Kawaii Jupiter and Venus and District Jupiter shirts for sale at Arteesel and Limiteed

Kawaii Sailor Jupiter shirt at Arteesel

For the next few days there are a few great looking Sailor Moon shirts for sale at Arteesel and Limiteed. First we’ve got Kawaii Sailor Jupiter and Kawaii Sailor Venus for sale until the end of the day on Thursday April 24th from Arteesel for $12 a piece. There’s also District Jupiter, a Hunger Games/Sailor Moon shirt featuring Sailor Jupiter, for sale for $12 at Limiteed until 9pm EST Wednesday April 23rd.

Kawaii Sailor Venus shirt at Arteesel

The shirt’s artist, Machmigo, also designed Kawaii Mercury and Mars shirts, other Sailor Moon/Hunger games shirts and many more! Check out more of her stuff on her Facebook Page, Twitter Feed, tumblr or deviantArt page.

District Jupiter t-shirt at Limiteed

New Sailor Moon anime voice cast and art to be announced this Sunday April 27th

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal

This Sunday, April 27th 2014, there will be a live streaming event on Niconico which will include announcements of the voice cast and some character art for the new Sailor Moon anime, Sailor Moon Crystal, as well as the cast for this summer’s new Sailor Moon Musical. The special will air at 4pm Japan Standard Time or 3am Eastern Standard Time. Hope you don’t like sleep!

Sailor Moon 2014 Anime "Sailor Moon Crystal" official artwork

This event was first announced on the Sailor Moon official web site on April 8th but we only got details about the event in an update on April 18th which mentioned the unveiling of the voice cast and the appearance of the five main cast members from the new Sailor Moon musical! Atsutoshi Umezawa, director for the new series, mentioned via Twitter that we would also be seeing character art from the new show at the event!

Sailor Moon Crystal director Atsutoshi Umeza

The event will also feature Fumio Osana, the original editor for the Sailor Moon manga, Munehisa Sakai, the director for the new series and Yuh Kamiki who is listed as being a producer for the Sailor Moon Crystal anime. Yuh Kamiki had not been previously announced as being affiliated with this show. A quick search finds a Japanese actor by that name with no anime series producing experience who I do not believe is the anime series producer who will be at this event.

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Megan Fox would like to act in a live action Sailor Moon movie

Megan Fox

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly actress Megan Fox mentioned that she was interested in being in a live action Sailor Moon movie.

After having done movie versions of Transformers and now Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Megan Fox was asked what other cartoon she would like to be involved with a live action movie of. After mentioning an interest in Gundam Wing, Jurassic Park and Thudercats she added the following:

Sailor Moon. That could feasibly be made into a live action movie. I don’t know how many Americans were into that. I was into that, but I don’t know how huge it was here. That’s not actually a bad idea.

Keep in mind of course there are no plans to actually make such a movie. This is just something Megan Fox mentioned being interested in along with many other franchises she was a fan of when she was younger.

What do you think? Is a Sailor Moon live action film starring Megan Fox “Not actually a bad idea” or just a way to ruin more childhoods? Who should she play? She doesn’t seem to look much like Sailor Moon but she might be able to pull off Sailor Mars.

Pre-order the Sailor Jupiter S. H. Figuarts figure on Amazon

Sailor Jupiter S. H. Figuarts - Supreme Thunder

Bandai’s Sailor Jupiter S. H. Figuarts figure is now available for pre-oder at Amazon.com! It will be released on August 28th in North America. Can’t wait that long? You can import Sailor Jupiter from Japan from JList, CD Japan or YesAsia for a July 19th release.

Sailor Jupiter S. H. Figuarts

The rest of the S. H. Figuarts figures are also available on Amazon.com. Sailor Moon, Mercury and Mars are already out. Sailor Venus will be released at Amazon.com on May 21st. You can also get Sailor Venus a bit earlier from Japan on April 30th from JList, CD Japan and YesAsia.

Sailor Venus with a  Sailor V mask

Kawaii Mars and Mercury shirts for sale this weekend at Arteesel

Kawaii Mars shirt at Arteesel

Here are a couple of great looking shirts for sale until the end of the weekend from Arteesel. Kawaii Mars and Kawaii Mercury features Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury drawn in a style reminiscent of old cartoons like Mickey Mouse and Felix the Cat.

Kawaii Mercury shirt at Arteesel

The shirt’s artist, machmigo, has designed many other Sailor Moon shirts that have been mentioned on this site. Check out more of her stuff on her Facebook Page, Twitter Feed, tumblr or deviantArt page.

