Did Doctor Who’s season 10 premiere draw inspiration from Sailor Moon?

Mamoru from Sailor Moon and Heather from Doctor Who obsessed with mirrors with a star in one eye

A number of similarities occur between a recent episode of Doctor Who and a story arc in Sailor Moon Sailor Stars! More specifically both stories revolve around obsessions with gazing at mirrors which actually house some sort of monster by people with a yellow reflecting star in one eye. The episode of Doctor Who in question is the season premiere of season 10, The Pilot, which aired this past weekend. In this episode a character, Heather, has a defect in her eye which causes it to have a yellow shine in it. The Doctor’s new companion Bill refers to it as a star and the episode’s original title was “A Star In Her Eye”. In the episode Heather is obsessed with staring at her reflection in a puddle as she gazes at it and invites Bill to do so too. Ultimately the reflection is actually an alien which sucks her into the mirror and then attacks others through reflections. Sound familiar?

Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 01 - Heather looking at her reflection

I was struck by a surprising similarity to a few episodes of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars. In the first 6 episodes of this season, with the similarities more specifically being during episodes 167 through 169, there was a brief story arc where Mamoru got a shooting star in his eye which was actually a piece of mirror from space. This caused him, and a number of other people, to become obsessed with mirrors gazing at them day and night. The bit of star in their eye caused a yellow shimmer which looks just like that seen in Heather’s eye in Doctor Who. Ultimately Nehelenia was in the mirror, as the shooting star was actually a bit of the Mirror of Dreams which had been confining her and the reflection pulls Mamoru in just like we’d seen in Doctor Who.

Sailor Moon SailorStars episode 168 - Mamoru and Nehelenia

Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 01 - Heather's alien hijacked reflection

Coincidence? I like to joke about these similarities being intended but I’m not convinced anything more than coincidence is really necessary at this point given the countless hours of TV produced every week. It is possible that Steven Moffat, who wrote the episode, had seen the episodes of Sailor Moon in which this took place and used it more for a visual inspiration. The specific story details beyond the superficial don’t really add up.

Sailor Moon SailorStars episode 169 - Usagi's classmate gazing at a mirror

Looking for more of a Doctor Who/Sailor Moon link? Sailor Iron Mouse, also appearing in Sailor Stars, travels around in a phone booth. Doctor Who travels around in a TARDIS which is disguised as a Police Box which is a specialized kind of phone booth/panic room that a person can use to call the police. This is similar to Bill and Ted’s phone booth which was itself likely inspired by Doctor Who. Whether Sailor Iron Mouse’s phone booth was directly inspired by the TARDIS or through the intermediate of Bill and Ted’s phone booth isn’t something I can definitively determine. Regardless it’s nice to see Doctor Who finally has a Bill in their phone booth. Let’s get a Ted in there too!

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 175 - Sailor Iron Mouse and her phone booth

Sailor Moon SailorStars episode 169 - Mamoru gazes at a mirror

Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 01 - Heather

Sailor Moon SailorStars episode 169 - A girl looking at her compact



Sailor Moon SailorStars episode 167 - Mamoru getting a star in his eye

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16 thoughts on “Did Doctor Who’s season 10 premiere draw inspiration from Sailor Moon?

  1. If you watched the first episode of Class (the spin off from Doctor Who), which was on right after the premiere of Doctor Who, one of the characters has three posters of Sailor Moon in her bedroom! Maybe the creators are big fans of Sailor Moon! It would explain why I love it so much!!!

    • We both do. But you can ask here as much as you want, the people here don’t know any more than we do… if there was some way to ask Toei…

      By the way, there is totally a similarity between this arc and this Doctor Who episode, though I doubt it’s made in purpose… I mean, we both heard some stories at some point with people getting inside mirrors, right?

  2. Adam,can u make blogs for Sailor Saturn Figuarts Zero Crystal version and Super Sailor Mars S.H Figuarts cuz they were announced in the Sailor Moon Official Site.Ill send the links if anybody wants to check them out

    Sailor Saturn Figuarts Zero:

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    Honestly, they both look pretty dope.

  3. Ammm, i wrote a comment the other day and it said “awaiting moderation” or smth like that and now is completely deleted
    What should i do??

    • Hi Denis. Should be there. I just hadn’t approved any comments in a couple of days. This is a manual process that I need to log in to the site to do. Usually it doesn’t flag posts from people who’s commented before so not sure why yours got flagged but hopefully you’ll have less issues.

  4. I think that Sailor Moon and Doctor who were using the same source material. In the fairy tale written by Hans Christen Anderson, the Snow Queen. There’s a mirror that distorts reality and when it shatters, pieces get into people’s eyes and all they see in the ugliness in the world.

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