Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24, Attack – Black Lady, review

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24 - Black lady kissing her father Endymion

The latest episode of Sailor Moon Crystal, Act 24, Attack – Black Lady, is now available to stream on Crunchyroll, Hulu and Niconico. This week we celebrate Father’s Day weekend as Black Lady continues to make out with her father Tuxedo Mask as she and Wise Man attack Sailor Moon, the Sailor Guardians and the Earth itself.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24 - Endymion and Black Lady

As with Act 23, we focus mainly on Black Lady in this episode. She is controlling Tuxedo Mask, who is now going by his evil name of Endymion, to make him her boyfriend. This seems a bit creepy but, as mentioned in last week’s review, this is Black Lady’s odd way to dealing with the feelings she had as a child now that she has unexpectedly and unnaturally aged and acquired a great amount of power.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24 - Endymion attacks Sailor Moon with her Cutie Moon Rod

Endymion is full on evil now, attacking Sailor Moon with her own attack item. At first this upsets her. Mamoru using the item that they made together against her. She then notices that Chibusa’s possessive behaviour is like how she was feeling earlier in the season, when Usagi was jealous of Chibiusa monopolizing Mamoru’s time. She doesn’t see Black Lady as an evil enemy but as a jealous young girl, and she tries to plead with her.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24 - Three Evil Black Crystals on Earth

This doesn’t work well. Black Lady brings a third Evil Black Crystal to Earth which promises to kill everybody. So who’s left on Earth anyway? Crystal Tokyo is pretty much destroyed but we don’t see much of the rest of the planet. Perhaps there are a bunch of people still living a nice life in Canada!

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24 - Prince Demande kills Wise Man

Prince Demande and Saphir are being controlled as well, however Prince Demande’s powers allow him to break out of the mind control. He is attacked by Saphir, who is under Wise Man’s power, and in defending himself he kills him. This does not explicitly happen in the manga. Prince Demande apologizes to his brother but only attacks Wise Man. We never actually see what happens to Saphir beyond this point in the manga, but in Sailor Moon Crystal there is little doubt he is dead. Prince Demande then kills Wise Man revealing an old already dead corpse, but it turn out this was not really Wise Man’s actual body!

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24 - Nemesis is tiny

Wise Man’s seemingly final form, as revealed at this point in time, is planet Nemesis! Well that’s kind of weird! The old corpse in a cloak was actually just a ruse, the real deal is this evil entity that is the planet Nemesis. Black Lady brings it through a portal down on top of Crystal Tokyo. This scene is reminiscent to the film Transformers: Dark of the Moon where Cybertron is brought to into Chicago through a large portal. My first thought then, as was my first thought when watching this episode, is what a terrible impact this would have on the Earth’s gravity. The Moon is far so it’s effects on us are relatively small, though the tides are not completely insignificant. Put a planet a few hundred feet from another planet’s surface and it will be a whole different story. This seems like a non issue however, as Nemesis is incredibly tiny. We can see most of it coming out of the portal with Crystal Tokyo under it and all considered it would not be bigger than most mountains. I certainly expected the planet to be much larger than this. The actual planet X which Nemesis was inspired by was originally believed to exist due to gravitational anomalies in our solar system which were later explained. A body this small would not have any such strong gravitational effects as it’s smaller than most asteroids and comets.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24 - Young Sailor Pluto

We get a bit of Sailor Pluto backstory, as we get a look at her when she was quite young. The original Queen Serenity, Princess Serenity’s Mother, speaks to her in the distant past. This would have to be taking place on the Moon in the years of Silver Millennium. She is given three rules to follow! First, don’t move time. Let’s assume this means time travel. She does this all the time, and is why we’re in this mess in the first place. Second, guard the door! She stops doing that in this episode. The third and most important is not mentioned, but we’ll learn all about it in the next episode as she breaks it.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24 - Diana gets a part time job

Diana, the adorable kitten, plays an important role in this episode. Sailor Pluto abandons her post, and who can blame her after spending thousands of years in the same clothes standing without a break watching a door, and puts Diana in charge! Could Diana possibly do a worse job than Sailor Pluto who has broken every rule imposed on her? Sailor Pluto’s job is to guard the Space-Time Door, and as far as we’ve seen in this story arc every person who she has encountered has eventually been allowed to travel through time. Why did the Black Moon Clan even need their own method of time travel? They should just have befriended the lonely Sailor Guardian and gotten their own Key of Space-Time to do whatever they want! Diana could literally do nothing and still do the exact same job that Sailor Pluto has this season! One also has to wonder how things go following this episode. We never get an update on Diana’s temporary door guarding duties but we do know that she is never relieved and yet she will later show up in the past. Is there a new guard that we’re not aware of or is Sailor Pluto replaced with a scarecrow or something?

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 25 - Chibiusa in a tear drop

Up next is Act 25, Showdown – Death Phantom. Things are really starting to wind up as Sailor Pluto breaks her final rule and pays the ultimate price to protect the Earth and her friends. Chibiusa will struggle to free herself from Black Lady, who is really her. Will all that work out?

