one comes out. We can clearly see in this how last minute this show is prepared. Another change that can be seen is that Chibiusa, pre transformation, is seen with the symbol of the Black Moon Clan on her forehead. This is new to Sailor Moon Crystal. In the manga and anime Chibiusa doesn’t get this symbol until she transforms into Black Lady.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22 - Volume 19 sure is popular

A new location featured this week is the library which houses many books. Funny when you actually get a nice look at them it looks like there are just a bunch of copies of the same book. So many volume 19s of some kind of book all over these shelves! The original Sailor Moon manga was collected in 18 volumes. Perhaps the most precious thing collected in this library is more Sailor Moon manga! These books are so important that Venus is tasked with just watching them. Tuxedo Mask runs off to find Chibusa and she is stuck there to protect a bunch of books!

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22 - Sailor Venus has lips

If you’ve ever wondered what Sailor Moon characters look like with lips we now have an answer! With another funny face frame this week we get to see Sailor Venus with lips and she looks a bit like a frog!

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22 - Death Phantom

We get another look at the Death Phantom, the Earth criminal who became Wise Man. It’s mentioned that he has Beast Hand and Evil Eye, though there is no indication of what that is. He seems to have used some sort of supernatural power to kill a bunch of people, but he is said to be a human. Indeed Sailor Moon is full of these kinds of magical people but there really isn’t much in the way of detail about Death Phantom. It seems this could be a whole side story on it’s own which never really gets investigated.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22 - A building on Nemesis

Nemesis is such an odd planet. When we see it from space it’s surface seems volatile. It does not appear to have a solid surface but perhaps one of molten lava or some sort of gas or energy. It’s mentioned that the reactor is the only place which opens to the outside, yet we clearly see buildings with the reactor’s energy coming out of it. What exactly is going on here? Is this a building on the surface of Nemesis? Is this an underground cavern with buildings in it? This doesn’t seem all that efficient when a cavern isn’t really exposed to the elements. Perhaps this is the surface but above them is a thick cloud or energy layer that can’t be penetrated? This brings up a ton of questions. Who are the labourers of the Black Moon Clan who make these buildings? What is the size of their population? Where do they get their food? The manga never shows actual structures so some of this doesn’t really come up but an anime series like this needs to have proper backgrounds and a level of detail that isn’t shown in a manga series.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22 - Rei and dead people

Finally Sailor Moon is able to transform. This isn’t really explained but the key is that the reactor connects to the outside. As another suggestion that they are underground, Sailor Moon’s powers are blocked where she is. Being close to the reactor allows her to get her power and in turn transfer that to her friends. How gross is the room Sailor Mercury, Mars and Jupiter are in? It’s just full of dead bodies.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22 - The Sailor Guardians return

Next episode preview at the end of Act 21

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22 - The Sailor Guardians with a new background

Act 22

As another change from the next episode preview once the Sailor Guardians show up the reactor’s energy is shown in the background more prominently and shining through a bit. This is a fairly minor change but yet another reminder that these episodes are tweaked right up to the last minute.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22 - Black Lady

Next episode preview at the end of Act 21

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22 - Black Lady

Act 22

Yet another change is this shot of Black Lady’s eyes. Originally all we see are Black Lady’s eyes in the next episode preview but here in the episode proper they are using the sort of blurring effect to hide her identity instead. It seems that the method of obscuring Black Lady’s identity was still being worked out after a couple of weeks ago’s airing.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22 - Black Lady

Black Lady is seen but not really seen throughout. In the manga she appears as a sort of ghostly whisp but here she’s just sort of blurry. Perhaps she has that same problem Bigfoot has where you can’t take a clear picture of him. We can see her clothes in Sailor Moon Crystal which is a first, this is something that normally wouldn’t show up until the next episode. She doesn’t do a ton but does manage to kill Rubeus which tells us she isn’t really on board with the Black Moon Clan but instead has some other agenda.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22 - Wise Man Kawaii emoticon eyes

Wise Man has the most ridiculous eyes in this episode. Every time Black Lady does something amusing he gets these emoticon type eyes which look like something out of those letters that scroll across a Niconico feed. OMG! #kawaii ^_^; @_@;

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 23 - Black Lady

Next in 3 weeks on June 6th is Act 23, Covert Maneuvers – Wiseman. This time we’ll get a proper look at Black Lady without any blurriness.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 23 - Covert Maneuvers - Wiseman

Keep reading to see more screenshots from Act 22 and the next episode preview for Act 23.

