No new episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal were announced at today’s official live event

The cast of Sailor Moon Crystal reading the Sailor Moon manga at Usagi's birthday celebration

There was a live streaming event this morning to celebrate Usagi and Chibiusa’s birthdays which take place on June 30th. Fans were hoping for some sort of announcement of new episodes at this event but no such thing took place. At this point we have only two more episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal which remain in the second phase which is currently airing and no new episodes beyond this have been announced. Act 25 will air on July 4th and Act 26, the final episode currently planned, will air on July 18th.

Should any new episodes air they would begin on August 1st given the current schedule, and such episodes would cover the infinity arc which introduces us to Sailor Uranus, Neptune and Saturn. With no new episodes announced to date it seems quite possible that no new episode will be airing on that day. There is always the possibility of a break in the release of episodes leading to a new season at a later point in time. At this point we don’t have any confirmation one way or another as to whether the series will be renewed or canceled.

The event was blocked outside of Japan but it does not seem like there was much to miss. The cast of Sailor Moon Crystal was there as they recapped older episodes and read excerpts from the manga. This event was not really intended to announce any news but fans were still hoping for something.

As always should any new information become available about new episodes of the series we will share it with you.

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Sailor Moon S episodes 118 and 119 are now available on Hulu

Sailor Moon S episode 118 - Hotaru picks the Joker

The two latest episodes of Sailor Moon S were added to Hulu and Neon Alley this morning. This week with episodes 118 and 119 we once again spend a lot of time familiarizing ourselves with the mysterious Hotaru as Sailor Saturn is finally revealed, but not actually seen.

Sailor Moon S episode 118 - Turning this many games into a Daimon is a recipe for disaster

Episode 118, Battle Inside the Demonic Space: The Sailor Guardians’ Gamble, teaches us to be superstitious about cards! In a world of magic wielding girls this is not that odd. For whatever reason the Joker is considered a bad omen as Hotaru seems to keep ending up with it in a game which is something like Old Maid. Here the Joker looks like Death which is fitting for Hotaru. Mimete puts far too many games into the Daimon making machine which causes a weird rip in space causing their house to turn into something like a TARDIS, with doors and openings leading to random places. When a lion comes out of a desk one can’t help but think of Narnia, a whole world accessible through a wardrobe. When the Sailor Guardians come to help Chibiusa, they run into Professor Tomoe. He tries to hide his reaction to seeing the Sailor Guardians, but shouldn’t an average person be quite taken aback by this kind of sight? They have no idea he’s the evil boss but he knows they’re a thorn in his side but is dependant on them to save his daughter! All goes decently well because Hotaru doesn’t pick the Joker, which is somehow important.

Sailor Moon S episode 118 - Looks like Narnia

Sailor Moon S episode 119 - Usagi, Chibiusa and Hotaru at the Planetarium

Episode 119, The Messiah of Silence Awakens? Stars of Destiny, finally stops jerking us around about the true identity of Hotaru. Hints have been dropped pretty heavily to show us that she is the Messiash of Silence who will bring about destruction but here we get better confirmation and learn that she is also Sailor Saturn. Sailor Uranus, Neptune and Pluto see that the way to avoid the end of the world is killing Hotaru. Naturally the other Sailor Guardians are not totally on board with this. This poses and interesting moral question which is at the heart of the Sailor Moon S series. Is a single person’s life worth sacrificing to save many, in this case around 6 billion? We previously asked it when we considered the lives of the Talisman carriers. For Sailor Uranus and Neptune that answer was yes, as they were ready to sacrifice the lives of others, and ultimately their own, to do what they thought would save the world. Ultimately that sacrifice was unnecessary. Here we have a completely innocent girl, with no control over the evil which lurks inside her, and killing her seems to be the solution to saving the world. Is it “right” to kill her? Is it right to push a man on the tracks to stop a trolley which would otherwise kill five? People have debated these questions for years without coming to any consensus. Sailor Uranus, Neptune and Pluto ascribe to a utilitarian philosophy which prioritizes the well being of the rest of the planet over a single life. Sailor Moon and the rest of the Sailor Guardians feel that no life is worth sacrificing though they are not accepting the fate of the world, simply hoping for an alternative in which no one dies. We’ll have a number of episodes to continue to weigh this moral question.

