Fan Expo supports Mars/Tux shippers with guests Katie Griffin and Toby Proctor

Rei blushes while looking at Mamoru

Fan Expo takes place in Toronto (that’s in Canada) August 23rd to the 26th and amongst their many guests will be two great voice actors from the Sailor Moon dub, Katie Griffin, voice of Sailor Mars, and Toby Proctor, voice of Tuxedo Mask. It’s great to see a convention of this scope supporting the Raye/Darien romance that was so prominent in the first season of the show! That’s right ladies, while your husbands are there to see Jason Priestly and Luke Perry you can check out something you’re interested in too!

Also in attendance will be John Stocker who was a voice director for the show in the later seasons who also did a few voices such as Raye’s grandfather and two monsters Mister Magic Pierrot and BiriBiri.

Rei lusting after Mamoru

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6 Sailor Moon voice actors to be guests at Anime Revolution in Vancouver

Anime Revolution guests Susan Roman, Katie Griffin and Vince Corazza

Anime Revolution is coming up August 17th to the 19th and as part of a Sailor Moon 20th anniversary event they got a great line up of voice actors from the Sailor Moon dub! There will be Terri Hawkes (Sailor Moon), Vince Corazza (Tuxedo Mask), Katie Griffin (Sailor Mars), Susan Roman (Sailor Jupiter), Stephanie Beard (Rini) and Ron Rubin (Artemis).

The site has the following to say about their Sailormoon 20th Anniversary Celebration:

Sailormoon 20th Anniversary Panel – Celebrate everything that is the wonderful world of Sailor Moon in this very special panel, featuring voice actors from the english dub, song numbers, including a special performance by Irulanne, visuals and all sorts of other fun stuff!

This is quite an amazing group of voice actors they’ve managed to score! While Sailor Moon roles changed a number of times, as the series went on for so long, these are largely the actors who are most memorable for the roles they did.

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SDCC 2012: Kodansha Comics panel

Sailor Moon vol. 6 - Kodansha Comics panel at SDCC 2012

On Thursday at San Diego Comic-con Kodansha, publisher of the Japanese Sailor Moon manga and the current US translations, held a comic panel where the main topic of interest was Sailor Moon. Anime News Network and Anime Diet covered the event. Here are the important details!

Information about the 2013 anime series was repeated. It was mentioned that while Kotono Mitsuishi is hoping to get the job as the voice of Sailor Moon that casting has not in fact happened yet.

The new editions of the manga will have a US release and will include colour pages.

There appears to have been a lot of people complaining about various quality issues with the manga translations currently being released (available in our amazon store…) and one rep from Kodansha was quoted to have said “There are some people on Twitter that are kind of mean”. Welcome to the Internet! All in all Sailor Moon is their top selling book so they are doing quite well despite all those mean people who are likely still buying their book because hey it’s Sailor Moon so who cares about a few problems, just buy it!

Aside from that there were a lot of things they weren’t able to comment on, and I see no point in reiterating that stuff.

Did FUNimation hint that they were dubbing Sailor Moon?

FUNimation rattlesnake and rabbit sausage at Wurstkuche

About a week and a half ago, on July 3rd, a photo was shared on FUNimation’s twitter and Instrgram pages. The photo included a reference to a rabbit! Time to speculate! Rabbits are important to Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon’s Japanese name is “Usagi” which is the Japanese word for rabbit. Her full name “Tsukino Usagi” is literally “Tsuki No Usagi” or “Rabbit of the Moon” because when you look at the moon from Japan (or anywhere in the southern hemisphere) you see the shape of a rabbit. So… was this a super secret tipping of their hat that they’ll be working on a redub or maybe on the new series?

Makoto makes a joke about Tsukino Usagi meaning rabbit of the moon

Almost certainly not. About 2 minutes of investigation got to the bottom of this. The food shown is said to be rattlesnake and rabbit sausage from a restaurant named “Wurstkuche”. 10 seconds later I’m on the Wurstküche web site looking at their menu and in the “Exotics” section is in fact a “Rattlesnake & Rabbit with Jalapeño Peppers” sausage. So yeah, that’s just a normal sausage and all signs point to a coincidence.

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Kodansha Comics press release about the live event

Kodansha Comics logo

Kodansha Comics USA has posted this press release about the 20th anniversary show that took play last Friday, July 6th. Much of the information has already been covered on this site but a few new bits of information were included.

A new 10 volume collector’s edition of the Sailor Moon and Codename: Sailor V manga are going to be released in Japan. It’s mentioned that these will be faithful reproductions including the colour pages. Does this mean the content will be the original art rather than the slightly modified versions from the 2003 rerelease that is currently being released in North America? We can only hope so!

An anime memorial DVD collection, each featuring a different character, will be released. These were at one point though to be the Sailor Moon memorials which exist on VHS and laser disc, but those each focused on a season of the show, so this appears to be something new.

Sailor Moon Memorial laser discs

The character memorials will not be these ones, but may be something similar

Both the manga and DVD collections will be released one volume at a time on a monthly schedule beginning in October 2012.

Check out the full press release below.

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Watch the Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Live Show

Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary live show - Kotono Mitsuishi, Toru Furuya and Fumio Osano

Last Friday we were happy to share with you the news of the new Sailor Moon anime series set to air in the summer of 2013. This news was announced in a 20th anniversary live show which has now been translated by the Sailor Moon fan subbing web site Miss Dream. We’ve included the video below. Here are the important facts about the new show! It will be an all new anime series starting in 2013. Kotono Mitsuishi and Toru Furuya will be reprising their roles as Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask. Momoiro Clover Z will be doing the theme song but unlike we mentioned in our previous news item it does not seem that the song they performed during this event will be the theme song. After the video we’ll be sharing more thoughts on the video, what we saw and why Toru Furaya is a dirty, dirty liar!

A big thanks to the staff at Miss Dream for putting this together. They have also expressed their intentions to fan sub the series as it airs.

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New Sailor Moon anime in 2013

Kotono Mitsuishi, Toru Foruya and Osa-P reading a letter from series creator Naoko Takeuchi at Sailor Moon 20th anniversary event

This morning at the special event for the Sailor Moon 20th anniversary it was announced that there would be a new Sailor Moon anime coming next summer! Kotono Mitsuishi (voice of Sailor Moon) and Toru Furuya (voice of Tuxedo Mask) will be reprising their roles. The theme song “Z Otome Shinsou” (Z Girls War) will be sung by the band Momoiro Clover Z and was performed at this morning’s event.

Momoiro Clover Z singing the new Sailor Moon theme song

We’ll be posting more details to come as they become available.

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