No, Kotono Mitsuishi, the voice of Sailor Moon, is not the voice of Wonder Woman in the Japanese dub of the film

Kotono Mitsuishi is not the Japanese voice of Wonder Woman

This past weekend Wonder Woman was released in North America and in many cities worldwide. This film has been a tremendous success. Over the past few days I’ve seen the follow bit of trivia more than once on Social Media:

For the Japanese dub of the film, Wonder Woman is voiced by Kotono Mitsuishi, best known as the voice of Sailor Moon. Like Wonder Woman, Sailor Moon is a princess heroine of divine heritage and based on Greco-Roman mythology.

The source of this information is the IMDB trivia page for the Wonder Woman film. I’m pretty sure this isn’t true! Kotono Mitsuishi did the voice over narration for the Japanese Wonder Woman trailer, which many news sources including this site reported on back in March. It seems likely that this information was mistakenly used as evidence that Kotono Mitsuishi, the voice of Usagi in Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Crystal, would actually voice Wonder Woman in the Japanese language dubbed version of the film. The narration in the trailer is not the actual voice of Wonder Woman who’s English voice can be heard in the trailer. I can find no indication by doing searches of various sites in English and Japanese that Kotono Mitsuishi will be the voice of Wonder Woman.

It seems quite unlikely that Kotono Mitsuishi would voice this role as she was not the one to do the Japanese dubbed voice for Wonder Woman in Batman V Superman. We can see from the Japanese Wikipedia page for Batman V Superman that this was actually done by voice actress Yūko Kaida who may be known to readers for some of her anime roles. It seems likely that she will be the one to voice the character for the Wonder Woman film. Actors will often dub the voices of the same actors in multiple films especially when there are part of a series where the actors appears in more than one film.

Wonder Woman in Batman V Superman

While it is certainly possible that independent of her doing the narration for the trailer Kotono Mitsuishi will also be included with the Japanese dubbed version of the film which isn’t set to be released until the 25th of August we don’t actually have any good evidence beyond this bit of IMDB trivia which indicates that this might be the case. Keep reading for more exploration of the specific research which led me to this conclusion.

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Did Doctor Who’s season 10 premiere draw inspiration from Sailor Moon?

Mamoru from Sailor Moon and Heather from Doctor Who obsessed with mirrors with a star in one eye

A number of similarities occur between a recent episode of Doctor Who and a story arc in Sailor Moon Sailor Stars! More specifically both stories revolve around obsessions with gazing at mirrors which actually house some sort of monster by people with a yellow reflecting star in one eye. The episode of Doctor Who in question is the season premiere of season 10, The Pilot, which aired this past weekend. In this episode a character, Heather, has a defect in her eye which causes it to have a yellow shine in it. The Doctor’s new companion Bill refers to it as a star and the episode’s original title was “A Star In Her Eye”. In the episode Heather is obsessed with staring at her reflection in a puddle as she gazes at it and invites Bill to do so too. Ultimately the reflection is actually an alien which sucks her into the mirror and then attacks others through reflections. Sound familiar?

Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 01 - Heather looking at her reflection

I was struck by a surprising similarity to a few episodes of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars. In the first 6 episodes of this season, with the similarities more specifically being during episodes 167 through 169, there was a brief story arc where Mamoru got a shooting star in his eye which was actually a piece of mirror from space. This caused him, and a number of other people, to become obsessed with mirrors gazing at them day and night. The bit of star in their eye caused a yellow shimmer which looks just like that seen in Heather’s eye in Doctor Who. Ultimately Nehelenia was in the mirror, as the shooting star was actually a bit of the Mirror of Dreams which had been confining her and the reflection pulls Mamoru in just like we’d seen in Doctor Who.

Sailor Moon SailorStars episode 168 - Mamoru and Nehelenia

Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 01 - Heather's alien hijacked reflection

Coincidence? I like to joke about these similarities being intended but I’m not convinced anything more than coincidence is really necessary at this point given the countless hours of TV produced every week. It is possible that Steven Moffat, who wrote the episode, had seen the episodes of Sailor Moon in which this took place and used it more for a visual inspiration. The specific story details beyond the superficial don’t really add up.

Sailor Moon SailorStars episode 169 - Usagi's classmate gazing at a mirror

Looking for more of a Doctor Who/Sailor Moon link? Sailor Iron Mouse, also appearing in Sailor Stars, travels around in a phone booth. Doctor Who travels around in a TARDIS which is disguised as a Police Box which is a specialized kind of phone booth/panic room that a person can use to call the police. This is similar to Bill and Ted’s phone booth which was itself likely inspired by Doctor Who. Whether Sailor Iron Mouse’s phone booth was directly inspired by the TARDIS or through the intermediate of Bill and Ted’s phone booth isn’t something I can definitively determine. Regardless it’s nice to see Doctor Who finally has a Bill in their phone booth. Let’s get a Ted in there too!