A new Sailor Moon Musical coming this summer will take place in Crystal Tokyo and feature the Black Moon Clan

Sailor Moon - Crystal Tokyo devastated

A new Sailor Moon musical has been announced on the Sailor Moon official site. Not many details have been given but we do know that this musical will follow the Black Moon story arc of the Sailor Moon manga or the Sailor Moon R season of the anime which takes place in 30th century Crystal Tokyo following the battle with the Black Moon Clan. Though Chibiusa is not mentioned by name it stands to reason that this musical will feature her introduction as well as her transformation into Black Lady. No details about the cast have been revealed but the announcement mentions that this will be announced on the site in the near future.

The 30th Century Crystal Tokyo

This will be the second modern Sailor Moon musical following Sailor Moon La Reconquista which played last September.

The 30th Century Crystal Tokyo

Note: This article previously mentioned the musical would take place in September. As of now the only information we have about the date is that it will be this summer.

Sailor Moon’s Disguise Pen toy coming this July

Sailor Moon Moonlight Memory Series Disguise Pen

Another great cosplay accessory is coming this July. Sailor Moon’s Disguise Pen, known as the Luna Pen in the English dub, has been announced on the official Sailor Moon site. The toy is called the “Moonlight Memory Series Light Disguise Pen”. It’s a high quality replica which lights up and actually writes! Unlike Usagi’s pen it does not appear that this gives collectors the ability to transform into a costume of their choice.

Sailor Moon Moonlight Memory Series Disguise Pen really writes!

The pen will be available for preorder later this week from Bandai Premium Bandai for 4860 yen (about $47 US) and will be released in July. It is currently also up for preorder at CD Japan for 6400 yen (about $62 US).

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Volumes 9 and 10 the Sailor Moon Manga Complete Editions are now out

Sailor Moon Manga Complete Collection - Vol. 9 and 10

Last week, March 25th, volumes 9 and 10 of the Sailor Moon Manga Complete Editions were released in Japan. Volume 9 features Endymion and Serenity on the cover while volume 10 features all 10 Sailor Guardians. This concludes the story of the Sailor Moon manga with the Stars story arc featuring Galaxia and the Starlights. Volumes 11 and 12 of the manga will be released later this month and will likely contain Code Name Sailor V and the Parallel Sailor Moon story, as that’s all that has not been published to date. Parallel Sailor Moon was originally published only in the Materials Collection Artbook but also added with the 2004 edition of the manga which is what we recently saw translated into English by Kodansha Comics USA. As with other volumes this complete edition features all colour pages previously only seen in the pages of Nakayoshi where they were originally published.

Sailor Moon Manga Complete Collection - Chibiusa's Picture Diary - The Secret of the Hammer Price Shrine

With most of these two books dedicated to wrapping up the main story we only have one side story included, that being the final Chibiusa’s Picture Diary story, the Secret of the Hammer Price Shrine. This story has Chibiusa and Hotaru getting into high jynx with their trendy friends Naruru, Naru’s sister, and Ruruna who dress up as Sailor Guardians who fans refer to as Sailor Channel and Sailor Guccicci.

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“By the Moonlight” Sailor Moon shirt available until Thursday at OtherTees

By the Moonlight Sailor Moon shirt at OtherTees

This “By the Moonlight” Sailor Moon shirt is for sale for $11 at OtherTees. The shirt features a shilhouette of Sailor Moon in front of the Moon. It is available only for 48 hours, until Thursday April 3rd at 4pm EST (10pm CET). We have a special promo for users from the site! To get an additional 10% off your order enter the promo code “sailormoonnews” at checkout! This discount will be applied to the first 100 orders.

The shirt’s artist is machmigo who has done many other great Sailor Moon shirts we’ve talked about on the site. Check out more of her stuff on her Facebook Page, Twitter Feed, tumblr or deviantArt page.

Sailor Mars “Soldier of Flame and Passion” and “Sailor Pop” shirts for sale today at Arteesel

Sailor Mars - Soldier of Flame and Passion - Arteesel

Two great looking Sailor Moon shirts are for sale today only for $12 from Arteesel. The sale ends at the end of the day on March 31st. The first, a new shirt, is “Soldier of Flame and Passion” showing a silhouette of Sailor Mars. The other is “Sailor Pop“, showing Sailor Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Luna in a Pop Art style.

Sailor Pop Art shirt for sale today at Qwertee

The “Soldier of Flame and Passion” shirt is designed by sigma-astra who designed a Sailor Mercury version in this style, “Soldier of Water and Wisdom“, which previously sold on Arteesel. Check out her Facebook page, Redbubble store and Society6 store for more of her stuff. You can find all four shirts she’s done in this style at her RedBubble store.

The “Sailor Pop” shirt was previously printed at Qwertee as “Sailor Pop Art” and is designed by Edwoody. Check out his Facebook Page for more of his work. More of his Sailor Moon designs can be puchased at his Red Bubble Store.