The Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon The 30th Anniversary Memorial Album will be released on vinyl February 18th

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon The 30th Anniversary Memorial Album

Great news for Sailor Moon fans with an appreciation of antiquated media! It’s not just about VHS and laserdiscs anymore! A new album will be released exclusively on vinyl. This two record set is called the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon The 30th Anniversary Memorial Album.

Where’s the CD version? There is none. Unlike with the earlier Memorial Albums this only includes songs which were previously available in other soundtracks so there is no need for a CD release as fans can get these tracks on CD elsewhere or in some cases listen to them through a streaming service. This is a two disc or rather a two record set with each record having a side A and B. The records themselves are pink! The set is not that expensive with an MSRP of 5800 yen which is about $40 US. It is available to pre-order from a number of Japanese retailers.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon The 30th Anniversary Memorial Album

The box art features a number of images. The blue images show art in the style of the original Sailor Moon anime while the pink ones are Sailor Moon Crystal. This reflects the fact that the first record contains songs from the original anime and the second contains songs from Sailor Moon Crystal.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon The 30th Anniversary Memorial Album

While the last two Anniversary Memorial Albums contained a lot of covers of popular Sailor Moon songs by other bands and singers this version is basically a collection of theme songs by the original artists. It’s basically all of the opening and ending themes from the original Sailor Moon anime and Sailor Moon Crystal as well as the themes from the films.

A track list with an explanation of what the songs are from is included below.

Disc 1

Side A:

  • 1. Moonlight Densetsu (Moonlight Legend) – DALI – The original Sailor Moon theme song
  • 2. Heart Moving – Misae Takamatsu – The first ending theme for the first season of the Sailor Moon anime
  • 3. Princess Moon – Ushio Hashimoto – The second ending theme for the first season of the Sailor Moon anime
  • 4. Maiden’s Policy (Otome no Policy) – Yoko Ishida – The ending theme for Sailor Moon R
  • 5. Tuxedo Mirage – Kotono Mitsuishi, Michie Tomizawa, Aya Hisakawa, Emi Shinohara, Rika Fukami – The ending theme for Sailor Moon S
  • 6. Watashi-tachi ni Naritakute (Wanting to Be Together with You) – Miwako Fujitani – The first ending theme for Sailor Moon SuperS
  • 7. “Rashiku” Ikimasho (I’ll Go As Myself) by Meu – The second ending theme for Sailor Moon SuperS
  • .
    Side B:

  • 1. Sailor Stars Song by Kae Hanazawa – The opening theme for Sailor Stars
  • 2. Kaze mo Sora mo Kitto… (“The Wind, the Sky, Surely…”) by Arisa Mizuki – The ending theme for Sailor Stars
  • 3. Moon Revenge by Kotono Mitsuishi, Michie Tomizawa, Aya Hisakawa, Emi Shinohara, Rika Fukami – From Sailor Moon R The Movie
  • 4. Moonlight Destiny by Hiroko Asakawa – From Sailor Moon S The Movie
  • 5. Morning Moon de Aimashou (Let’s Meet at the Morning Moon) by Pretty Cast – From Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie
  • .
    Disc 2

    Side A:

  • 1. Moon Pride by Momoiro Clover Z – The first opening theme for Sailor Moon Crystal
  • 2. New Moon ni Koishite (In Love With the New Moon) by Etsuko Yakushimaru – The first version of the opening theme for Sailor Moon Crystal Season III
  • 3. New Moon ni Koishite (In Love With the New Moon) by Mitsuko Horie – The first version of the opening theme for Sailor Moon Crystal Season III
  • 4. New Moon ni Koishite (In Love With the New Moon) by Momoiro Clover Z – The first version of the opening theme for Sailor Moon Crystal Season III
  • 5. Gekkou (Moonbow) by Momoiro Clover Z – The first ending theme for Sailor Moon Crystal
  • 6. Eternal eternity by Junko Minagawa and Sayaka Ohara – The first ending theme for Sailor Moon Crystal Season III
  • .
    Side B:

  • 1. Otome no Susume (Maiden’s Advice) by Misato Fukuen – The second ending theme for Sailor Moon Crystal Season III
  • 2. Eien Dake ga Futari o Kakeru (Only Eternity Brings the Two Together) by Kenji Nojima – The third ending theme for Sailor Moon Crystal Season III
  • 3. Tsukiiro Chainon (Moon Color Chainon) by Momoiro Clover Z, Kotono Mitsuishi, Hisako Kanemoto, Rina Satoh, Ami Koshimizu and Shizuka Itoh – The opening theme for the Sailor Moon Eternal films
  • 4. Watashi-tachi ni Naritakute (Wanting to Be Together with You) by Yoko Ishida – The ending theme for Sailor Moon Eternal Part 1
  • 5. “Rashiku” Ikimasho (I’ll Go As Myself) by Anza – The ending theme for Sailor Moon Eternal Part 2
  • 6. Moon Effect by Kotono Mitsuishi, Misato Fukuen, Hisako Kanemoto, Rina Sato, Ami Koshimizu, Shizuka Itoh, Junko Minagawa, Sayaka Ohara, Ai Maeda and Yukiyo Fujii – A song from Sailor Moon Eternal Part 2
  • .
    Will you be picking up this set? Do you have something to play it on or are you just looking to keep it as a collectible?

    Source: The Sailor Moon Official Site

    The long lost Toon Makers’ Sailor Moon Pilot has been found!

    Toon Makers' Sailor Moon - Queen Serenity

    Great news! Part 2 of “The Western World of Sailor Moon” documentary series as part of Ray Mona’s Tales of the Lost has been released. It’s over two hours long and it’s full of information about the Toon Makers’ Sailor Moon pilot, often referred to as Saban Moon, which was a planned but never completed series which mixed animated and live action footage to create an American version of Sailor Moon. The documentary does a great job to teasing out all of the new information in a compelling way so if you’ve got two hours to spare you should go watch the whole thing now on YouTube or embedded below.

    If you don’t have two hours to spare you may want to skip ahead to around 1h43m where a high quality version of the music video can be seen or 1h46m where the full pilot is now available to see the first time! An amazing discovery by super sleuth Ray Mona who was able to track this footage down at the Library of Congress.

    Toon Makers' Sailor Moon - Tuxedo Mask

    Unfortunately I found this a bit late in the evening and won’t be able to watch the whole documentary right away but I wanted to make a quick post about it. Except a lengthier commentary on it in a few more days. For now enjoy a couple of screenshots of the episode including a never before seen look at Queen Serenity and Tuxedo Mask.

    Toon Makers' Sailor Moon - Sailor Venus

    For those who are good with faces do you recognize this actress who played Sailor Venus? She hasn’t been identified in the documentary, but I hope someone out there will be able to put a name to the face!

    Toon Makers' Sailor Moon - Transformation Broach

    There’s a lot in here so do make sure to watch the full video when you have a chance!

    The 3rd and 4th volumes of the Sailor Moon All Color Complete Edition manga will be released digitally in Japan August 12th

    Sailor Moon All Color Complete Edition volume 3

    After over two years since the first two volumes were released the 3rd and 4th volumes of the Sailor Moon All Color Complete Edition manga will be released August 12th which is in two days but also tomorrow because it’s already tomorrow in Japan. This was announced on the official Sailor Moon site only a couple of days before the publishing date which is odd but also exactly what happened in June of 2020 when the first two volumes were announced and then quickly released. The Sailor Moon manga was originally drawn and released in black and white with only a few colour pages included at the start of each chapter. This new version has every page coloured. The first two volumes, already released, covered the Dark Kingdom story arc. Volumes 3 and 4 will cover the Black Moon story arc with Chibiusa and the Black Moon clan.