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 175 - Sailor Iron Mouse and her phone booth

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Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie has the same plot as The Matrix

Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie and The Matrix - Dream coffins are basically The Matrix

A few weeks ago I was rewatching the 1999 hit film “The Matrix” and I came to a realization that I somehow hadn’t before. The Matrix and the 1995 animated film Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie have basically the same story. Both movies’ villains have a massive farm of humans stuck in a simulated reality for the purpose of enslaving them and draining their energy for their own purpose.

The Matrix - Pods of humans

In The Matrix a bunch of robots which have captured all of the people of Earth to have them living in pods which plug them into a complex computer simulation, called the Matrix, which exists just to keep people occupied while they are used as a power source to keep the machines running. I’m still not sure why they didn’t populate it with cows.

Sailor Moon SuperS: The Movie - Children in Dream Coffins

In Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie the villain Badiane kidnaps the world’s children by the boatload and puts them into these pod like Dream Coffins where they sleep forever in a simulated reality, their dreams. Marzipan Castle appears to be a futuristic spaceship with metallic walls which look like large computer circuit boards. Badiane uses the children as a power source for her Black Dream Hole by extracting their Sugar Energy, which grows inside of children’s dreams, from them. Her plan is to envelop the Earth into her Black Dream Hole, placing all of the humans into Dream Coffins. In the case of this movie it seems likely that cow and calf dreams do not generate Sugar Energy.

Sailor Moon SuperS: The Movie - Marzipan Castle

Elements of choice and happiness come into both films. In The Matrix we learn from Agent Smith that an original incarnation of The Matrix simulation was a paradise but that this didn’t work. Humans rejected this reality and kept trying to wake up from it.

Sailor Moon SuperS: The Movie - Usagi choses reality

In Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie, when Sailor Moon enters the Black Dream Hole she goes into a seemingly perfect dream world where she can be alone with Mamoru. When things appear too good to be true she asks him if she is more important to him than Chibiusa. When he chooses her she knows that it’s an illusion and, like Neo being freed from the Matrix, breaks out of her Dream Coffin. Sailor Moon does the equivalent of choosing the Red Pill, a symbol of the truth, to escape her simulated reality, rather than remaining blissfully ignorant like Cypher eating his delicious simulated steak. For her like those early crops of humans a paradise may seem like what she wants but she just doesn’t believe it.

Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie and The Matrix - Usagi and Neo escape The Matrix

The similarities seems obvious with a little thought, but is it just a coincidence or is there some inspiration at play? The Matrix, released in 1999, was a tremendous influence on decades of movies which followed it to the point where what was groundbreaking at the time seems standard upon repeated viewings since this is what so many films look like these days. But Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie was released in 1995, a whole 4 years before the Matrix. The Wachowskis are huge anime fans with Ghost in the Shell, released in 1996, being their most obvious influence. There was certainly enough time for them to have seen and drawn inspiration from the film. Though the English dubbed version of the film wasn’t out until years later many anime fans had seen the film not long after its Japanese release.

Sailor Moon SuperS: The Movie - The Sailor Guardians in a simulated reality

While I’m sure one could splice together clips of the film and present a compelling conspiracy theory for why The Wachowskis absolutely ripped off this movie, I don’t think this one is guaranteed. It’s possible and the timeline would work out, but given we don’t have any specific indication that either Lana or Lilly Wachowski were Sailor Moon fans I’m willing to accept that this may be a coincidence. Stories of simulated realities had existed before in science fiction stories and I don’t pretend that everything that was similar to something which came before it was necessarily an homage or rip off.

Sailor Moon SuperS: The Movie - Badiane

The Matrix and Sailor Moon SuperS The Nine Sailor Soldiers Gather! The Miracle of The Black Dream Hole are both great films with a great science concept at their core. Do you think the similarities are more than chance?

Sailor Moon SuperS: The Movie - Agents

Agents Banane, Poupelin and Orangeat?

The cast of Sailor Moon star in yet another Ford Fusion commercial from their Overdubs series

Sailor Moon in front of a Ford Fusion

Ford has release the latest in their Overdubs series of commercials and this one features the entire cast of Sailor Moon. We previously reported on the first commercial, starring Stephanie Sheh and Michelle Ruff as Sailor Moon and Luna. This one has Stephanie Sheh as Sailor Moon, Kate Higgins as Sailor Mercury, Cristina Vee as Sailor Mars, Amanda C. Miller as Sailor Jupiter and Cherami Leigh as Sailor Venus. Watch the clip below.

