Sailor Moon “Sailor Senshi” shirt available today from ShirtPunch

Sailor Moon "Sailor Senshi" shirt at ShirtPunch

Today, December 20th 2013, this great looking “Sailor Senshi” shirt will be on sale for $10 at ShirtPunch. The shirt shows silhouettes of Sailor Mercury, Mars, Moon, Jupiter and Venus in front of the Moon. The symbols below that image represent Mercury, Mars, the Moon, Jupiter and Venus, but without parts of them being modified into hearts which is typical of these symbols when seen in Sailor Moon.

The artist is TeeKetch. Check out his Facebook page or Twitter feed for more of his work.

Two new Sailor Moon transformation item compacts coming from Bandai this March

Sailor Moon Crystal Star and Cosmic Heart Compact Toys from Bandai

Bandai will be releasing Crystal Star and Cosmic Heart Compact Mirrorcase cosplay items this coming March. These are high quality full sized reproductions which will sell for 4725 yen, about $46 US. The compacts open up to feature a mirror and some small compartments. The Crystal Star was Sailor Moon’s transformation item from Sailor Moon R and the Cosmic Heart Compact was her transformation item from the Sailor Moon S series.

Sailor Moon Crystal  Star Toy from Bandai

These items can be pre-ordered from now until December 25th from Bandai’s site or or you can order the Crystal Star or Cosmic Heart Compact from CD Japan.

Sailor Moon Cosmic Heart Compact Toy from Bandai

Source: Sailor Moon Collectibles

Sailor Moon voice director John Stocker to appear at Toronto ComiCon December 15th

John Stocker mentioned that FUNimation will dub the new Sailor Moon anime

This coming Sunday is Toronto ComiCon, a one day convention at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. This convention will feature John Stocker, voice actor and voice director, as one of it’s guests. John Stocker contributed a few voices to the Sailor Moon English dub and most notably was the voice director for the Sailor Moon S and SuperS seasons.

Fans of John Stocker should check out our interview with him from Fan Expo 2012.

John Stocker interview at Fan Expo 2012

Advertisement shows models wearing the new Sailor Moon lingerie

Peach John ad for Sailor Moon Lingerie

Following Tuesday’s post about official Sailor Moon lingerie we now have this ad from Peach John which features models wearing the clothes. For details on these items do check out the original post on the topic.

This lingerie bears a striking resemblence to SciFeyeCandy’s sexy cosplay items. I saw these at Unplugged Expo and when I first saw these new lingerie items as the similarity was immediately obvious. Some people are suggesting the designs are inspired by these though it’s impossible to tell if this is the case or if the similarity is a mere coincidence.

Source: Sailor Moon Collectibles Facebook Page

Official Sailor Moon lingerie coming this February

Sailor Moon costume lingerie from Peach John

Peach John, a mail order lingerie company in Japan, is producing a line of official Sailor Moon panties, bras and pyjamas including costume lingerie! Yes that’s right, these are official Sailor Moon products that are currently advertised on the official Sailor Moon site. Pre-orders are now open and run until December 25th. The items will be released in February. They can be ordered through Bandai’s site.

Sailor Mars costume lingerie from Peach John

The costume lingerie (bra set) items are certain to be a popular items. You can cosplay as Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus or Jupiter in these less than completely show accurate outfits who’s designs are partly inspired by the original costumes with Sailor Moon’s original transformation broach appearing on her bra but with stars appearing on most chokers which is consistent with costumes from the SuperS series. The sets come with a bra and panty piece as well as a ribbon choker. These would hardly be functional under most clothing as the bows and other awkward parts would be quite cumbersome. I’m sure fans can find an appropriate time to wear such things. Each set costs 4980 yen, about $48.50 US.

Sailor Moon panties from Peach John

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Sailor Mercury Figuarts ZERO Prototype revealed

Sailor Mercury Figuarts Zero Prototype

Bandai and Volks will be releasing a Sailor Mercury Figuarts ZERO figure and have unveiled a prototype. This prototype isn’t painted but we can get a basic idea of what the figure will look like when it’s eventually released. No specifics have been given but based on what we already know about the Sailor Moon Figuarts ZERO figure which is set to be released in March it is a 1/8 scale figure, likely measuring roughly 22cm or 8.5″ in height and costing about 8,800 yen, some $91 US dollars. This figure will not be posable. With Mercury now revealed it stands to reason that we will be getting Sailor Mars, Jupiter and Venus Figuarts ZERO figures in time as well.

Sailor Mercury Figuarts Zero Prototype

Source: Sailor Moon Collectibles and @takfzy on Twitter.

Princess Moononoke Sailor Moon/Princess Mononoke shirt for sale today at ShirtPunch

Princess Moononoke shirt at ShirtPunch

Today, December 1st, this great looking Princess Moononoke shirt featuring Sailor Moon as San and Luna as the Wolf Moro from Hayao Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke will be for sale at Shirt Punch for $10. Sailor Moon’s mask seems similar to Sailor V’s and San’s knife is replaced with Sailor Moon’s Kaleidomoon Scope.

Princess Mononoke poster

The shirt’s artist is DiHA who also made the Teen Soldier Romance Comics and TournĂ©e due chat noir be la lune shirts which we’ve posted about before. You can buy some of her stuff at her RedBubble store. Also check out her Deviant Art and Facebook pages.

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