Stephanie “Sugar” Lyn Beard interview at Anime Revolution

Stephanie "Sugar" Lyn Beard, voice of Rini, at Anime Revolution

Here’s an interview with Stephanie “Sugar” Lyn Beard, the voice of Rini aka Sailor Mini Moon from Anime Revolution 2012 in Vancouver. Sugar talks about her early days on the radio, working on the zone and her work on Sailor Moon. She also plugs her new movie “For a Good Time, Call…” which is now playing in select theatres. You can watch the interview at the Anime Revolution site. It’s also embedded below for your convenience.

“Chat Noir de la Lune” shirt on Qwertee today

Tournée du Chat Noir de la Lune t-shirt image

The shirt of the day on Qwertee is this “Tournée du Chat Noir de la Lune” shirt. As with other shirt a day sites this shirt is on sale for one day only. Since this site is not based in the US, the shirt will be on sale until October 1st at 6pm EST. The shirt is 10 euro, which is a bit less than $13 US. I bought a shirt with the same design when it went on sale at TeeFury and have been quite happy with it.

The image is a reference to an old poster advertising “Le chat noir”, which was the name of a 19th century French cabaret. The poster advertised a tour that the troup from the cabaret was doing in other cities. The cat in the image is replaced by none other than Luna and the words translate to “The black cat from the Moon’s tour”.

Tournée du chat noir de Rodolphe Salis

This design was done by DiHA and can be found on her deviant art page. Don’t worry if you’ve missed your chance to get this shirt. You can still order it from Redbubble.

Mystery of the creepy topless Sailor Moon statue solved!

Creepy topless Sailor Moon statue mystery solved

A few weeks ago we shared an image of this creepy Sailor Moon statue which looked topless but was more likely just a statue with faded paint. I was unable to find what the original statue looked like at the time but now a poster at the Sailor Moon forums has dug up a picture of one of these in better condition.

Sailor Moon children's ride paint intact

It turns out the statue is actually part of a ride. This is not terribly evident in the original picture given it doesn’t give a full view of what it is, but knowing it’s a ride it’s fairly easy to find many more picture of these online. Some minor variations in some parts and colours of the ride can be seen, but they are all generally similar to the original one we discussed.

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Interviews with Susan Roman and Vince Corazza at Anime Revolution

Vincent Corazza interview at Anime Revolution 2012

The Anime Revolution web site has posted a couple more great interviews from their convention where they had six Sailor Moon voice actors present to celebrate the show’s 20th anniversary. First is an interview with Susan Roman, the voice of Sailor Jupiter and the second is an interview with Vince Corazza who played Alan Granger and eventually Tuxedo Mask in the later two season. Vince gives a nice explanation of the rythmo-band technique which was used to dub Sailor Moon which made the lip synching match up perfectly to the video.

You can watch the interviews on the Anime Revolution web site. We’ve also embedded them below for your convenience.

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Why is Sailor Moon on this Russian book cover?

Andrei Belyanin's "The Little Sister From Hell" book cover featuring Sailor Moon

Oh the things that can be found in the recesses of the Internet. I stumbled upon this thing today as it was shared with me by my friend Dave who in turn got it from his friend Shouri. This isn’t photoshopped, this is a real Russian book in which Sailor Moon appears to be beating up an Aztec man. The art is a bit all over the place as Sailor Moon’s costume seems more in line with what she wears in the first season but a lot of the details don’t fit. There is a heart on her tiara, which is similar to what Sailor Chibi Chibi has. Her boots boots look different, she has shorter hair and her weapon looks like the Kaleido Moon Scope despite the fact that this form of Sailor Moon should only have the Moon Stick. Cycyn from the Sailor Moon Obsession Blog also noticed the character’s resemblance to Angelina Jolie, which fits the time frame of the book’s release.

The Little Sister from Hell title page featuring Tuxedo Mask

After a little research I discovered this 2001 book is “The Little Sister from Hell” by Andrei Belyanin, a Russian author. The book is the second in a series “My Wife is a Witch” in which a poet marries a librarian who turns out to be a witch! A thorough overview of the book can be found at it’s Russian Wikipedia page (English translation).