    Sailor Moon All Color Complete Edition volume 4

    A few drawbacks to consider. This is a digital only Japanese release. I held off on getting the first two volumes a couple of years ago hoping for an eventual physical release but after all this time it looks like this isn’t likely to happen. It seems common for colour versions of popular Japanese manga to be released only digitally, likely due to the increased cost of printing colour pages, so this may indeed be all we’ll get. There also aren’t any English or other language version of this release. It’s certainly possible and English release comes out in the future, but nothing has yet been announced.

    Purchasing these might pose a challenge. They are widely available through Japanese ebook retailers such as Amazon Japan (volume 3, volume 4) and Rakuten Kobo (volume 3, volume 4) however buying these digital versions may be restricted. I was not able to buy them from Amazon Japan however I later discovered this was likely just a browser issue and trying it in a different web browser worked fine.

    Thanks to a tip from Twitter user @thesailorbook I learned that buying them from Rakuten Kobo would work. This still took a bit of effort as I needed to switch to the Japanese store. I wasn’t sure if using a credit card would work since I claimed my address was in Japan but I paid through PayPal and was able to get the first two volumes. I expect to be able to do the same for the next volumes when they’re released in a few days. I had the added challenge of not being able to install the Kobo reader on my Amazon device but I was ultimately able to install it through the Google Play store app which I had sideloaded onto my device some time ago.

    Will you be getting these? What device will you be buying them on and what will you use to read them?

    A box set with six recent musicals is coming to DVD and Blu-ray on November 17th

    Sailor Moon La Reconquista Musical DVD - Queen Serenity, Sailor Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Moon

    Good news for fans of the Sailor Moon musicals but perhaps not for those living outside of Japan. A set with six of the recent musicals is coming on November 17th though at this time it is only mentioned to be available from the official Sailor Moon fan club as well as the King Records e-SHOP which only ships within Japan. It will also be sold at the Sailor Moon 30th Anniversary Musical festival which is also in Japan. It isn’t clear if it will be available to members of the International Sailor Moon Fan Club or sold at other retailers. It is not currently listed on either Amazon Japan or CD Japan which I’ve used to buy such products from in the past.

    Which musicals are included? This set will feature the 2013 musical La Reconquista, the 2014 musical Petite Étrangère, the 2015 musical Un Nouveau Voyage, the 2016 musical Amour Eternal, the 2017 musical Le Mouvement Final and the 2021 musical Princess Kaguya’s Lover. Noteably absent are the Super Live musical which has never been released on home video and the Nogizaka46 x Sailor Moon musical which already has two Blu-ray releases.

    Why is this something anyone would care about? Aren’t these already on video? They are but unfortunately five of these six musicals were only released on low quality standard definition DVDs. The Princess Kaguya’s Lover musical was already released on Blu-ray. It’s also worth noting that the price is fairly good, by Japanese standards. The MSRP is 17,600 yen which is about $127. This is about double the usual prince of a single musical on Blu-ray. When I first heard of the news I dreaded seeing the price tag expecting something close to the $300 to $500 range. The price seems appealing, assuming people outside of Japan can manage to get a hold of it somehow.

    The recent musicals, despite only being released on low quality DVDs, do appear to have been recorded on some higher quality video. The DVDs were widescreen suggesting they weren’t shot with NTSC video cameras but rather converted from a high definition source. There have also been streaming and downloadable versions of the musicals available exclusively in Japan which were in high definition.

    These sets have one disc for each musical with a seventh bonus disc. Since most of the DVD and Blu-ray sets for the recent musicals included a second disc for bonus features it seems unlikely all of those features will be included with this set. The musicals are all fairly long and so, unless video quality is sacrificed, it’s not likely that many hours of special features will be included on the same disc alongside the video of the musical performances themselves.

    Japanese DVDs are region 2 so be sure your DVD player can handle this is you’re looking to buy the DVD set. Japanese Blu-rays are region A which is the same region as North America. I’ve had no problem watching Japanese Blu-rays on my Canadian purchased PlayStation 3, 4 and 5 machines.

    There will be an online event held on August 20th at 7pm, Japan Standard Time, which those who pre-order this set will have access to view.

    Will you be picking up this set, assuming you are able to? I would certainly be happy to revisit these great musicals in high definition!