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Jennifer Gould, the voice of Sailor Saturn, to appear at Unplugged Expo 4 from July 31st to August 2nd in Toronto

Jen Gould the voice of Sailor Saturn

Unplugged Expo continues in their tradition of having great Sailor Moon voice actors as guests at their convention. For Unplugged Expo 4 in downtown Toronto the weekend of July 31st to August 2nd they will have voice actors from the original and new Sailor Moon dub! First up is Jennifer Gould, who played the voice of Sailor Saturn in the original English dub of Sailor Moon S. She also appeared as the voice of Parapara of the Amazoness Quartet in Sailor Moon SuperS and as the astronaut Himeko Nayotake, Kakeru’s love interest in the Sailor Moon S movie. Jennifer Gould is also an accomplished singer who won a Juno in 2008. Juno is Canadian for Grammy.

Reika Nishimura

Also appearing is Erica Mendez, the voice of Reika, Motoki’s girlfriend, in Viz’s new dub of the original Sailor Moon anime. This is a somewhat minor role in the series though Erica Mendez is more well known for other anime voice acting credits such as Aladdin in Magi: The Kingdom of Magic and Ryuko Matoi in Kill la Kill.

Watch Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22, Hidden Agenda – Nemesis, Saturday May 16th at 6am Eastern Time

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22 - Tuxedo Mask and King Endymion

The next episode of Sailor Moon Crystal, Act 22, Hidden Agenda – Nemesis, will be available this coming Saturday May 16th. The episode will be available to stream on Crunchyroll, Hulu and Niconico starting at 7pm Japan Standard Time which is 6am Eastern Time and 3am Pacific Time. Chibiusa has disappeared but we won’t be seeing what has happened to her this week as we focus on what’s happening on Nemesis with various kidnapped people.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22 - Hidden Agenda - Nemesis

Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter are still prisoners on Nemesis. With this we will get a bit of backstory about the Death Phantom also known as Wise Man. With Chibiusa gone Tuxedo Mask chases after her leaving Sailor Venus to hold down the fort and the kidnapped Sailor Guardians to save themselves! The end of the last episode teases us with Black Lady but we won’t be seeing her this week. We will only be seeing a sort of proto Black Lady without her iconic black and pink dress.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22 - Chibiusa takes Wiseman's hand

In the next episode preview shown at the end of Act 21 we once again see Chibiusa wearing the wrong school uniform! Chibiusa has two school uniforms. She came from the future wearing a long sleeved blue uniform but once she started school in the past she switched to a short sleeve white uniform. That is what she is wearing when she takes Wise Man’s hand at the end of Act 21 so why is she wearing her older long sleeved uniform in the next episode preview? Earlier mistakes with the uniform colour have been corrected between the next episode preview and the actual episode. It is expected that the same will occur here though we won’t know for sure until Saturday.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22 - The Sailor Guardians return

Sailor Moon S episodes 104 and 105 have been added to Hulu

Sailor Moon S episode 104 - Sailor Tamasaburou

The two latest episodes of Sailor Moon S are now available to stream on Hulu and Neon Alley. Now that Chibiusa has arrived the series takes a bit of a different direction, mixing episodes focusing on her and episodes focusing on other characters. First up we have an all Chibiusa episode and then we look at Makoto who is training to improve herself which the other girls use as an excuse to have a little vacation.

