“S.M.” Sailor Moon/E.T. parody shirt for sale today at Qwertee

S.M. - Sailor Moon and E.T. shirt at Qwertee

What a bizarre reference! Here’s a parody of the classic scene from E.T. The Extraterrestrial where E.T. and Elliott are flying in front of the Moon but with Sailor Moon and Luna in their place! The shirt is for sale for one day only at Qwertee. Since Qwertee is a European site the shirt will be on sale until 6pm EST tomorrow, February 11th. That’s 22 hours from this being posted!

Elliott and E. T. in front of the Moon

The shirt’s artist is Meri. You can check out her portfolio to see more of her work.

Sailor Moon - Moon Cycle box

The scene in this shirt raises an interesting point… did Sailor Moon ever ride a bike? I don’t recall this ever happening the show though there is the Moon Cycle, which isn’t really a bike. A knockoff product has Sailor Moon on a motorcycle, but that’s hardly canon. There was an episode where Sailor Moon rode an exercise bike! Sailor Venus once rode a bike and there’s also a great Manga image in which Minako and Rei share a bike…


Usagi on an exercise bike

Sailor Venus on a bike

Minako and Rei on a bike

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