Sailor Moon/Batman “Moon Knight Rises” t-shirt for sale today at Qwertee

Moon Knight Rises - Batman/Sailor Moon shirt from Qwertee

Here’s a great shirt that will be available for $12 for only another 19 hours at Qwertee. Since this is a European site their day begins and ends differently than in North America, so the shirt will stop being on sale at 6pm tomorrow afternoon EST. Pick it up while you can! This Batman/Sailor Moon mash up has Sailor Moon on top of a building with a crescent moon being projected on the clouds as if it were the bat signal.

Batman Bat Signal

This shirt is designed by artist angicitarocks. Check out her web site Mundos de Papel to see more of her art.

“Spirit of Fire” Sailor Mars shirt for sale today at ShirtPunch

Sailor Mars - Art Nouveau - Spirit of Fire shirt by Eriphyle

Today only you can get this great looking Sailor Mars shirt for $10 from Shirt Punch. The shirt is on sale for 24 hours, only on November 27th, so pick it up while you can. The shirt includes the French words “Esprit du feu” which translate to “Spirit of the Fire” or “Spirit of Fire”. The flowers look suspiciously like casablanca lilies, Rei’s favourite flower, mentioned in a side story of the Sailor Moon manga named “Casablanca Memory”.

The art style may look familiar to you. This would be because this is the same artist that also did a similar shirt design of Sailor Moon. The shirt’s artist, Eriphyle, has done all kinds of great Sailor Moon designs. You can check out her web site and facebook page for more. I’m hoping we see a shirt of her Sailor Venus design real soon!

Sailor Moon’s Moon Cycle toy now available in FarmVille

Sailor Moon Moon Cycle toy - FarmVille Mooncycle

A new toy has appeared in FarmVille. It’s called the “Mooncycle” and it has a rabbit riding it. It looks identical to a North American Sailor Moon toy called the “Moon Cycle”. What a strange reference…

Mooncycle FarmVille Sailor Moon reference

The rabbit riding the Mooncycle is likely a reference to Sailor Moon’s character Usagi who’s name literally means rabbit. The Moon Cycle never made an appearance in the Sailor Moon anime or manga. It’s existance as a toy always confused fans. Looking at the Toon Makers’ Sailor Moon pilot we can see some similarities between the design of the Moon Cycle and some of the vehicles used in that show such as Sailor Moon’s Sky Flyer.

Sailor Moon and Luna on her Sky Flyer

This appears to be a decoration and as I understand it this toy will only be available for a limited time. Looks like you can only buy it with FarmVille money meaning you need to spend real money to get it, it’s not something you buy with in game currency. Although I don’t play FarmVille someone did make a farm on my account so here’s my farm showing the item for sale for 7 FVs:

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“By Moonlight” shirt for sale at Shirt Punch November 19th

"By Moonlight" t-shirt by Eriphyle on sale at Shirt Punch November 19th

We previously mentioned this shirt when it was on sale at Ript Apparel a couple of months ago. If you missed your chance to pick it up you’re in luck because for 24 hours this art nouveau style shirt featuring Sailor Moon herself will be $10 at Shirt Punch. It will be on sale all day on November 19th from midnight to midnight. The shirt features the words “Au clair de lune”, a reference to the French song “Au clair de la lune” as well as the Sailor Moon dub theme song’s lyric “Fighting evil by moonlight”.

Here’s a really crappy picture of me wearing the Ript Apparel version of the shirt while holding a black cat named Luna:

Adam wearing "By Moonlight" shirt with Luna the cat

As we mentioned last time the shirt’s artist is Eriphyle. This artist has also worked on a lot of other great Sailor Moon art. Check out her web site and follow her on facebook for more.

Sailor Moon reference in Myung Wol the Spy

Sailor Moon reference in Myung Wol the Spy episode 7

Here’s a somewhat old Sailor Moon sighting from a Korean drama series Myung Wol the Spy. In episode 7 of the series which first aired a bit over a year ago on August 1st 2011, the main male protaganist is trying to get a woman off his mind. In doing so he is watching TV and her image keeps coming up as he flips through the channels. At one point he lands on Sailor Moon as her first season transformation sequence is happening with her face replaced by that of Han Ye Seul who plays the titular character Han Myung Wol.

The following clip has been cued up to the scene in question:

Sailor Moon appears at 9 minutes and 13 seconds.

