“The Adventures of Tuxedo” Sailor Moon/Batman shirt available today at ShirtPunch

The Adventures of Tuxedo - Sailor Moon/Batman shirt at ShirtPunch

Here’s a nice looking shirt that crosses Batman: The Animated Series and Sailor Moon which will be for sale today, February 6th, at ShirtPunch. Like with other shirt a day sites is it only available for a day at a low price of $10. The shirt has Tuxedo Mask posing as Batman like he looks in the logo for Batman: The Animated Series.

Batman: The Animated Series

The shirt’s artists is TeeKetch who recently did a similar design showing Tuxedo Mask in a Batman style pose on a rooftop. More of his work can be found on his Facebook page and Twitter feed.

“Tuxedo Returns” Batman/Tuxedo Mask shirt for sale today at ShirtPunch

"Tuxedo Returns" Batman/Tuxedo Mask shirt at ShirtPunch

Today only, January 21st, ShirtPunch is selling this “Tuxedo Returns” shirt which shows Tuxedo Mask looking a lot like Batman on a rooftop. As is always the case with ShirtPunch this shirt will be for sale for 24 hours for $10 before disappearing forever!

Batman on a rooftop

This shirt’s artist is TeeKetch who also recently did a shirt of the Sailor Senshi in front of the Moon which also sold on ShirtPunch. You can check out his Facebook Page or Twitter feed for more of his stuff.

Sailor Moon/Batman Moon Knight Rises shirt available until Sunday at OtherTees

Sailor Moon/Batman "Moon Knight Rises" shirt at OtherTees

From today until 4pm EST on Sunday, December 29th, you can pick up this Moon Knight Rises shirt from OtherTees for $11. This is a reprint as the shirt was sold on this same site in February of this year. The shirt features a silhouette of Sailor Moon on a rooftop looking like Batman, with a crescent Moon in the background that is being projected like the Bat Signal.

Batman Bat Signal

The shirt’s artist is angicitarocks. Check out her web site, Facebook page or twitter feed for more of her work.

Sailor Moon/Batman “Moon Knight Rises” t-shirt for sale today at Qwertee

Moon Knight Rises - Batman/Sailor Moon shirt from Qwertee

Here’s a great shirt that will be available for $12 for only another 19 hours at Qwertee. Since this is a European site their day begins and ends differently than in North America, so the shirt will stop being on sale at 6pm tomorrow afternoon EST. Pick it up while you can! This Batman/Sailor Moon mash up has Sailor Moon on top of a building with a crescent moon being projected on the clouds as if it were the bat signal.

Batman Bat Signal

This shirt is designed by artist angicitarocks. Check out her web site Mundos de Papel to see more of her art.