Sailor Moon S episode 119 - The Sailor Guardians protect Hotaru

In this episode we see Hotaru in her school uniform, which we’ve not seen much of to date, insinuating she does not spend a lot of time at school due to her illness. There is also a shot of the planet Saturn that is show which includes Jupiter’s Great Red Spot. A bit of a goof up in the animation department.

Sailor Moon S episode 119 - Saturn with Jupiter's Great Red Spot

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Esmeraude, Demande, Saphir and Rubeus Petit Chara figures are coming soon!

Petit Chara Esmeraude, Demande, Saphir and Rubeus

We’ve already gotten Petit Chara figures for the Ayakashi Sisters and now we’re getting some for the rest of the Black Moon Clan. This photo, posted to the official Sailor Moon site, clearly shows silhouettes for Esmeraude, Prince Demande, Saphir and Rubeus. The image also includes the inverse crescent moon characteristic of the Black Moon Clan.

Sailor Moon Crystal - Black Moon Clan character art - Diamond, Saphire, Rubeus and Esmeraude

There isn’t much in the way of detail posted but it is mentioned that this set follows the Ayakashi Sisters leaving little doubt as to what these are. These puzzles are about as difficult to solve as your average “Who’s that Pokémon?” bumper.

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A Human Luna Pullip figure is coming in August

Human Luna Pullip doll

The latest Pullip doll has been announced on the official Sailor Moon site. It’s Human Luna! Luna is usually a cat but in a few instances she appears as a human. Most fans would know this form best from the Sailor Moon S Movie, which is based on a standalone manga story “The Lover of Princess Kaguya”. Her human form also appears at other times in the manga. Most recently in Sailor Moon Crystal we briefly see an image of Human Luna while she is praying on the Moon.

Sailor Moon S movie - Human Luna - Princess Kaguya

Pullip dolls are high quality, though somewhat expensive, dolls with disproportionately large heads. This doll will retail for 180,000 yen, almost $150 US. A more expensive Premium Bandai exclusive version of these dolls is usually made, which will often have school uniforms for most of the Sailor Guardians. What could the Premium Bandai exclusive outfit for Human Luna be, given she only ever appears in these clothes? Human Luna’s adult form does not resemble the younger Sailor Luna from the live action series enough for that to be the obvious choice, though that would be a great exclusive.

Sailor Luna

Dolls for many of the Sailor Guardians as well as Princess Serenity, Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Chibi Moon have been released or announced to date. Human Luna is a bit of a surprise given a lot of prominent characters have still not been released and so little Human Luna merchandise had been made to date. There has still been no announcement for Sailor Pluto or Sailor Saturn pullip dolls or any villains from the series. One has to wonder if we’ll get Shingo, Rhett Butler and Sailor Luna before getting the often neglected Sailor Pluto!

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 14 - Human Luna

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Sailor Moon Short Stories vol. 2 Manga - Human Luna

Watch a promo clip for the upcoming Sailor Moon Un Nouveau Voyage musical

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Un Nouveau Voyage - Promo - The Sailor Guardians

Here’s a promotional clip for the upcoming Sailor Moon musical Un Nouveau Voyage or A New Journey. There isn’t much going on in this clip, which features no actual musical numbers, but we get a look at the costumes and get a few comments by the main cast. We previously learned that this will be the final musical that these girls star in. You can watch the clip embedded below.

This new musical will cover the Infinity story arc which introduces us to Sailor Uranus, Neptune and Saturn as the Sailor Guardians face off against the Death Busters. It will be playing in Tokyo from September 18th to the 27th and then in Osaka from October 2nd to the 4th.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Un Nouveau Voyage - Promo - The Sailor Guardians

Sailor Moon S episode 116 and 117 are now available on Hulu

Sailor Moon S episode 116 - Usagi, Chibiusa and Hotaru having a picnic

The two latest episodes of Sailor Moon S were added to Hulu and Neon Alley yesterday. This week we got episodes 116 and 117 which once again focus mainly on Hotaru as her friendship with Chibiusa deepens.