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Sailor Moon manga book 1-6 box set coming in November

Sailor Moon Manga Volumes 1-6 Box Set

A box set collecting the English versions of the first six books of Naoko Takeuchi’s Sailor Moon manga will go on sale November 20th. This set is already up for pre-order on Amazon. This set was first made known when it went up for pre-order on Right Stuf’s web site a few days ago. This was confirmed by Kodansha on Twitter. The box art is only now being made available. It looks like a sheet of cards, bookmarks or stickers comes with the set. The books themselves look like the ones we already have judging by the spines.

The box art, of which we can only see one side, is an image of Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon originally used as the cover of the second volume of the manga. Does the first volume cover appear on the other side which we can’t see?

Sailor Moon manga volume 2 original cover

Support this site by pre-ordering the box set through the link below.

Interviews with Katie Griffin and Ron Rubin at Anime Revolution

Sailor Mars - Katie Griffin - Interview at Anime Revolution 2012

Last month at Anime Revolution in Vancouver there were a number of Sailor Moon voice actors in appearance. The Anime Revolution web site has posted a couple of interviews with some cast members. Last week they shared an interview with Katie Griffin, the voice of Sailor Mars, and this week they’ve posted an interview with Ron Rubin, the voice of Artemis.

In both interviews the voice actors talk about their work on Sailor Moon. The videos of the interviews are included below.

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Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Panel at Anime Revolution

Sailor Moon voice actor panel at Anime Revolution featuring Vince Corazza, Stephanie "Sugar" Beard, Ron Rubin, Terri Hawkes, Susan Roman and Katie Griffin

Last month at Anime Revolution in Vancouver there was a 20th Anniversary celebration including a panel featuring six of the cast members from the English dub. From left to right this panel includes Vince Corazza, voice of Tuxedo Mask, Stephanie “Sugar” Beard, voice of Rini, Ron Rubin, voice of Artemis, Terri Hawkes, voice of Sailor Moon, Susan Roman, voice of Sailor Jupiter and Katie Griffin, voice of Sailor Mars. The video is split into two parts. The quality isn’t perfect but the sound does come through pretty well so it’s well worth a listen.

Part 1 and Part 2 cover the entire panel. The third clip included below covered a half hour in the middle and is of higher quality. The voice actor portion begins 37 minutes into the first clip as it’s preceeded by some Karaoke and clips of many incarnations of Sailor Moon.

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“By Moonlight” Sailor Moon shirt on sale today at Ript Apparel

Ript Apparel Sailor Moon T-Shirt - Au clair de lune

Sailor Moon shirts sure are getting popular on these shirt a day sites, no doubt because Sailor Moon fans are happy to buy them. Today Ript Apparel have this lovely $10 Sailor Moon shirt showing Sailor Moon in an Art Nouveau style with the words “Au clair de lune” on it. This roughly translates to “By moonlight” which is the title of the shirt. This is likely a reference to “Fighting evil by moonlight”. “Au clair de la lune” happens to be a popular French folk song which, at least in my day, was something kids would sing a lot in kindergarten at French schools. As is always the case for these kind of deals the shirt is only available for a day, this one being September 15th. This leaves about 10 hours as of this posting.

This shirt’s artist is Eriphyle who also designed the Adventure Moon shirt that was sold on Shirt Punch a few weeks back. For more about this artist check out her web site and Facebook page.

I make an effort to check a lot of these daily shirt sites every day so if any more Sailor Moon shirts pop up I’ll do my best to let you all know about them.

Volume 7 of the Sailor Moon manga is out now

Sailor Moon Manga vol. 7 - Sailor Uranus

Volume 7 of Kodansha’s English translation of the Sailor Moon manga is now available in stores. Go pick it up or support our site by ordering it from the amazon link at the bottom of this post.

The manga’s cover features Sailor Uranus. The story in this volume focuses largely on Hotaru, who becomes Sailor Saturn and Mistress 9 as it covers acts 31 through 35.