Esmeraude, Demande, Saphir and Rubeus Petit Chara figures are coming soon!

Petit Chara Esmeraude, Demande, Saphir and Rubeus

We’ve already gotten Petit Chara figures for the Ayakashi Sisters and now we’re getting some for the rest of the Black Moon Clan. This photo, posted to the official Sailor Moon site, clearly shows silhouettes for Esmeraude, Prince Demande, Saphir and Rubeus. The image also includes the inverse crescent moon characteristic of the Black Moon Clan.

Sailor Moon Crystal - Black Moon Clan character art - Diamond, Saphire, Rubeus and Esmeraude

There isn’t much in the way of detail posted but it is mentioned that this set follows the Ayakashi Sisters leaving little doubt as to what these are. These puzzles are about as difficult to solve as your average “Who’s that Pok√©mon?” bumper.

Support the site by buying some of the previously released Petit Chara figures using the links below.

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One thought on “Esmeraude, Demande, Saphir and Rubeus Petit Chara figures are coming soon!

  1. Ohhhh nnnoooooo, how dare they ?

    I have pre-ordered the Ayakashi Sisters Petit Chara figures from a seller based in Hong-Kong via eBay (it seems they are not available on Amazon) and they shall be released in late June. After this purchase, I had promised myself that I would stop buying Sailor Moon figurines (because it’s a lot of money to spend and it becomes hard to find some place in my flat).

    And finally, they will be soon releasing the 4 other members of the Black Moon clan. And since I love those guys, I will also have to get their Petit Chara versions.

    When will it ever end T_T ? Yes, I admit, I am a victim of consumerism, consumed by her passion for the figurines…

    One question remains however : why do the Shitennou and Queen Beryl remain nonexistent as Petit Chara models ? Megahouse has released or is gonna release a lot of SM “secondary” characters (the Black Moon clan, the Sailor Stars, the Outer Senshi), but we have no trace to this day of the Dark Kingdom… I would be ready to contact Megahouse in order to clarify this rather tragic matter but I have found no way to do it via its website (yes, I am an uncurable fangirl, what do you want ^^ ).

    But thanks for the news Adam, this makes my day ^^ .

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