Volumes 3 and 4 of the Sailor Moon Complete Edition Manga are available now in Japan

Sailor Moon manga complete edition vol. 3 and 4 covers

The 3rd and 4th books of the Kanzenban or “Complete Edition” of the Sailor Moon manga started to hit store shelves in Japan yesterday, December 28th. You can order these books from Amazon Japan (vol. 3, vol. 4) or CD Japan (vol. 3, vol. 4). The covers for these issues feature Sailor Mars (volume 3) and Sailor Jupiter (volume 4).

As with other issues these are slightly larger books than the other editions. The high quality paper offers bright white glossy pages as well as the inclusion of all of the colour pages, including those previously only seen in the pages of Nakayoshi magazine in which Sailor Moon was first published. These volumes collect more pages than previous collections so there is more story per book.

There are currently no plans to release these books in English so if you are interested in these you’d better brush up on your Japanese!

Album art, track listing and more artist information for the Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Memorial Tribute Album

Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Memorial Tribute album cover

The Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Memorial Tribute Album official site has been updated with the album art, a full list of the tracks and a list of some of the artists on this album which will be released in Japan on January 29th. The songs, listed below, are mostly opening and ending themes from the series. No real surprises there.

Moonlight Densetsu (Moonlight Legend) – Original opening theme
Heart Moving – First season 1 ending theme
Princess Moon – Second season 1 ending theme
Otome no Policy (Maiden’s Policy)- Sailor Moon R ending theme
La Soldier – From the Sailor Moon musicals and Sailor Moon R
Ai no Senshi (Soldier of Love) – From Sailor Moon R and S
Tuxedo Mirage – Sailor Moon S ending theme
“Rashiku” Ikimasho (I’ll Go As Myself)- Second Sailor Moon SuperS ending theme
Sailor Stars Song – Sailor Stars opening theme
Kaze mo Sora mo Kitto… (The Wind, The Sky, Surely…) – Sailor Stars ending theme

We now know of 6 artists who will be doing songs for this album. We still don’t know what artists will be performing which songs. Three of these artists were discussed when news of this album first became available. You can read this article from November to learn more about Momoiro Clover Z, the all girl band currently slated to do the theme song for the new anime, Mitsuko Horie, who provided the voice for Sailor Galaxia, and Shoko Nakagawa, a Japanese singer who has covered a number of Sailor Moon songs and often cosplays as Sailor Moon characters. Keep reading for more details on the three other artists Mariko Goto, Haruko Momoi and Tommy Heavenly6.

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Jetpack Joyride features a Sailor Moon inspired Lunar Scout Outfit

Sailor Moon's outfit appears in Jetpack Joyride as the Lunar Scout Outfit

Jetpack Joyride has a new costume available which will seem familiar to Sailor Moon fans. This “Lunar Scout Outfit” is clearly inspired by Sailor Moon’s Sailor Fuku. It mostly looks like her original outfit. The round shoulder pieces are similar to those found on Eternal Sailor Moon’s costume, though the lack of wings and general colours are inconsistent with that look.

Sailor Moon inspired Lunar Scout Outfit in Jetpack Joyride

The name is a reference to the dub “Sailor Scouts” and the description of the outfit is inspired by the dub theme song lines “Fighting evil by Moonlight. Winning love by daylight.”.

Battle evil in the Moonlight and fall in love during the day … man it all happens when you wear this outfit!

To get this costume you need to get the Strong Arm Machine (S.A.M.) five days in a row. This is activated by collecting special letter tokens that spawn once a day. Jetpack Joyride is a free game that you can download on most mobile devices as well as the PlayStation store, though the PlayStation versions do not have this and other more recent outfits.

Sailor Moon/Batman Moon Knight Rises shirt available until Sunday at OtherTees

Sailor Moon/Batman "Moon Knight Rises" shirt at OtherTees

From today until 4pm EST on Sunday, December 29th, you can pick up this Moon Knight Rises shirt from OtherTees for $11. This is a reprint as the shirt was sold on this same site in February of this year. The shirt features a silhouette of Sailor Moon on a rooftop looking like Batman, with a crescent Moon in the background that is being projected like the Bat Signal.

Batman Bat Signal

The shirt’s artist is angicitarocks. Check out her web site, Facebook page or twitter feed for more of her work.

Sailor Pop Art shirt for sale today at Qwertee

Sailor Pop Art shirt for sale today at Qwertee

Today, December 27th 2013, this Sailor Pop Art shirt will be for sale for $12 at Qwertee. The shirt is only on sale until 6pm EST. The design features Sailor Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Luna in a Pop Art style.

The shirt’s artist, Edwoody, has done a lot of other Sailor Moon designs which can be found at his RedBubble shop. Also check out his Facebook page for more of his works.

