Toshiya Ueda, the voice of Kunitachi the gardener in the original Sailor Moon anime, has died at age 88

Toshiya Ueda the voice of Kunitachi

Some sad news for Sailor Moon fans today. Toshiya Ueda died earlier this month on February 8th at the age of 88. He had an extensive resume of anime voice work including a recent role as Vilk in The Promised Neverland. Sailor Moon fans would know him as the voice of Kunitachi the gardener in a first season episode of the original Sailor Moon anime. In episode 15 Toshiya Ueda’s character is transformed by Nephrite from a kind man to one who’s angry and violent in protecting his park from development.

Sailor Moon episode 15 - Ami and Mr. Baxter

Five years ago Chris Wiggins, the English voice actor of that same character, named Mr. Baxter in the DiC dub of the original Sailor Moon anime, died at the age of 87.

Source: Anime News Network

Check out WWE Wrestler Sasha Banks in her Sailor Moon inspired costume

Sasha Banks as Sailor Boss

Mercedes Varnado, who goes by the stage name Sasha Banks as a WWE Wrestler, wore a Sailor Moon inspired outfit on Saturday’s Royal Rumble event. If there was any doubt about the inspiration she later tweeted a photo of herself in the costume with the caption “Sailor Boss”. Watch her entrance in this embedded Tweet from the WWE account.

Born in 1992 she shares a birth year with the original Sailor Moon anime and recalls watching the series at a very young age when it played on TV around 6am. Though I watched Sailor Moon in Canada where it played throughout the day at popular times I also watched the series around 5:30am and 6am on UPN 38 and WPIX back in the mid 90s. She spoke about this in an interview with

Sasha Banks in a Sailor Moon inspired outfit

“My first thing wasn’t Star Wars, it was Sailor Moon. When I was maybe like five years old, I started watching Sailor Moon, and I had no idea of what time was or anything. It always came on at 6:00 AM in the morning, but I would stay up all night just because I would know it would come out sometimes dark, sometimes in the morning, I had no idea. But I had to stay up and watch my Sailor Moon because I thought I was just like Serena,” Varnado said. “I was a meatball head, I was clumsy, I was always late for school, and she really taught me how to believe in myself, my own powers, and the powers of the universe and the moon. So still to this day, she is my favorite and I can’t believe how much she’s played a role in my life.”

Sasha Banks in a Sailor Moon inspired outfit

Are you a fan of Wrestling and Sasha Banks? What do you think of her costume?

Sasha Banks in a Sailor Moon inspired outfit

Sasha Banks in a Sailor Moon inspired outfit