Sailor Moon S episode 116 - Usagi jealous of Mamoru and Chibiusa

Episode 116, Sunny Skies After a Storm: A Friendship Dedicated to Hotaru, is all about a fun picnic. It’s fitting that we just got an episode of Sailor Moon Crystal this past weekend which shows how Usagi understands why Black Lady is possessive of Mamoru and recalls the fault in herself for feeling the same way but here in the anime no such revalation has taken place. Usagi is completely jealous of Chibiusa and Mamoru, as always. The whole gang, Usagi, Mamoru, Chibiusa and Hotaru, go to a lovely garden for a picnic. The random dude that works there is the target of the Daimon. What a coincidence that this was the exact place Sailor Moon was! Fighting ensues and Hotaru has a total freakout moment where she gets all glowy eyed and attacks the monster. If I didn’t know any better I’d say there is certainly something up with this girl!

Sailor Moon S episode 116 - Hotaru attacking the monster

Sailor Moon S episode 117 - Mimete playing Twister

Episode 117, Higher and Stronger: A Cheer from Usagi, is a pretty silly one. An early scene has Mimete and some yet unshown members of the Witches 5 playing Twister. It isn’t really Twister though, as a real Twister board has a 4×6 pattern of coloured circles with all of the same colour in a row. This board has randomly dispersed coloured circles with numbers, but still has the player putting a hand or foot on some specified dot. The target for this episode is a runner named Shun Hayase who Hotaru is infatuated with. He was sick when younger and was able to overcome it, and Hotaru hopes to be able to do the same. In the original dub of this episode the runner’s English name is Sean Hayes. This is meant to be the closest English approximation to the name Shun Hayase, which I think fits. This seemed ridiculous to me as I watched the episode as Sean Hayes is a prominent American actor best known for playing Jack in the TV series Will and Grace. This seems like a total coincidence however as Shun Hayase’s appearance in the original Japanese version of this show predates Will and Grace by a number of years. Inspiration is impossible, barring time travel, and if the creative talents behind Sailor Moon had time machines Sailor Moon R would have made more sense. The dub would have been recorded once the series was airing and popular, so there may have been a bit of a joke intended with the name adaptation which sounded close enough. Hatoru gets to meet her idol while Chibiusa does an adorable cheer, but he gets his Pure Heart ripped out by Mimete’s monster.

Sailor Moon S episode 117 - Hotaru meets Shun Hayase

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Sailor Moon S episode 117 - Chibiusa cheering on Hotaru

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24, Attack – Black Lady, review

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24 - Black lady kissing her father Endymion

The latest episode of Sailor Moon Crystal, Act 24, Attack – Black Lady, is now available to stream on Crunchyroll, Hulu and Niconico. This week we celebrate Father’s Day weekend as Black Lady continues to make out with her father Tuxedo Mask as she and Wise Man attack Sailor Moon, the Sailor Guardians and the Earth itself.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24 - Endymion and Black Lady

As with Act 23, we focus mainly on Black Lady in this episode. She is controlling Tuxedo Mask, who is now going by his evil name of Endymion, to make him her boyfriend. This seems a bit creepy but, as mentioned in last week’s review, this is Black Lady’s odd way to dealing with the feelings she had as a child now that she has unexpectedly and unnaturally aged and acquired a great amount of power.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24 - Endymion attacks Sailor Moon with her Cutie Moon Rod

Endymion is full on evil now, attacking Sailor Moon with her own attack item. At first this upsets her. Mamoru using the item that they made together against her. She then notices that Chibusa’s possessive behaviour is like how she was feeling earlier in the season, when Usagi was jealous of Chibiusa monopolizing Mamoru’s time. She doesn’t see Black Lady as an evil enemy but as a jealous young girl, and she tries to plead with her.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24 - Three Evil Black Crystals on Earth

This doesn’t work well. Black Lady brings a third Evil Black Crystal to Earth which promises to kill everybody. So who’s left on Earth anyway? Crystal Tokyo is pretty much destroyed but we don’t see much of the rest of the planet. Perhaps there are a bunch of people still living a nice life in Canada!

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24 - Prince Demande kills Wise Man

Prince Demande and Saphir are being controlled as well, however Prince Demande’s powers allow him to break out of the mind control. He is attacked by Saphir, who is under Wise Man’s power, and in defending himself he kills him. This does not explicitly happen in the manga. Prince Demande apologizes to his brother but only attacks Wise Man. We never actually see what happens to Saphir beyond this point in the manga, but in Sailor Moon Crystal there is little doubt he is dead. Prince Demande then kills Wise Man revealing an old already dead corpse, but it turn out this was not really Wise Man’s actual body!

