Voice actor Chieko Honda, voice of Tellu, dies of cancer at 49

Tellu voiced by Chieko Honda

Last Monday, on February 18th 2013, voice actress Chieko Honda died following a battle with cancer. She was only 49. Chieko Honda was a veteran voice actor best known to Sailor Moon fans for providing the voice of Tellu of the Witches 5 in Sailor Moon S. Though she only appeared in a couple of episodes of the show, her contribution will not soon be forgotten by fans.

Chieko Honda, voice of Tellu

Source: Anime News Network

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G-Anime 2013: Terri Hawkes, the voice of Sailor Moon, panel

Terri Hawkes: Sailor Moon - Panel at G-Anime 2013

This year at G-Anime Terri Hawkes, the English voice of Sailor Moon had two panels. Here is the first panel where Terri Hawkes discusses her time voicing Sailor Moon.

The next day Terri Hawkes ran another panel on acting, writing and directing as a professional. This panel didn’t have as much to do with Sailor Moon but may still be of interested to fans. It will be posted to the site in the near future.

New Sailor Moon S figures for sale in May 2013

3D Render of a new Sailor Moon figure from China's ACG Comic Expo

New figures of Sailor Moon and the rest of the nine Sailor Soldiers will be available in May from Legend Studio.

New Sailor Moon S figures from ACG Comic Expo

Sailor Moon Collectibles reports that a few pictures from the ACG Comic Expo in Guangzhou, China from December have surfaced. These pictures show that there will be the nine figures of Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Pluto, Uranus, Neptune and Saturn. Unfortunately we just get cutouts with no real indication of what the toys would look like for most of the girls but we get a bit more of a look at Sailor Moon herself. There are some CG renders of the Sailor Moon figure and it’s individual parts which gives us a good idea of what the finished product might look like. We see for example that the figure will have a number of swappable faces and by seeing all the pieces we can get a good idea of the articulation the final product might have.

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“Moon Geisha” shirt available today at ShirtPunch


Here’s a great looking shirt showing Sailor Moon as a Geisha which is on sale today only from ShirtPunch.  There sure are lot of Sailor Moon shirts popping up on these sites this week!

The shirt’s artist, Ashley Hay, also designed the Sailor Moon Pies shirt we posted about last year. Check out her web site for more of her work.

Fumio Osano states that US viewers will be able to watch the new 2013 Sailor Moon Anime online

Fumio Osano, @osabu8, says US viewers will watch the 2013 Sailor Moon anime on the Internet

Fumio Osana, @osabu8 on twitter, has responded to a fan’s question about how US viewers will be able to watch the new Sailor Moon 2013 anime, asking if it would be available online. His reply was:

@DanielleSwaw yes,you will watch on internet.

Short and sweet. Based on this statement it would seem that international distribution of the show, at least at first, is planned to be done online. How exactly this will be done isn’t specified but it seems reasonable that we will see it on some kind of streaming site. Some sites like Crunchy Roll and Funimation already do this.

Fumio Osano aka Osabu aka Osa-P

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“S.M.” Sailor Moon/E.T. parody shirt for sale today at Qwertee

S.M. - Sailor Moon and E.T. shirt at Qwertee

What a bizarre reference! Here’s a parody of the classic scene from E.T. The Extraterrestrial where E.T. and Elliott are flying in front of the Moon but with Sailor Moon and Luna in their place! The shirt is for sale for one day only at Qwertee. Since Qwertee is a European site the shirt will be on sale until 6pm EST tomorrow, February 11th. That’s 22 hours from this being posted!

Elliott and E. T. in front of the Moon

The shirt’s artist is Meri. You can check out her portfolio to see more of her work.

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