Thanks to rosepetals from the Sailor Moon forums for spotting this one.

Is My Little Pony’s Crystal Empire inspired by Sailor Moon’s Crystal Tokyo?

Sailor Moon - Chibiusa overlooking Crystal Tokyo - My Little Pony - Arriving at the Crystal Empire

If you’re a fan of My Little Pony be sure to check out our sister site The Ponyville Gazette on which this article was also posted.

This past Saturday was the season premiere of season 3 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The story of this first episode centred around a location called The Crystal Empire. A while back when clips of this episode first appeared online someone made this image suggesting a link. While I certainly believe there are visual similarities there I think that now that the full episode has aired we can look at them objectively and see just what does and doesn’t add up.

Sailor Moon's Crystal Tokyo - My Little Pony's The Crystal Empire

The similarity in the image above is hard to ignore. These are both cities made of crystal with one large tower in the middle. The Crystal Empire has a road formation made of stars. Crystal Tokyo does not but from this angle we see a diagonal road leading to the tower which makes the two cities seem similar. The structure of the two cities is somewhat similar with the way other buildings are spread out with some grassy areas, but this is not atypical of any city. It should be noted that a view of Crystal Tokyo during the day is somewhat rare. More often than not we saw Crystal Tokyo during a perpetual night as it was all but completely destroyed and occupied by the Black Moon Clan.

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First look at Toon Makers’ Sailor Moon’s space ship and other cels with backgrounds

Toon Makers' Sailor Moon - Sailor Moon's Galleon

Every day we’re seeing more and more cels from the Toon Makers’ Sailor Moon pilot being sold on ebay. Today we get our first look at cels that come with hand painted backgrounds which give us a great look at what this show would have looked like. The Toon Makers’ Sailor Moon show, sometimes called Saban Moon or Fox Kids Sailor Moon, was a pilot for a Sailor Moon show that mixed live action footage and western animation. Luckily for fans in the west we got the Dic dub instead but these cels are a great close up look at what this show may have looked like if Sailor Moon history had been much different.

The main new thing we see in this set of cels is Sailor Moon’s space ship referred to in the script which we had an exclusive first look at, as the Galleon. This ship appears to be destroyed by Queen Beryl’s own ship the Dark Galleon in the clip of the show we’ve seen. Galleon is a term generally used to describe very large multi decked ocean faring ship from the 16th to 18th century. This auction of a cel of the Galleon comes with a background of space and stars. It, like the other auctions from this seller, are not “Buy it now” so we’ll have to wait a week to see who ends up buying this one. You of course should not bid so that I can win them all real cheap…

Toon Makers' Sailor Moon - Sailor Mars on her Sky Flyer

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Tuxedo Mask’s face and Mercury’s wheel chair from Toon Makers’ Sailor Moon

Toon Makers' Sailor Moon - Darian, Tuxedo Mask (Saban Moon)

More and more auctions for cels from the Toon Makers’ Sailor Moon series have been popping up on eBay. I just wanted to share a few that stood out. The Toon Makers’ Sailor Moon series, known as Saban Moon or Fox Kids Sailor Moon, was a concept for a show, only ever developed as a pilot, which combined live action footage and North American animation.

Most notable in the new cels is that we can finally see the face of Darian, also known as Tuxedo Mask. This version of Darian is not decked out in a Tuxedo and Mask, something he may or may not eventually do. Many have remarked his similarity to a Disney Prince. His way of dressing is pretty ridiculous, but based on the voice-over script which we posted a transcript of, this is likely Darian from the past, before the “Princess Warriors” went to Earth to live as normal girls. I believe in his later appearances he would be dressed in a Tuxedo and Mask, but no images of that have been seen to date.

Toon Makers' Sailor Moon - Sailor Mercury's wheel chair (Saban Moon)

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Sailor Moon characters made in Soul Calibur V

Sailor Moon in Soul Calibur V

Here’s a video of all of the main Sailor Moon characters made with the character creation mode of Soul Calibur V.

This video was put together by artist Cat With Dark Eyes. You can check out more of her stuff on Facebook or Deviant Art.

The song featured in the video is Ai no Senshi by Yoko Ishida. This song was used in episode 68 when Rebeus and the Ayakashi Sisters face off against Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask and the rest of the Sailor Team. It is also played in episode 102 when Haruka gives Usagi a ride in her sweet car.

Here are some screenshots of the various characters featured in the video:

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