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 25 - Showdown - Death Phantom

Act 25 will be the second last episode of the series, with Act 26 being the final episode currently planned. There has still been no confirmation of any additional episodes beyond Act 26 for Sailor Moon Crystal. At this point it seems possible that the series will end with the final episode of the Black Moon story arc.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 25 - Sailor Pluto hugging Chibiusa

Keep reading for more screenshots from this episode and the next episode preview for Act 25.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 25 - Black Lady and King Endymion

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24 - Black Lady and Luna-P

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24 - Saphir and his demon hands

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24 - The Sailor Guardians pinned down

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24 - Black Lady and Endymion watching over Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24 - Black lady kissing her father Endymion

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24 - Black Lady places another Evil Black Crystal on Earth

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24 - Black Lady and Wise Man

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24 - Wise Man, Black Lady and Endymion

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24 - Prince Demande kills his brother Saphir

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24 - Queen Serenity and Young Sailor Pluto

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24 - Young Sailor Pluto

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24 - Wise Man is Nemesis

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24 - Wise Man's corpse puppet

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24 - Diana

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24 - Sailor Pluto and Diana

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24 - Endymion takes Sailor Moon's Crystal Star Broach

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24 - Black Lady has both Silver Crystals

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24 - Prince Demande attempts to put both Silver Crystals together

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 25 - Chibiusa and Luna-P

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 25 - Sailor Pluto dying

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 25 - Chibiusa

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 25 - Sailor Pluto and Chibiusa

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 25 - Chibiusa in Black Lady's forehead

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19 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24, Attack – Black Lady, review

  1. What is it with this episode and Black Lady’s huge hands? Her hands are out of proportion to the rest of her, and now my head-canon is that Chibi-Usa couldn’t awaken until she accepted her true role – as a fabulous drag queen!

    • I agree. This is really late to still not hear. I hope there is a continuation, even if there is a brief interlude without episodes before that happens. I’d really like to see the next story arc done in Sailor Moon Crystal.

      • everyone should realize that continuing story arcs are much much more difficult to be animated than first two arcs…

          • yes… there are a lot of really challenging moments which were ok to draw but possible animation will need a serious budget

          • In my opinion the next arc would be more difficult due to the helicopters and cars that are so prominent, though for the helicopters I guess they could use CGI (but I probably feel that way because I can’t draw vehicles well.)

            I can’t imagine the Dream Arc being that much more difficult than the first two and Stars is going to be pretty much all weird floating space,though Eternal Sailor Moon might be challenging.

            I would love to see the show get a bigger budget and then we won’t have to even worry about things being more difficult or not.
            It’s sad that the 90’s anime had little to no trouble dealing with these issues and came out amazing, but here in the 21st century some anime series are struggling just to make back grounds, in spite of technology.

            Sailor Moon Crystal has a chance to redeem itself with a new arc, and if that means taking a hiatus, I’ll take that over nothing at all.

  2. the only possible announcement of more episodes is as I already wrote there the information from Portugal TV which is broadcasting SMC that they are planning to air 26 episodes of SMC this year and ANOTHER

  3. Overall I thought this was a pretty decent episode. I mean, I wondered how Diana got to the Space-Time Door so quickly and how Pluto got to the battle scene so fast afterwards, but other than that I liked this episode. As for the size of Nemesis, in the translation they say that Nemesis and the portal it’s coming through are warping the space around it. Maybe that explains why it’s so much smaller than a planet should be, because of the warped space.

    • Spoiler below (though you probably already know)

      This isn’t the real Planet Nemesis in the manga, but only an illusion summoned by Black Lady.

  4. Some of the last episodes had disappointed me a little, but this one is pretty good.

    Though Black Lady making out with her father is just unhealthy but at least, let’s pass it…

    Also, I have a thought for this poor Saphir… It seems it’s very quick to kill the Black Moon clan members…

    And definitively, Sailor Pluto is the most heartbreaking and the most awesome Senshi !!!

    I can’t believe that there are only 2 episodes left before the end (the very very end ?)… I can’t believe that almost one year has gone through since the very beginning of the show.

  5. Happy Father’s Day indeed.
    I agree that Chibiusa doesn’t truly see Mamochan and Usagi as her parents in present Earth. Two reasons being their different teenage looks and relatively childish behaviours, particularly Usagi, who’s almost nothing like Neo Queen Serenity.
    This could also be a form of revenge to her mother since we never saw the queen spending time with Small Lady as apposed to the king.
    As for Sailor Pluto, even though she obviously already broke one taboo already, at this point we’re probably supposed to believe that she never broken any. Leaving the door is clearly a huge life changing resolution that will make her less concerned about breaking the other taboos, which may be why she fearlessly travels back to the present later on.
    Overall, nice episode, and I kinda like Black Lady’s bluish eyeliner. Hope to see news of the last 26 acts cuz the final two arcs >>>>>> the first two arcs.

  6. Ok hear me or read me out? On this one.
    Let’s say chibi-usa doesn’t really want to make out with her dad. Lets say it all Wiseman manipulating Chibi-usa, sort of like his puppet to get to SM? Because he knows that SM will do anything for Mamochan. So he is brain controlling CU (Chibi-usa) to kiss him or make up with him.

    And also what up with the senshis just standing there? When SM was using her crystal power they at least could of send her some sort of energy to strength her. Overall good act.

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