The original Sailor Moon anime first aired 32 years ago today

Sailor Moon episode 1 - Crybaby Usagi's Magnificent Transformation

March 7th 1992, 32 years ago, the original Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon anime first aired in Japan. This first episode, The Crybaby: Usagi’s Beautiful Transformation, introduces us to Usagi Tsukino who gets a magical broach from a talking cat and transforms into Sailor Moon! It was three years until that show would be released dubbed into English but throughout the next few years Sailor Moon took the world by storm.

Sailor Moon episode 1 - Usagi removing a bandage from Luna's head

What are your first memories of this show? I didn’t watch it until 1995 when it started airing in English in Canada and the US and became almost instantly hooked on it.

Sailor Moon Episode 1 - Silhouette

Will you be doing anything special to celebrate this occasion?

Sailor Moon episode 1 - My job here is done

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15 thoughts on “The original Sailor Moon anime first aired 32 years ago today

  1. I first started watching when DiC aired it as well in the western part of the world as a young child. This anime became a part of my life and is one thing that’s never left, even after falling out of interest of anime, moving around to different locations and different chapters of my life. I think it’s legendary, and the title character and all of the characters on this show can make us believe that we all can have power from self-belief.

  2. I remember watching it on german tv when it first aired in 1995 on a friday after school slot and rerun on sunday morning. It had terrible viewership, so they eventually scrapped the friday slot and only aired it on sunday and stopped after the first season. Wasn’t until two years later when another channel reran it in their daily kids tv programm that it took off and I got to finally watch all five seasons plus the three movies. Good times.

  3. 32 years?? Damn, I feel so old.

    Like many American fans, I discovered the show through the DiC dub. I had a friend who had moved out of state and we used to write each other (both “snail mail” and e-mails) to stay in touch, and he would e-mail me pictures of the show, which I would then print out. He used the internet a lot more than I did and knew things about the Japanese version of the show. Through him, I found out about the other three seasons that wouldn’t air here for years, and learned that Uranus and Neptune were lovers long before the “cousins” fiasco. Good times.

    I also began reading the manga through publications like Mixxine and “pocket manga” books. It was still watered down and Americanized, and with flipped artwork, but through that I learned that Zoisite was actually a guy, meaning he and Kunzite (“Malachite” in the dub) were a gay couple. I began to use the internet more to learn about the series, fell for a lot of the “Save Our Sailors” nonsense (including the stupid, homophobic “Prince Uranus” crap), and watched ultra tiny video clips of the show in Japanese.

    I began getting sick of the censorship (and awful voice acting) of the dub, especially after Cloverway picked up S and SuperS, so when I found out the DVDs had uncensored and subtitled episodes, I began buying those and watching the series in Japanese. (My only prior experiences, besides internet clips, were the movies which I had ordered on VHS.) After that, I became a “purist” and decided to stick to subs from then on.

    That’s the short version, anyway. I’ve since enjoyed other manga and anime shows better, but I still love Sailor Moon and it holds a special place in my heart to this day.

  4. This isn’t really news, and the 32nd anniversary of something is no more special than the 31st anniversary of something.

    Your blog is on life support, bro.

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