The original episode this footage comes from is Sailor Moon R episode 72, Rubeus the Heartless: The Tragic Sisters. We can tell this by the fact that they are fighting on a bridge against Petz and Calaveras. Following this altercation they are healed with Sailor Moon’s Silver Crystal. It makes me wonder how they got that Ford Fusion up to the upper part of that bridge…

Sailor Moon Ford Fusion commercial, Petz and Calaveras

Jeremy Lin faces off against Sailor Moon in Space Jam 3: Anime Edition!

Space Jam 3: Anime Edition! - Sailor Moon

The sequel to the sequel to Space Jam is out and it features Sailor Moon! This fan film by Ryan Higa stars Jeremy Lin of the NBA basketball team the Brooklyn Nets. Amongst the anime stars are Goku, Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh and of course Sailor Moon. As with the original Space Jam the story has animated characters, this time from anime, recruiting a professional basketball player to help them. Sailor Moon plays on the AnimeNiacs team, which is the latest incarnation of the Tune Squad. Watch the full video on YouTube embedded below.

What do you think of the film?

Space Jam 3: Anime Edition! - Sailor Moon

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A Pokémon/Sailor Moon Crossover? Is the Golden Crystal or Mamoru’s Star Seed in the Pokémon Moon logo?

Pokémon Sailor Moon Crossover?

Could it be that the upcoming Pokémon games Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon include a Sailor Moon Crossover? Zack Compton, who created this image and left it on our Facebook page, seems to think so. The Japanese Pocket Monsters Moon logo includes a small gold coloured gem which looks suspiciously like a True Star Seed. The picture above shows Galaxia with (spoiler!) Tuxedo Mask’s Star Seed which happens to closely resemble the Golden Crystal from Sailor Moon SuperS and the Dream arc of the manga. Though the similarity is a bit of a stretch the game also has Moon in the title so why not? Check out the games official Japanese logo below. The “Confirmed” comment is a reference to a trend in the Pokémon fandom to confirm remakes throughout the years.

Japanese Pokémon Moon logo

Here is Sailor Chibi Moon with the Golden Crystal, quite similar to the gem from the image and of course nearly identical to Tuxedo Mask’s Star Seed. There are minor differences with Star Seeds being partially transparent with a shiny star inside and the Golden Crystal being a fairly uniform colour.

Sailor Moon SuperS episode 165 - Sailor Chibi Moon and The Golden Crystal

The Pokémon/Sailor Moon crossovers don’t end there! As I’ve previously mentioned Makoto’s father, as seen in Act 17, looks just like Brock from Pokémon! This may largely be due to the fact that he’s closing his eyes in the photo. Who does that? Maybe Makoto’s father is French Stewart.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 17 - Makoto's father was Brock from Pokémon

Brock from Pokémon

Source: Zack Compton on our Facebook Page

Sailor Moon referenced in a recent episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Sailor Moon, Rei Ayanami, Utena, Bulma and Ranma

A recent episode of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic features a Sailor Moon reference. This is in the episode Scare Master, the 21st episode of season 5, which originally aired on Halloween. In this particular scene Fluttershy is trying to scare her friends, as part of Nightmare Night, failing entirely. One of her attempts shows them five paper cutouts. She explains that they are “Unplanned guests. Your worst nightmare. You don’t have enough fruit for them.” These five cutouts are of popular 90s anime characters, reimagined as ponies. From left to right they are Sailor Moon from Sailor Moon, Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion, Utena from Revolutionary Girl Utena, Bulma from Dragon Ball and Ranma from Ranma 1/2. Whoever put together this visual gag must have been into anime around the same time I was in the 1990s!

My Little Pony Sailor Moon Reference - Big McIntosh transforms into Princess Big Mac

This is not the first reference this season. Earlier this year in episode 13, Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?, Big McIntosh does a Sailor Moon like transformation. This scene happens in a dream world where anyone can do what they want and apparently Big McIntosh dreams of transforming into a Pretty Guardian. This could be a reference to any sort of Magical Girl anime, but Sailor Moon in the most popular which would make most assume this was the reference. Watch a YouTube clip of the transformation below.

My Little Pony Sailor Moon Reference - Big McIntosh transforms into Princess Big Mac

There are many Sailor Moon references in the My Little Pony show and comic due to much of the creative staff being a fan and the fact that the show is constantly referencing dozens of things an episode. We previously showed the similarity between My Little Pony’s Crystal Empire and Sailor Moon’s Crystal Tokyo as well as Sailor Moon references in the My Little Pony comic. I found that many scenes from the first episodes also resembled Sailor Moon in less overt ways.

My Little Pony Sailor Moon Reference - Big McIntosh transforms into Princess Big Mac

Thanks to LioConvoy for letting me know about the most recent reference. I found the Big McIntosh clip on Moon Chase! while investigating.