    The Sailor Moon Complete First Season Blu-ray set is now available for purchase

    Sailor Moon Complete First Season Blu-ray

    The new release of the first season of Sailor Moon is out on Blu-ray today, June 14th. We have learned from fans that have received the set that these Blu-rays discs have new and improved video quality as well as features not on the releases from 2014. I got my copy today but have not have a chance to watch any of it yet. I did get myself a new Blu-ray drive and plan on doing a proper review as time permits. The release should be available in stores that sell this kind of thing as well as through online retailers. You can support the site by buying it through the link below.

    This is a North American English language release by Viz which includes the original Japanese audio with optional English subtitles as well as the new English dub which was done by Viz using the same voice cast that appears in Sailor Moon Crystal.

    Have you gotten your set yet? What do you think?

    The upcoming release of Sailor Moon: The Complete First Season on Blu-ray will include improved video quality and a new interview not in the 2014 version

    Sailor Moon Complete First Season Blu-ray

    Sailor Moon: The Complete First Season is coming to Blu-ray … again. As the first season was originally release on Blu-ray in two parts in 2014 and 2015 many fans had been wondering if it was worth it to buy this again. When I posted about this in March I predicted these would just be the same discs bundled in new packaging. I was wrong! With fans starting to get their hands on the release we can now see that this is a new updated Blu-ray with superior video quality to the originals as well as some new special features. Considering getting it? You can support the site by using the link below to buy it.

    The original Sailor Moon Season 1 Blu-Ray releases were, simply put, not good. The video quality was bad. It’s an old show. Viz obviously had some pretty low quality standard definition sources to work with. This show is not HD. The original film source was never scanned in high definition. What we got in 2014 and 2015 were pretty low quality releases with obvious video artifacts. At the time these looked much worse than the DVD releases in Japan as well as others which had come out in other countries prior to this. You can have a look at what that release looked like in my review of the Japanese Blu-ray release which looked better.

    Sailor Moon Season 1 Part 1 Blu-ray (2014) - Episode 6 screenshot

    Original 2014 Blu-ray

    Sailor Moon The Complete First Season Blu-ray (2022) - Episode 6 screenshot

    New 2022 Blu-ray

    So what does this new version look like? Check out this Twitter thread by Fred Francis where he goes through his set and examines the menus and video quality with side by side comparisons of screenshots. I won’t repeat all of his comparisons here on the site but as you can see from the images above the difference really is night and day. The 2014 release is obviously worse looking than the much nicer looking 2022 release. It’s still not HD. It’s still a standard definition master which has been upscaled to 1080p using software. It just looks much better. The standard definition master was likely superior. More recent software algorithms may also been a contributor. Even as the Sailor Moon series went on the quality of releases by Viz improved dramatically to the point where Sailor Stars doesn’t have the same issues that the first couple of seasons did.

    An interview with Katsuyuki Sumisawa

    In addition to improved video quality the disc menus and even some features are new. This set has an interview with Sailor Moon writer Katsuyuki Sumisawa which had not been released in the earlier set.

    Katsuyuki Sumisawa

    Whether or not you consider this set worth purchasing is of course your own decision to make. For me it seems worth the upgrade at the reduced price. The full season costs less than what a half season cost eight years ago.

    Will you be picking this set up?

    Source: @fredjfrancis on Twitter

    Vans is releasing a line of Sailor Moon shoes and accessories which hit store shelves June 3rd

    Vans Sailor Moon shoe box

    After some seemingly genuine leaks earlier this months it’s been confirmed that a Sailor Moon/Vans collaboration is coming in June of this year. A listing for a pair of Vans shoes is now up on the Foot Locker web site. Many images of shoes and t-shirts were posted to the Vans subreddit because of course there’s a Vans subreddit. This shows a t-shirt of Sailor Moon with her Moon Stick and one of Luna as well as a couple of shoe designs both in black and white and in colour. The boxes indicate that they will be for sale on June 3rd, next Friday. Sailor Moon Fan Network also has some additional images of the shoes as well as a price list of all of the items.

