Sailor Pop Art shirt for sale today at Qwertee

Sailor Pop Art shirt for sale today at Qwertee

Today, December 27th 2013, this Sailor Pop Art shirt will be for sale for $12 at Qwertee. The shirt is only on sale until 6pm EST. The design features Sailor Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Luna in a Pop Art style.

The shirt’s artist, Edwoody, has done a lot of other Sailor Moon designs which can be found at his RedBubble shop. Also check out his Facebook page for more of his works.

“Attack on Moon – Alien Advance” Sailor Moon/Attack on Titan shirt for sale at Qwertee today

"Attack on Moon - Alien Advance" Sailor Moon/Attack on Titan shirt for sale at Qwertee

Here’s another great shirt for sale at Qwertee today only. This “Attack on Moon – Alien Advance” shirt features Princess Serenity and Queen Beryl during the destruction of Silver Millennium in a design referencing the popular Attack on Titan anime and manga. The shirt is on sale until 6pm EST September 5th. The Japanese writing says “Shingeki no Uchūjin” which translates to “Attack of the Alien”. Queen Beryl would be the alien. She is from Earth but since she is attacking the Moon she is technically an alien from their perspective. The “Attack on Titan” image below should illustrate the similarity.

Attack on Titan

Miss the sale? That’s fine. You can always buy this design on Red Bubble. You can also check out the rest of the artist Gilles Bone’s Red Bubble store as well as his Facebook, Twitter, deviantART or tumblr pages.

“S.M.” Sailor Moon/E.T. parody shirt for sale today at Qwertee

S.M. - Sailor Moon and E.T. shirt at Qwertee

What a bizarre reference! Here’s a parody of the classic scene from E.T. The Extraterrestrial where E.T. and Elliott are flying in front of the Moon but with Sailor Moon and Luna in their place! The shirt is for sale for one day only at Qwertee. Since Qwertee is a European site the shirt will be on sale until 6pm EST tomorrow, February 11th. That’s 22 hours from this being posted!

Elliott and E. T. in front of the Moon

The shirt’s artist is Meri. You can check out her portfolio to see more of her work.

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Sailor Moon/Batman “Moon Knight Rises” t-shirt for sale today at Qwertee

Moon Knight Rises - Batman/Sailor Moon shirt from Qwertee

Here’s a great shirt that will be available for $12 for only another 19 hours at Qwertee. Since this is a European site their day begins and ends differently than in North America, so the shirt will stop being on sale at 6pm tomorrow afternoon EST. Pick it up while you can! This Batman/Sailor Moon mash up has Sailor Moon on top of a building with a crescent moon being projected on the clouds as if it were the bat signal.

Batman Bat Signal

This shirt is designed by artist angicitarocks. Check out her web site Mundos de Papel to see more of her art.

“Chat Noir de la Lune” shirt on Qwertee today

Tournée du Chat Noir de la Lune t-shirt image

The shirt of the day on Qwertee is this “Tournée du Chat Noir de la Lune” shirt. As with other shirt a day sites this shirt is on sale for one day only. Since this site is not based in the US, the shirt will be on sale until October 1st at 6pm EST. The shirt is 10 euro, which is a bit less than $13 US. I bought a shirt with the same design when it went on sale at TeeFury and have been quite happy with it.

The image is a reference to an old poster advertising “Le chat noir”, which was the name of a 19th century French cabaret. The poster advertised a tour that the troup from the cabaret was doing in other cities. The cat in the image is replaced by none other than Luna and the words translate to “The black cat from the Moon’s tour”.

Tournée du chat noir de Rodolphe Salis

This design was done by DiHA and can be found on her deviant art page. Don’t worry if you’ve missed your chance to get this shirt. You can still order it from Redbubble.