Fan Expo supports Mars/Tux shippers with guests Katie Griffin and Toby Proctor

Rei blushes while looking at Mamoru

Fan Expo takes place in Toronto (that’s in Canada) August 23rd to the 26th and amongst their many guests will be two great voice actors from the Sailor Moon dub, Katie Griffin, voice of Sailor Mars, and Toby Proctor, voice of Tuxedo Mask. It’s great to see a convention of this scope supporting the Raye/Darien romance that was so prominent in the first season of the show! That’s right ladies, while your husbands are there to see Jason Priestly and Luke Perry you can check out something you’re interested in too!

Also in attendance will be John Stocker who was a voice director for the show in the later seasons who also did a few voices such as Raye’s grandfather and two monsters Mister Magic Pierrot and BiriBiri.

Rei lusting after Mamoru

Katie Griffin did the voice of Raye for almost all episodes of the show, missing only the later part of the R season. Toby Proctor voiced Darien for the majority of the original 65 episode run, replacing Rino Romano who did the voice for only a few episodes. Toby Proctor left the show and was eventually replaced by Vince Corazza. It would seem John Stocker and Toby Proctor never actually worked together.

Rei and Mamoru on a romantic boat ride

Drop us a comment if you’re planning to be at Fan Expo this year. I’ll be attendance for the first time and do my best to cover any Sailor Moon related news!

Rei and Mamoru at a romantic doll show

Rei and Mamoru arm in arm

Rei and Mamoru

Mamoru blushes while looking at Rei

Mamoru and Rei have a romantic coffee date

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