Sailor Moon ages 5 years overnight as we transition from the 20th to the 25th Anniversary

Will Sailor Moon be this old when the new anime airs?

On July 6th 2012 there was a live show to celebrate Sailor Moon’s 20th Anniversary. This celebration continued for the following 4 and half years as we continued to celebrate this seemingly never ending anniversary. The Sailor Moon manga was first published on December 28th 1991 with the anime starting on March 7th 1992, which puts us squarely into Sailor Moon’s 25th Anniversary. Last night the Sailor Moon official site, which had been using the 20th Anniversary name and logo on it’s projects up until yesterday, finally embraced the 25th Anniversary. Sorry Anniversaries 21 through 24! You’re never going to happen.

Sailor Moon 20th anniversary logo

Old and busted

The Sailor Moon franchise is worse off than an unfortunate child born on February 29th who’s parents are too cheap to buy streamers and presents on anything but a leap year. How long will the 25th Anniversary celebration last? If the past is any indication it will be until about 2022 when we celebrate the 30th Anniversary perhaps with the final arc of the still ongoing Sailor Moon Crystal anime and some Sailor Moon themed suppositories. Farewell Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary! It was a good five years!

Sailor Moon 25th Anniversary project

New hotness

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12 thoughts on “Sailor Moon ages 5 years overnight as we transition from the 20th to the 25th Anniversary

  1. By the time they finish we should all be old enough to enjoy some Sailor Moon adult diapers.
    After all, she is the one on whom we can Depend. (c)

  2. Tldr; Kind of Dissapointed, Bad Timing, and just essentially slapping Sailor Moon onto anything just to sell, and Crystal was a HUGE LET DOWN to many old school Moonie fans.

    They should just stop I was excited fort he 20th Anniversary till Crystal appeared which was a major disssapointment to all Old School Moonie Fans that were a fan of the show from thes 90s Anime which gave it the solid name that it did in Anime along with DBZ and Im from Toronto Canada, I just find it so sad they just revived to cash in on cheaply made products (or overly expensive depending on the item)\ because of us old school lovers, and even then the Viz Dub voices arent exactly what I was expecting from the revivial either, what’s next theyre going to “Americanize” it like Ghost in the Shell and have another actress like Scarlett Johannson be Sailor Moon!? I’m sorry but a Sailor Moon Tampons!? Theyre almost cashing in on a great show by slapping Sailor Moon on essentially anything and it will sell…I wish they revived it back in 2010 like they did in Italy by re airing the old 90s series but just add subtitles or re dub it and air it on TV or something… Majorly dissapointed Animation and Drawing quality and Entertianment went down from Gold to well sh** basically

    • Also Charlene Ingram Product Advisor for Sailor Moon NA doesnt even care about the show as well watched some of the videos shes in, she just essentially wants you to buy the DVDs cause it has “glitter, and sparkles on them with cheap worthless cards on them…” wasnt really catered too the older fans of the show who are now Adults more like to the younger generation who have a short attention span…and will buy anything that “looks pretty”…

  3. I actually loved the 20th and 25th Anniversary celebrations. The only thing that kept bothering me was the endless releases of models, statuettes and figures of the main characters. The Pullip dolls were amazing but they cost too much. All of the other merch they came out with was awesome, though.

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