The first episode of the Sailor Moon anime aired 30 years ago today!

Sailor Moon episode 01 Screenshot - Japanese DVD

On March 7th 1992 the first episode of the original Sailor Moon anime, The Crybaby: Usagi’s Beautiful Transformation, aired on Japanese television. The show quickly became a hit not only in Japan but worldwide and now 30 years later the franchise lives on!

Sailor Moon SuperS episode 133 - Chibiusa is an old lonely cat lady watching Sailor Moon

I certainly didn’t start watching the show until a few years later when it started airing on English TV here in Canada after which I became a fan quite early on. How about you? Are you doing anything special to celebration this milestone?

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13 thoughts on “The first episode of the Sailor Moon anime aired 30 years ago today!

  1. Beyond a Facebook status and a tweet? Not really? However, I did order the first season on DVD from the library. I’ve been having some stress and I expect some more, so I feel like watching my comfort anime!

  2. Happy 30th! Isn’t it a comforting feeling when something turns 30, and you realize you’re… older than that? :D

    My big special occasion was turning on the lights surrounding my big Sailor Moon wall scroll. Maybe I’ll watch the episode before I sleep, yeah. As for when I started watching Sailor Moon, well, I saw some commercials on TV, and I think I saw some dolls. Of course, my “proper” introduction… that’d be either late 1999 or early 2000–Sailor Moon R: The Movie, with the English dub at the time. I picked up the pieces from there. Rock on, y’all!

  3. Happy 30th anniversary, Classic Sailor Moon anime!

    I was introduced to this series with the short-lived USA Action Extreme Team on USA Network with the re-runs of the DiC cancelled English dub in 1997 and 1998. My memories are foggy but I clearly remember seeing S on Toonami along with the original movie trilogy in 2000. I don’t remember much after Season 3 since I didn’t know there was an fifth season after SuperS until I found out online in high school. I only re-watched the whole show with the Viz re-dub in 2018 and managed to finish right before Christmas in 2019 with Sailor Stars finally got dubbed in English. I owned all three OG movies on Blu-ray with the VIZ redub and felt in love with the Sailor Guardians especially Minako. To me, I wouldn’t got into anime in the first place without both this series and DBZ so I am forever grateful with Sailor Moon in my life since it’s an such an lovely, relaxing anime series.

  4. i can remember seeing it while on a traveling trip with my dad way back preteen life, when tvs werent that big and we were in a truck stop down south and i turned the tv on and started to scan for channels and stubled across the doom tree episode and the station i was watching it on was like UPN or something like that it was grainy and real poor reception but i watched it, years later late highschool getting satalite i caught it on toonami on cartoon network and was just hooked… bought the vhs taps when i could find them and then switched over to dvd format of the dic dubs, then i want to say early 2000s they started airing S and i had the idea to record once they would get to the end and restart but to my knowledge and bad tv guide info they went right to supers and got the horrid dream arc… already had and still have the 3 movies on vhs and dvd, remember finding out there was 34 unreleased episodes and tried my hardest to use a friends computer and limewire to rip those episodes, getting a bad fan sub on ebay… and now so many late years later have the entire series on bluray and happy about that…. and i thought i felt old when mario turned 35 lol

  5. I first saw it on Toonami in 1998 but didn’t really get into it until one day while I was sick I watched the “Lost episodes” marathon:
    By late 1999 I was a diehard fan and still going.
    The only other fandom I’ve ever stayed so invested in was the Oz books. Which also had a sailor-suited heroine.

  6. YTV ran ads for Sailor Moon before its first airing. I was super excited watching the commercials and was glued to the TV when that first episode aired in 1995. Been following the franchise ever since.

    • I think the first Sailor Moon thing I saw was a toy commercial which I thought looked very dumb. The first episode I saw I think was in September ’95 when they played the different dub of episode 41 (47) on Fox. I was very confused because I thought it was a time loop since it starts with a flashback of the first season…

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