Christian Louboutin’s new lipstick looks like Sailor Moon’s Diguise Pen

Christian Louboutin's lipstick looks like Sailor Moon's Disguise Pen

If you’ve been living under a rock you may not have heard that Christian Louboutin, the man who brought us extra expensive red bottom shoes, will be releasing a line of extra expensive lipstick! Why does this mean anything to Sailor Moon fans? Well check out this lipstick and tell me it doesn’t look like Sailor Moon’s Disguise Pen, referred to as the Luna Pen in the English dub. Sailor Moon receives this pen from Luna and uses it frequently to transform her appearance, which often includes putting on lipstick. Christian Louboutin’s lipstick has a similar shape to the Disguise Pen including an ornate cap which resembles the red gem on the top of Sailor Moon’s Disguise Pen and a little gold trim which is nearly identical. What do you think?

Christian Louboutin's lipstick looks like Sailor Moon's Disguise Pen

At 90$ this new ultra expensive lipstick will cost you less than a Sailor Moon Pullip doll. It comes in 20 different shades of red.

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Was Gundam Wing’s Heero Yuy in the latest episode of Sailor Moon Crystal?

Gundam Wing's Heero Yuy at T. A. Academy in Sailor Moon Crystal

In the latest episode of Sailor Moon Crystal, Act 15, Infiltration – Sailor Mars, a familiar looking character appeared to fans of 90s anime. As a scene shows the halls of T. A. Academy, the private all girls’ school which Rei attends, a young man with black hair, a green tank top and black pants is seen. To me he bears a striking resemblance to Heero Yuy, the main character from the 1995 giant fighting robot series Gundam Wing. Does this reference seem intentional or do you think this is just a coincidence?

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 15 - Gundam Wing's Heero Yuy at Rei's school

Looking at the rest of this scene above there are a number of characters who are wearing very specific uniforms, not those from the T. A. Academy which are mostly seen throughout the episode. I am not an expert on all things anime but the only other one which looks a bit familiar to me is the girl in pink who looks like Miki Koishikawa from from the excellent 90s anime series Marlade Boy. This matches one of her tennis outfits which is seen frequently throughout the series. The guy with her bears only a passing resemblance to Yuu Matsura from the same series, so I expect he or perhaps both of them may be from another series.

Miki Koishikawa - Marmalade Boy

Obviously I’m at a loss for anything that’s not 90s anime related. Do you recognize any others? Let us know in the comments and I’ll put anything that looks feasible in the full writeup for the episode that will be coming soon.

Heero Yuy from Gundam Wing

Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! is a Sailor Moon inspired Magical Girl anime with boys

Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! - Group shot

A new anime series started in Japan this week and it has more than a passing similarity to Sailor Moon. Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! (Binan Koukou Chikyuboeibu LOVE!), often referred to simply as Boeibu or Earth Defense Club, is a lot like other magical girl anime series only its main cast are all boys. This is quite a departure from the standard tropes of magical girl anime as they, as the name suggests, are usually about girls! If you’re curious about the series you can watch it for free on Cruncyroll. The first episode is up now for premium users. Free users can watch episodes a week after release. Episode 1 will therefore me up on Tuesday January 13th.

Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! - Transformation sequence

The characters in the show are not cross dressing or transforming into women. They are young men, students in high school, and they transform using magical bracelets which cause them to dress in pretty clothes that, although feminine, are still boys’ clothes. In this state they get a number of magic items and perform magical attacks.

Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! - Attack item

Though not the first to be referred to as a magical girl series, Sailor Moon was instrumental in popularizing the genre, pioneering the concept of a team magical girls. Most magical girl series to follow it derive some inspiration from it. It’s interesting that an all boy series would inspire itself from Sailor Moon and similar shows when Sailor Moon itself was attempting to be an all girl version of a super sentai series, shows like Power Rangers, which is a type of show mostly marketed towards boys and who’s ranks were primarily filled with men.

Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! transformation bracelets and Sailor Moon's Crisis Moon Compact

The similarities are obvious upon the most basic investigation. Just looking at their transformation bracelets they look quite similar to Sailor Moon’s Crisis Moon Broach from the Sailor Moon SuperS episodes of the anime and corresponding Dream arc of the manga. The various transformation sequences, poses, attack items and the attacks used have a lot of similarity as well. The monsters for example will be healed after combat, restoring them to their original human form, in an attack quite similar to Moon Healing Escalation. A comparison clip was made by a fan comparing the transformation sequences to those from Sailor Moon SuperS, embedded below, and those similarities can’t be denied.

The show even has a talking animal who guides the boys on their quest, similar to Luna in Sailor Moon, this pink talking Wombat controls one of the teachers as a sort of puppet to remain free of suspicion. If this sounds ridiculous it’s because it is, and the show it quite funny. With new episodes released every Tuesday this new series is definitely one that Sailor Moon fans will want to pay attention to. With Crunchyroll releasing episodes for premium users as they are released in Japan and a week later for free, it’s quite easy to keep up with this show.

Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! - Wombat

Keep reading for more screenshots from this episode.

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