Sailor Venus’s S. H. Figuarts figure, coming in April, will include Sailor V’s mask and Artemis

Sailor Venus S. H. Figuarts figure smiling

The Tamashii Nations’ official Sailor Moon site has been updated with details about the Sailor Venus S. H. Figuarts figure which will be on sale starting in April. We finally have a look at some of the alternate faces and accessories and can now confirm that the figure will indeed come with Artemis and will also include Sailor V’s mask!

Artemis S. H. Figuarts Figure

As with the other figures Sailor Venus will be 14 cm tall, roughly 5.5″. The site lists her price as being 4536 yen, roughly $43 US. This seems to be more than the other figures sold for but this is because the Japanese sales tax will go from 5% to 8% on April first, which will affect this figure. The pre tax price for all S. H. Figuarts figures is 4200 yen, about $40 US, so this figure will cost you about the same as the others did.

Speaking of other figures! Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury are out. Sailor Mars has recently been released in Japan and will be for sale in North America as of January 15th. You can order Sailor Moon and Mercury and pre-order Sailor Mars from the links below to support this site.

There are currently no sites offering international preorders for Sailor Venus but we will share that information as it becomes available. Preorders in Japan begin January 7th.

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Hot Topic’s latest Sailor Moon shirt romanticizes necrophilia!

Hot Topic shirt featuring Sailor Moon not kissing Endymion because he is dead

Hot Topic’s most recent “Sailor Moon Kiss Girls” shirt features a romantic kiss between Sailor Moon and her love Tuxedo Mask, as Endymion, but there’s a catch! The image on the shirt is from the final episode of the first season and is turned on it’s side, as can be seen from the way Sailor Moon’s hair is falling. She’s leaned over Endymion that way because he’s just died after his battle with Sailor Moon and then Queen Beryl. Usagi does not actually kiss him in this scene. She avoids doing so out of respect for her friends who were themselves denied the chance to kiss the boys they were in love with because they had died.

Tuxedo Mask Kisses a dead Sailor Moon in the Sailor Moon R Movie

This is hardly a first for Sailor Moon fans. The Sailor Moon R movie features a scene where Tuxedo Mask kisses a dead Sailor Moon. He does so to give her the nectar of the Kissenian flower in order to revive her. This image, one of the few kisses shown on screen at the time, has seen widespread use by those who seemingly don’t know or care that the characters portrayed aren’t both alive. A simple Google image search for “Sailor Moon kiss” reveals quite a few instances of this image and reproductions of it.

Order this romantic shirt from our Amazon store to support the site:

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Jessica Nigri, Monika Lee and more to cosplay as Sailor Moon characters at Anime South December 27th to the 29th

Lindze Merrit, Riki Lecotey, Katie George and Monika Lee cosplaying as Sailor Moon characters for Anime South 2013

Anime South 2013 is this coming weekend, December 27th to the 29th, in Pensacola Florida. Attending as guests will be professional cosplayers Jessica Nigri, Monika Lee, Katie George, Carolann Voltarel, Lindze Merrit, Riki LeCotey, and Anna Fischer. I met up with Jessica Nigri and Monika Lee at Pop Expo 2013 in Ottawa a couple of weeks ago. When I suggested they cosplay as Sailor Moon characters Jessica mentioned that at an upcoming convention in Florida she would cosplay as Sailor Venus, Monika Lee would cosplay as Sailor Mars and Riddle (Riki LeCotey) would be Sailor Mercury. It looks like at least a couple of other guests will be wearing Sailor Moon costumes this weekend as well.

Monika Lee as Sailor Mars

Monika Lee posted a photo of her Sailor Mars costume in progress to Instagram. Riki LeCotey also posted a photo of herself as Sailor Mercury along with Lindze Merrit as Sailor Venus, Monika Lee as Sailor Mars and Katie George as another Sailor Soldier who’s gem is not visible.

Sailor Moon and cosplay fans may want to get a chance to grab a photo with these professional cosplayers dressed as their favourite characters. We’re looking forward to seeing what these costumes look like once they’re complete.

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Sailor Mercury Art Nouveau Shirt for sale today at teeVillain

Sailor Mercury Art Nouveau shirt at teeVillain - La voix de la raison

Today, December 21st, this Sailor Mercury Art Nouveau style shirt will be on sale for just $11 at teeVillain. This is the 5th shirt in the Sailor Moon Art Nouveau style to be made. It features Sailor Mercury with her computer as well as Luna with the caption “La voix de la raison”, which is French for “The voice of reason”.

As with the rest of this series the artist is Eriphyle. You can see more of her work on her Facebook page. If you missed a chance to pick up this shirt or any others in the set you should check out Eriphyle’s Society6 store where you can get prints, t-shirts and all kinds of great stuff.