Sugar Lyn Beard, the voice of Rini, to appear at Unplugged Expo October 15th and 16th in Toronto

Sugar Lyn Beard - The Zone

Stephanie “Sugar” Lyn Beard, the voice of Rini and Sailor Mini Moon from the original dub of Sailor Moon S and SuperS, will be appearing at Unplugged Expo at the Westin Harbour Castle Conference Centre in Toronto October 15th and 16th.

Sailor Moon S episode 103 - Sailor Chibi Moon and her Pink Moon Stick

Canadian Sailor Moon fans will not only remember Sugar as the voice of Rini but also as one of the PJs from YTV’s The Zone, the after school zone programming block which played many shows, including Sailor Moon, here in Canada. Sugar will be appearing with her fellow PJ Carlos who hosted the Zone during the same time frame.

Sugar and Carlos on YTV's The Zone

YTV, like the company which produced the first English dub of the original Sailor Moon anime, is based in Toronto where this convention takes place. It’s no coincidence that so many voice actor appearances occur in Toronto!

Sailor Moon SuperS episode 135 - Chibiusa the artist

I won’t be able to attend Unplugged Expo this year but I have fond memories of my time at the convention 3 years ago during Unplugged Expo 2. Will you be attending this one?

Catch Sugar Lyn Beard, the voice of Chibiusa, in the trailer for Sausage Party

Stephanie Beard as Baby Carrot in Sausage Party

Sugar Lyn Beard, the second voice of Chibiusa in the original English dub of the Sailor Moon anime, has a couple of movies coming out this summer. One is Sausage Party, a bizarre animated comedy staring Seth Rogen about living thinking food items which get eaten. Sugar plays the Baby Carrots in this film, which are featured prominently in the new trailer. Note that this is a restricted trailer which features adult content including violence, drug use and language.

Sausage Party will be released in theatres August 12th.

She’ll also be appearing in Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. She plays Mike and Dave’s sister Jeanie who is the one that is getting married. You can also see her in the trailer for that movie which will be released on July 8th.

Stephanie “Sugar” Lyn Beard, the voice of Rini, to appear in Seth Rogen and James Franco’s film Sausage Party

Sausage Party

What is Sausage Party? It’s an R rated CG animated film starring the voices of Seth Rogen, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Kristen Wiig, Danny McBride and Craig Robinson, amongst others. Also appearing in this film is Sugar Lyn Beard, known to Sailor Moon fans as the voice of Rini and Sailor Mini Moon in the original English dub of Sailor Moon S and SuperS. Sugar will be playing a Baby Carrot! It is not clear at this time if she will be a legitimate baby carrot or one of the more common baby cut carrots which are often found in grocery stores.

Sailor Chibi Moon

The film is about sausages in a supermarket which need to get back to their aisle before the Fourth of July! This is a movie intended for adult audiences by the people who brought you fantastic films such as Pineapple Express, This Is The End and the hilarious yet controversial The Interview. During an interview with Howard Stern Seth Rogen mentioned that the film would include a food on food sex scene!

We’ll be sure to share more about this film as we learn it.

Source: IMDB and Bubble Blabber

Stephanie “Sugar” Lyn Beard interview at Anime Revolution

Stephanie "Sugar" Lyn Beard, voice of Rini, at Anime Revolution

Here’s an interview with Stephanie “Sugar” Lyn Beard, the voice of Rini aka Sailor Mini Moon from Anime Revolution 2012 in Vancouver. Sugar talks about her early days on the radio, working on the zone and her work on Sailor Moon. She also plugs her new movie “For a Good Time, Call…” which is now playing in select theatres. You can watch the interview at the Anime Revolution site. It’s also embedded below for your convenience.

6 Sailor Moon voice actors to be guests at Anime Revolution in Vancouver

Anime Revolution guests Susan Roman, Katie Griffin and Vince Corazza

Anime Revolution is coming up August 17th to the 19th and as part of a Sailor Moon 20th anniversary event they got a great line up of voice actors from the Sailor Moon dub! There will be Terri Hawkes (Sailor Moon), Vince Corazza (Tuxedo Mask), Katie Griffin (Sailor Mars), Susan Roman (Sailor Jupiter), Stephanie Beard (Rini) and Ron Rubin (Artemis).

The site has the following to say about their Sailormoon 20th Anniversary Celebration:

Sailormoon 20th Anniversary Panel – Celebrate everything that is the wonderful world of Sailor Moon in this very special panel, featuring voice actors from the english dub, song numbers, including a special performance by Irulanne, visuals and all sorts of other fun stuff!

This is quite an amazing group of voice actors they’ve managed to score! While Sailor Moon roles changed a number of times, as the series went on for so long, these are largely the actors who are most memorable for the roles they did.

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