John Stocker interview at Fan Expo 2012

John Stocker interview at Fan Expo 2012

Here’s an interview with legendary voice actor and voice director John Stocker from Fan Expo in Toronto this past weekend.

John is known for many roles, perhaps most famously as Beastly from Care Bears. This interview focuses on his involvement in Sailor Moon, for which he provided many voices as well as voice directing for two seasons and three movies. John also talks about some of his more iconic roles, working in the industry throughout the years and gives some insight into being on either side of the microphone.

For more about John Stocker check out his web site

Keep an eye out on this site. We’ll have our Fan Expo interview with Katie Griffin, the voice of Sailor Mars, up in a few days.

“Moon for President!” Sailor Moon shirt at Shirt Punch

Moon for President! Shirt at Shirt Punch

Shirt Punch has yet another Sailor Moon shirt for sale today. As always this shirt will be on sale for $10 but only for one day. The shirt features a mock presidential campaign logo with a crescent moon at the center and four symbols representing the other planets or the Sailor Soldiers surrounding with the slogan “Vote Moon – Love & Justice You Can Believe In” written across the bottom. More specifically the shirt is a parody of Barack Obama’s logo.

Today’s shirt is by Rachael Thomas who has her own t-shirt store which includes other Sailor Moon shirts including this same design in case you missed your chance to get it or want to chose another colour than the navy blue which the Shirt Punch version comes printed on.

Vote Moon for Love & Justice You Can Believe In

Sailor Moon cosplay at Fan Expo

Sailor Moon crossplayer at Fan Expo

Fan Expo was this past weekend in Toronto. I was in attendance dressed as Kunzite and tried to take a photo of all of the Sailor Moon cosplayers I could find. Did I miss any?

Also at this year’s Fan Expo I was able to get interviews with John Stocker, voice actor and voice director for the later seasons of Sailor Moon and Katie Griffin, the voice of Sailor Mars. Both of those will be posted to the site in the coming days.

Keep reading for more cosplay photos.

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Katie Griffin, Susan Roman and Vince Corazza panel at Anime Revolution

Vince Corazza, Susan Roman and Katie Griffin at Anime Revolution

This past weekend at Anime Revolution in Vancouver there were six Sailor Moon voice actors in attendance. A fan recorded this panel which featured Katie Griffin, the voice of Sailor Mars, Susan Roman, the voice of Sailor Jupiter and Vincent Corazza, the voice of Tuxedo Mask.

The sound isn’t excellent because of interference from another panel next door but regardless the content of the panel is something fans will find quite interesting.

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Stephanie Morgenstern, voice of Sailor Venus, to appear at Fan Expo

Mina says watch Flashpoint on CTV

Stephanie Morgenstern, the actress who lent her voice to Sailor Venus for the first two seasons of the Sailor Moon dub, will be at Fan Expo this coming weekend, August 23rd to the 26th. As we’ve already mentioned this convention will also be playing host to voice actors Katie Griffin (Sailor Mars) and Toby Proctor (Tuxedo Mask) as well as voice director John Stocker. Despite all these people being in one place no Sailor Moon panel appears to be planned.

Stephanie Morgenstern, voice of Sailor Venus

But Stephanie Morgenstern will not be appearing as a voice actor but rather as the creator of CTV’s Flashpoint. On Friday afternoon at 3pm CTV will having a Q&A session with cast members David Paetkau, Enrico Colantoni, Sergio Di Zio and Olunike Adeliyi. Yes that right, Amy Jo Johnson, the Pink Power Ranger, will not be including in this Q&A… The Fan Expo site describes the event as the “Cast and Crew” of Flashpoint. Stephanie’s appearnance is confirmed on the Writer’s Guild of Canada’s web site where it’s mentioned that Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern will be joining the cast on stage for Friday’s Q&A.

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Welcome to Sailor Moon News!

Luna using a computer

We here at Sailor Moon News have been working hard to weeks in getting the site ready for launch and we’re happy to finally share it with the world. For years I’ve wanted to do a Sailor Moon news site but with so little going on it was to hard to justify. After last month’s announcement of a new Sailor Moon series I immediately knew it was finally time to do this! We want to be your source of all kinds of Sailor Moon News from the new 2013 anime series to anything related to the old manga, anime, live action series and merchandise related to all of these.

Please bookmark us, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and we’ll do our best to be the greatest Sailor Moon News site we can!

In anticipation for the site’s launch we’ve migrated some relevant posts from our parent site and we’ve also written some new stuff as we get things ready. We’re hoping this gives you a good idea of the kind of site we hope this will become as news of the new TV series becomes more frequent and we do our best to share it all with you. There’s been pretty much no news about the show since the original announcement but we’re as anxious as you for this to change.

Just who are we? The site will be maintained up and updated by Captain Genius and myself, Adam Gardner. We’re both fans of Sailor Moon from back in the day looking forward to see the franchise have some new life breathed into it.

Feel free to drop us a line via our contact page to let us know of any news or content you feel we should be covering on the site.

Also if you’re bored check out my embarassing first crack at a Sailor Moon fan site from 1997 at The Sailor Moon Page of Funk! and my only better by comparison Sailor V page The Sailor V Page of Funk!

Ami using a computer

“Moon’s Angels” Sailor Moon biker gang shirt for sale at Shirt Punch

Moon's Angels - Sailor Moon biker shirt at Shirt Punch

For the second time in a week Shirt Punch is selling a Sailor Moon themed shirt for just $10. This time they have a biker gang style shirt with a Sailor Moon skull with the words “Sailor Soldiers Motorcycle Club, Crystal Tokyo, We will punish you…” on it.

This shirt will only be on sale today, which is only a bit over two more hours. You can also enter a contest to win a shirt like this at Don’t Blink Tees’ Facebook Page. This shirt is designed by M├ęchante Fille Art & Design. You can check more of her stuff out on tumblr or Redbubble.

Miss your chance to buy the shirt? You can still buy it from Don’t Blink Tees, though it will set you back more than $10.

Moon's Angels - Sailor Moon biker shirt

The “Moon’s Angels” is likely a reference to the “Hells Angels Motorcycle Club“.

Sailor Moon/Adventure Time shirt on Shirt Punch

Adventure Moon shirt image

Today only there is a great shirt at Shirt Punch featuring Sailor Moon and Luna drawn in the style of Adventure Time characters. This “Adventure Moon” shirt is just $10 but is only available on August 12th so pick up it before it’s too late.

This shirt is designed by Eriphyle. You can check out her web site here.

Thanks to Scott for the heads up.