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24 - Nemesis is tiny

Wise Man’s seemingly final form, as revealed at this point in time, is planet Nemesis! Well that’s kind of weird! The old corpse in a cloak was actually just a ruse, the real deal is this evil entity that is the planet Nemesis. Black Lady brings it through a portal down on top of Crystal Tokyo. This scene is reminiscent to the film Transformers: Dark of the Moon where Cybertron is brought to into Chicago through a large portal. My first thought then, as was my first thought when watching this episode, is what a terrible impact this would have on the Earth’s gravity. The Moon is far so it’s effects on us are relatively small, though the tides are not completely insignificant. Put a planet a few hundred feet from another planet’s surface and it will be a whole different story. This seems like a non issue however, as Nemesis is incredibly tiny. We can see most of it coming out of the portal with Crystal Tokyo under it and all considered it would not be bigger than most mountains. I certainly expected the planet to be much larger than this. The actual planet X which Nemesis was inspired by was originally believed to exist due to gravitational anomalies in our solar system which were later explained. A body this small would not have any such strong gravitational effects as it’s smaller than most asteroids and comets.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24 - Young Sailor Pluto

We get a bit of Sailor Pluto backstory, as we get a look at her when she was quite young. The original Queen Serenity, Princess Serenity’s Mother, speaks to her in the distant past. This would have to be taking place on the Moon in the years of Silver Millennium. She is given three rules to follow! First, don’t move time. Let’s assume this means time travel. She does this all the time, and is why we’re in this mess in the first place. Second, guard the door! She stops doing that in this episode. The third and most important is not mentioned, but we’ll learn all about it in the next episode as she breaks it.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24 - Diana gets a part time job

Diana, the adorable kitten, plays an important role in this episode. Sailor Pluto abandons her post, and who can blame her after spending thousands of years in the same clothes standing without a break watching a door, and puts Diana in charge! Could Diana possibly do a worse job than Sailor Pluto who has broken every rule imposed on her? Sailor Pluto’s job is to guard the Space-Time Door, and as far as we’ve seen in this story arc every person who she has encountered has eventually been allowed to travel through time. Why did the Black Moon Clan even need their own method of time travel? They should just have befriended the lonely Sailor Guardian and gotten their own Key of Space-Time to do whatever they want! Diana could literally do nothing and still do the exact same job that Sailor Pluto has this season! One also has to wonder how things go following this episode. We never get an update on Diana’s temporary door guarding duties but we do know that she is never relieved and yet she will later show up in the past. Is there a new guard that we’re not aware of or is Sailor Pluto replaced with a scarecrow or something?

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 25 - Chibiusa in a tear drop

Up next is Act 25, Showdown – Death Phantom. Things are really starting to wind up as Sailor Pluto breaks her final rule and pays the ultimate price to protect the Earth and her friends. Chibiusa will struggle to free herself from Black Lady, who is really her. Will all that work out?

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 25 - Showdown - Death Phantom

Act 25 will be the second last episode of the series, with Act 26 being the final episode currently planned. There has still been no confirmation of any additional episodes beyond Act 26 for Sailor Moon Crystal. At this point it seems possible that the series will end with the final episode of the Black Moon story arc.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 25 - Sailor Pluto hugging Chibiusa

Keep reading for more screenshots from this episode and the next episode preview for Act 25.

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Watch Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24, Attack – Black Lady, June 20th at 6am Eastern Time

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24 - Black Lady

The next episode of Sailor Moon Crystal, Act 24, Attack – Black Lady, will be available this coming Saturday on Crunchyroll, Hulu and Niconico. The episode will be available at 7pm Japan Standard Time which is 6am Eastern Time, 3am Pacific Time.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24 - Tuxedo Mask and the Cutie Moon Rod

This week we get more of a look at Black Lady, who is attacking our heroes and trying to destroy the Earth! She will continue to make out with her father, Endymion, who is brainwashed into attacking Sailor Moon with her own weapon! We’ll learn more about the true identity of Wise Man and hopefully get a look at young Sailor Pluto.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24 - Attack - Black Lady

Sailor Moon S episode 114 and 115 are now available on Hulu

Sailor Moon S episode 114 - Minako and Mimete in an Idol competition

The two latest episodes of Sailor Moon S have been added to Hulu and Neon Alley. This week we focus a lot on boy crazy Mimete and her crazy antics, as well as getting a good look at Hotaru and her mysterious past.

