Hot Topic’s latest Sailor Moon shirt romanticizes necrophilia!

Hot Topic shirt featuring Sailor Moon not kissing Endymion because he is dead

Hot Topic’s most recent “Sailor Moon Kiss Girls” shirt features a romantic kiss between Sailor Moon and her love Tuxedo Mask, as Endymion, but there’s a catch! The image on the shirt is from the final episode of the first season and is turned on it’s side, as can be seen from the way Sailor Moon’s hair is falling. She’s leaned over Endymion that way because he’s just died after his battle with Sailor Moon and then Queen Beryl. Usagi does not actually kiss him in this scene. She avoids doing so out of respect for her friends who were themselves denied the chance to kiss the boys they were in love with because they had died.

Tuxedo Mask Kisses a dead Sailor Moon in the Sailor Moon R Movie

This is hardly a first for Sailor Moon fans. The Sailor Moon R movie features a scene where Tuxedo Mask kisses a dead Sailor Moon. He does so to give her the nectar of the Kissenian flower in order to revive her. This image, one of the few kisses shown on screen at the time, has seen widespread use by those who seemingly don’t know or care that the characters portrayed aren’t both alive. A simple Google image search for “Sailor Moon kiss” reveals quite a few instances of this image and reproductions of it.

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Sailor Moon not kissing Endymion who is dead

Sailor Moon with Endymion as he dies

Fiore offers the Kissenian to Tuxedo Mask and a dead Sailor Moon - Sailor Moon R Movie

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One thought on “Hot Topic’s latest Sailor Moon shirt romanticizes necrophilia!

  1. Bitch please~
    If you’re a true fan of the canon, the fact this is on a shirt really shouldn’t bother you. Want some weird stuff going on? Read the manga. Better Usagi kneeling in to kiss a dead Endymion, than you know, Chibi-Usa their daughter (I repeat DAUGHTER) possessed by Nemesis straight up kissing Endymion who’s under her control. It’s only romanticizing necrophilia if you look at it that way. I have this shirt and I love it, and I knew where the image was from when I bought it. They probably rotated the angle because it would look weird as hell otherwise. Maybe we’ll get one of Sailor Moon making out with Sailor Uranus next time, here’s hoping right?!

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