    Vans Sailor Moon product list

    It’s impossible to say for sure how much supply there will be and how quickly these will sell out but it’s quite likely they will be hard to get your hands on. If you’re looking to get some of these items you can keep an eye on the Vans web site or visit a Vans store if you happen to live near one. I was surprised to see that there are two Vans stores in my area. I suspect that if I went into such a store I may be asked if I was looking for my children! As an item is also listed on the Foot Locket web site these shoes will also likely be available wherever else these kind of things are sold. As of the time of this article’s posting there are no Sailor Moon products listed on the Vans web site, but I suspect they will be added some time soon. Check out all of the currently revealed items below.

    Vans Sailor Moon t-shirt

    This t-shirt shows Sailor Moon with her Moon Stick after it was upgraded to include the Silver Crystal. This is likely one of the $45 t-shirts.

    Vans Luna t-shirt

    This t-shirt features Luna. As the shirt is white it may be the less expensive $35 shirt but it may also be one of the many $45 ones.

    Vans Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mars shoes

    These are the shoes currently listed on the Foot Locker web site. It seems this is a pair of shoes with different images on each. The right shoe has Sailor Jupiter on the right side and Tuxedo Mask on the front. The left shoe has Sailor Mars on the right side and Sailor Moon on the front. Perhaps other Sailor Guardians feature on the other sides of the shoes. If so that would likely be Sailor Mercury and Venus. These are likely one of the many “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Multi” designs. Foot Locker lists them at $80 though that isn’t one of the prices on the leaked price list so it could be an item that isn’t visible in the photo of the list.

    Vans Sailor Moon black and white shoes

    This black and white shoe is nice enough looking but it may have looked nicer with black and white manga art.

    Vans Sailor Team shoe

    This shoe shows the entire Sailor Team in full colour. The shoe seems very small so I will assume it is a children’s size.

    Vans Dark Kingdom and Sailor Guardian shoes

    This last pair shows the Dark Kingdom on the right show and the Sailor Team on the right shoe and the Sailor Team on the left shoe. Again there seems to be a different design on each shoe which may be the case for many of the other designs.

    Vans Dark Kingdom and Sailor Guardian shoes

    Do you plan on getting any of these items? If so will you wear them or keep them in mint condition? I’m usually a fan of opening and using your products but a shoe is certainly something which will get dirty and worn after not too long. I can’t say I’m in the target demographic of Vans but perhaps I’d get some of these shirts or some shoes for my kids if they’re the right size. What’s your plan to beat the rush and secure some of these?

    Source: Sailor Moon Fan Network

    Update! Shortly after posting this images of all of the products showed up on the Vans Japan web site and Official Sailor Moon site. This is what’s coming out in Japan and we see a lot of the same items I mentioned above however there may be some minor differences. The Luna shirt and black and white shoe aren’t here. Check out those images below.

    Vans x Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon shoes

    This shows a couple of pairs of shoes we already saw and a few more.

    Vans x Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon shoes

    Here are more shoes and slippers including some interesting looking Luna slippers.

    Vans x Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon merchandise

    Other merchandise including a bag, toque and socks.

    Vans x Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon merchandise

    Shirts, including the t-shirt we saw from the reddit post, and another bag.

    The long delayed Naoko Takeuchi Collection version of the manga is now out. Don’t buy it! It’s terrible.

    Sailor Moon Manga Bunko Collection - Covers

    Last week, May 3rd 2022, the first volume of the much anticipated Naoko Takeuchi Collection of the Sailor Moon manga was finally released. This new version has been delayed a number of times and fans have been excited to finally see it released for a while. They’re wrong to do so. You should not buy this. It’s not a good version of the manga. You should buy the Eternal Edition instead and if you have the Eternal Edition you should read that and just not buy this. It’s your choice of course! It’s your money. You are free to waste your money on a really bad release of the manga. I suggest you don’t. Fans keep asking if they really need to keep rebuying the Sailor Moon manga. Good news! You don’t have to this time!