Sailor Moon S episode 104 - Chibiusa being assaulted

Episode 104, Making New Friends: Chibi Moon’s Adventure, gives us a bit of an explanation as to why Chibiusa is back. In the manga she returns immediately after leaving but in the anime there was a bit of a gap. Chibiusa has a letter from her mother, Neo Queen Serenity, which is terribly written without any Kanji. We see Luna P briefly in this episode for one of the last times. This episode is full of a lot of Japanese references that I was completely confused by when I first saw it. Chibiusa is trying to make friends and in doing so has an odd confrontation with a boy at the park. He becomes somewhat verbally and then physically abusive to her before taking his pants off and flashing her. This bizarre encounter is a reference to another anime Crayon Shin-Chan as the young boy Shinnosuke shares a name and voice actor with Shin Chan. The boy does not physically resemble Crayon Shin-Chan but he does have a Shin-Chan toy. Finally Chibiusa meets and befriends Tamasaburou, a young boy who impresses her with a tea ceremony. Throughout this Usagi and Chibiusa grieve each other by trying to break their perfect sitting position, which seems to be important at a tea ceremony. Tamasaburou is targeted by the enemy. Chibiusa comes to the rescue and we actually see her transform, though Chibiusa does not have an actual transformation sequence in this season apart from what we see in the Sailor Moon S movie. Chibiusa isn’t the only one to transform! At the end of the episode Chibiusa is shocked to see Sailor Tamasaburou, a cross dressing Tamasaburou. It seems a bit odd that so many characters, including Haruka, seem put off by this. Cross dressing is nothing new to this season. Perhaps it’s simply the fact that he’s dressing as a Sailor Guardian that is off putting. Tamasaburou is most definitely a male in this uncut subtitled version of the episode despite having been portrayed as female in the Cloverway dub back in the day.

Sailor Moon S episode 104 - Tamasaburou's tea ceremony

Sailor Moon S episode 105 - Makoto training

Episode 105, I Want Power: Mako Lost in Doubt, is a Sailor Jupiter episode which reminds us that even though Chibiusa is going to be a big part of the series from now on we can still spend some time focusing on other characters. Makoto feels bad about a fight with a monster which is not tied to a specific episode and decides to go train! The rest of the girls are happy to come along to crash the party and generally sit around and relax. Yes indeed, this is another swimsuit episode as I know at least one of our readers is a big fan of. This episode also shows us Mamoru’s part time job at the resort they spend time at. Mamoru lives alone and is a full time student so it’s not really clear where he gets enough money for his lavish lifestyle but this part time job, which his girlfriend didn’t even know about, seems to be part of that answer. He’s seen rushing around clearing a bunch of plates likely as some sort of bus boy. He’s never shown having this job again.

Sailor Moon S episode 105 - Mamoru at his part time job

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Sailor Moon S episode 105 - Usagi, Ami, Minako and Rei relaxing

Sailor Moon S episode 104 - Neo Queen Serenity's letter from the future

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Viz announces the voices of the Black Moon Clan for their new English dub of Sailor Moon R

Sailor Moon R episode 72 - The Ayakashi Sisters' Beauty Quartette

Last month Viz announced the voice actors you’ll be hearing as part of Viz’s new dub of Sailor Moon R once the Black Moon Clan shows up. You can currently listen to the dub of episode 60, which features the voices of Rubeus and the Ayakashi Sisters. We will be getting a lot more of these voices tomorrow as we get the dubbed versions of episodes 61 through 68 on Hulu and Neon Alley as part of the Mini Moonlight Party. The voices of Esmeraude, Saphir and Prince Demande will not be showing up as part of the first half of the season so we won’t be hearing them until later this year.

Here’s the cast of the Black Moon Clan:

Claudia Lenz as Koan
Cindy Robinson as Berthier
Cassandra Lee Morris as Calaveras
Jessica Gee as Petz
Steve Cannon as Rubeus
Rena S. Mandel as Esmeraude
Greg Felden as Saphir
Matthew Mercer as Prince Demande

These are mostly newly cast actors with the exception of Cindy Robinson who was previously cast as Queen Beryl and is now voicing Berthier. The cast of Viz’s new dub of the original Sailor Moon anime will be reprising their roles in Sailor Moon Crystal so we will be hearing these same voice actors once the second story arc of Sailor Moon Crystal gets dubbed.

Yesterday we even received a Tweet from Rena Strober (credited as Rena S. Mandel) to let us know that she’s currently working on dubbing Esmeraude! We can’t wait to hear what she sounds like.

It was previously announced that Chibiusa would be voiced by Sandy Fox and Sailor Pluto would be voiced by Veronica Taylor.

The first season of Viz’s new dub is currently available on DVD and Blu-Ray. Sailor Moon R part 1 will be released in June. Buy these sets using the links below to support the site.

Source: Anime News Network