Sailor Moon S episode 114 - Minako advances to the next stage

Episode 114, I Love Idols: Mimete’s Dilemma, has Mimete and Minako facing off against each other in a contest to find the lead in an idol’s next movie. Jinta Araki is a heartthrob that both Minako and Mimete are infatuated with. Minako has long had a dream of being an idol, and this fits right in with that. As with many other times in the series, this creates a situation where one of our heroes befriends one of the enemies without realising what is really going on. The contest goes well for Minako, who is quite surprised by her success. She passes the swimsuit part of the contest, which will please a certain reader who is a big fan of episodes with swimsuits. She makes it to the final five before being cut, though she will do much better in a later episode. Mimete loses and, as always, freaks out and attacks the target who she was previously infatuated with. Mimete is like Kirk from the original Star Trek series who would frequently kiss a girl and then hit her all in the same episode.

Sailor Moon S episode 114 - Daimon sucks Jinta Araki's Pure Heart out through his mouth

Sailor Moon S episode 115 - Setsuna and Chibiusa

Episode 115, Shadow of Silence: The Pale Glimmer of a Firefly, is all about Hotaru. The title is a pun in Japanese, as the word “Hotaru” means firefly. The episode starts out with a nice conversation between Setsuna and Chibiusa. Even though they were BFFs in the future, they don’t get to interact much in the present time. There’s little question at this point as to whether or not Hotaru is the Messiah of Silence who her father, Professor Tomoe, is talking to. When she has pain during their conversation we immediately cut to Hotaru in pain on her bed. When Chibiusa visits Hotaru she is turned away, but Hotaru pursues and reveals the full extent of her health problems when she falls ill and needs to be hospitalised. In some flashback scenes we see a lot of what has been going on with this girl. She has some sort of dangerous ability which first manifested itself when she was a child and killed a fish. Later we see her in school when she unknowingly hurt a boy in her class. Her school uniform in this scene is from the Mugen Academy, which Haruka and Michiru also attend.

Sailor Moon S episode 115 - Hotaru in her school uniform

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Sailor Moon S episode 115 - Young Hotaru

Sailor Moon S episode 115 - Hotaru and Chibiusa

Meet Linda Ballantyne, Katie Griffin, Susan Roman and Toby Proctor at Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con June 19th to the 21st and OZ Comic-Con Melbourne June 27th and 28th

Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Cast Reunion Panel at Fan Expo 2013 featuring Susan Roman, Katie Griffin, Linda Ballantyne, Toby Proctor and John Stocker

The cast of the original English dub of Sailor Moon have a couple of convention appearances coming up this month! This includes Linda Ballantyne, the 3rd voice of Sailor Moon, Katie Griffin, the voice of Sailor Mars, Susan Roman, the voice of Sailor Jupiter, and Toby Proctor, the 2nd voice of Tuxedo Mask.

This coming weekend, June 19th to the 21st, Linda Ballantyne, Katie Griffin, Susan Roman and Toby Proctor will be at Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con at the South Point Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Their panel will be the Sailor Moon Spotlight on Saturday June 20th at 11am. Autographs will follow immediately afterwards. I’ve been to a couple of conferences at the South Point Casino in the past. It’s a nice location though it is far from the strip. Those who are considering traveling for this convention will probably want to set an evening aside to take a cab to the Las Vegas strip to see the city in all of its glory.

The following weekend, June 27th and 28th, Linda Ballantyne, Katie Griffin and Toby Proctor will be at OZ Comic-Con Melbourne. There are a number of OZ Comic-Cons all over Australia including Melbourne, Brisbane, Sidney, Perth and Adelaide. The Melbourne convention will take place at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Linda Ballantyne (Sailor Moon) Toby Proctor (Tuxedo Mask) Katie Griffin (Sailor Mars) Adam Gardner (Sailor Moon News web master) Susan Roman (Sailor Jupiter) and John Stocker (voice director)