    Sailor Moon Manga Bunko Collection - Index - Black and White

    So what is this version? The Naoko Takeuchi Collection is the equivalent to the Sailor Moon Bunko collection which was released in Japan starting in 2008. I bought all of these and they’re in every sense inferior to the Japanese Complete Editions which were comparable, though slightly smaller than, the English Eternal Editions. The Eternal Editions are great! Big pages with glossy white paper and all of the colour pages from Nakayoshi! The Naoko Takeuchi Collection is a smaller version printed on lower cost paper with black and white versions of those colour pages. Why would you buy this? Are you poor? That’s fine if you are. I have children so I know what it’s like not to have money. If you’re strapped for cash get the digital version of the Eternal Edition with colour pages. It costs about the same.

    Sailor Moon Eternal Edition and Bunko Collection

    Granted I haven’t bought this English version. Manga size and paper quality between Japanese and English releases can vary. Pictured above is the English Eternal Edition next to the Japanese Bunko Collection volume 1. The measurements on the Amazon listing for these books tell the same story. The height of this new release (Dimensions: ‎ 4.96 x 0.95 x 7.43 inches) is about the same as the width of the Eternal Edition (Dimensions: ‎ 7.11 x 0.7 x 10 inches). It’s small. The paper quality of the Japanese release is a cheap greyish newsprint type of paper. This may not be what you’re getting in the Naoko Takeuchi collection but you won’t be getting glossy white pages like with the Eternal Editions and you aren’t getting the colour pages from the original manga.

    Update: It seems like one difference in this version is a newer translation. Many people expressed concern with the English translation from the Eternal Edition so the translation in this version may be something that some of you are interested in.

    Don’t do it! Don’t buy! It’s not worth it! Save your money! Okay do you still want to buy them? All right then you can always buy and pre-order them using the Amazon links below which helps support the site.

    Or better yet buy the not terrible Eternal Edition. You will be happy with that version. I certain have been.

    Two Sailor Moon Cosmos films, a Sailor Moon Crystal adaptation of the Stars arc of the manga, will be released in the summer of 2023

    Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos - Logo

    The big news from the 30th Anniversary Streaming Event was the announcement of Sailor Moon Cosmos! The two films, Part 1 and Part 2 as was the case with Sailor Moon Eternal, will continue to Sailor Moon Crystal series and cover the Stars arc of the Sailor Moon manga. The current plan is to have these films come out in the summer of 2023 though delays are not completely uncommon with Sailor Moon Crystal. A trailer for the films was shown at the event and then posted on the Sailor Moon Official YouTube Channel. You can watch it embedded below.

    The Stars arc is the fifth and final story arc of the Sailor Moon manga so this is likely the end of Sailor Moon Crystal. There’s a lot going on in this trailer! The Stars arc has Usagi meeting the Three Lights and fighting Galaxia. Though it seems that revealing the Sailor Starlights is something that is being kept for a later date we do get a quick look at a poster of The Three Lights in the background in Usagi’s room and an arm seen in the trailer likely belongs to Seiya who is wearing his school uniform. Sailor Galaxia is shown, with her face somewhat obscured. We also got a quick look at Chibi Chibi arriving at the end of the trailer. The final shot has three shooting stars crossing the sky, which would be the Sailor Starlights who are arriving from outside of the solar system.

    Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos - Chibi Chibi

    The film’s title, Sailor Moon Cosmos, is a reference to Sailor Cosmos who is a future incarnation of Sailor Moon who we sort of see in the trailer but sort of don’t.

    Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos - The Golden Crystal

    Mamoru, Tuxedo Mask, is seen briefly in this trailer. Will we see much more of him in the films? What a nice looking golden crystal in that one shot.

    Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos - Minako and Rei

    Now the speculation can begin about this film! It looks like the art style is fairly similar to what we saw in Sailor Moon Eternal. Does this mean that Kazuko Tadano is returning? The official movie site lists her as the character designer but not the animation director for the films. Since I can’t read Japanese I’m not able to translate anything else.

    Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos - Usagi and a Three Lights poster

    We haven’t seen much of the Three Lights and Sailor Starlights yet. The songs they performed were a big part of the music for the Sailor Stars season of the original Sailor Moon anime. One would think this would be an important part of these new movies. Who might voice these characters? Perhaps some popular Japanese vocalists! In the original Sailor Moon anime the Three Lights were men as civilians and they transformed into women when they became the Sailor Starlights, though they were voiced by women at all times. The Sailor Moon Crystal series follows the manga more faithfully in which case the Sailor Starlights are women and they disguise themselves as men when they are the Three Lights. It seems likely they could get women to do the voices of these characters, though it could go either way. What popular Japanese pop singers would you like to see voicing the Three Lights?

    Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos - Usagi and Seiya

    A note on language while discussing these movies. I’ll generally be referring to the Sailor Starlights as women with pronouns to match and the Three Lights as men with the equivalent pronouns. A lot has happened since the 1990s as far mainstream acceptance of transgender, genderfluid and non binary identities. It might not be evident how exactly to classify these characters by modern standards. As the story tends to have the Starlights identifying as women while they’re Sailor Guardians and the Three Lights identifying as men in their civilian identities I’ll be using language which fits that when discussing those characters. Since the Japanese language doesn’t use pronouns in the same way as we do in English I expect this isn’t something that is likely to be addressed in the official canon but am happy to update this practice if there seems to be cause to do so. If any of this seems incorrect or inappropriate feel free to bring it up in the comments.

    Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos - 2023 Summer Roadshow

    Are you excited for these films? Do you think they will actually be released in 2023?

    Keep reading for many more screenshots from this trailer.

    Continue reading

    A Sailor Moon 30th Anniversary live event will be streamed on YouTube April 28th

    Sailor Moon 30th Anniversary Live Event

    The Sailor Moon 30th Anniversary is underway and to celebrate there will be a special live event on April 28th which will be broadcast on the official Sailor Moon YouTube channel. This event will feature voice actors from Sailor Moon Crystal including Kotono Mitsuishi, the voice of Sailor Moon, Shizuka Ito, the voice of Sailor Venus, Shoko Nakagawa, the voice of Diana, and Hyadain, a musician who previously did the music on the Sailor Moon The Super Live musical. You can watch the event on the 28th at 10pm Japan Standard Time, 7am Easter Time, using the embedded link below. Not much to see there right now but there is a convenient countdown showing when the event will start. The official site claims anyone can watch it for free which suggests it should be available to watch worldwide.

    What will be discussed? It could be almost anything! It seems likely something will be announced. Evidently the best thing to get news about would be a continuation to Sailor Moon Crystal as a Stars story arc. We don’t really know what form this could take. The theatrical films Sailor Moon Eternal Part 1 and 2 performed quite poorly at the box office. It’s hard to say if they remained profitable with home video and streaming sales because movie accounting is usually deceptive and intentionally obscure. It’s also quite difficult to account for factors such as increased sales for Sailor Moon merchandise which is difficult to tie directly to any streaming series or movies. I certainly hope it’s something Sailor Moon Crystal related but I have learned not to get my hopes up too much.

    The choice of hosts for the event is a bit curious. Kotono Mitsuishi is usually included in these things so that’s not odd. Shizuka Ito being included doesn’t make much more sense than any other Sailor Guardian if we’re talking about a Stars story arc. A Sailor Moon Crystal style Sailor V series seems unlikely so I’m not sure what that connection could be. Shoko Nakagawa is probably not there simply because of her work as the voice of Diana. She’s a popular media personality who hosts the popular Pokémon Sunday. Hyadain’s involvement could be related to many things. As he did the music for the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon The Super Live musical he may simply be there to discuss the upcoming performance of the musical at the Japan Parade in New York which is coming up on May 14th. He may also be there to discuss his involvement in an upcoming musical or that he is contributing music to new episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal.

    What do you think will be announced at this event? You’re allowed to say nothing! It might be nothing…