New 2013 Sailor Moon anime will be in Japanese with many language subtitles… maybe

Japanese voice with many languages captions,perhaps - Tweet by @osabu8

The lack of any significant news about the new Sailor Moon anime set to start airing this summer has been pretty frustrating. Naoko Takeuchi’s editor Fumio Osano (@osabu8) has been very active on twitter and answers many questions either by saying he doesn’t know the answer yet or he’s not allowed to give one. While details aren’t really there it seems obvious from all that he says that the new anime is still in the works, though it seems like many of the specifics aren’t quite figured out.

Recently a user SnowWolf2012 asked him if the simultaneous worldwide release mentioned at the 20th anniversary event was going to be in Japanese or in many languages. The answer was simply:

Japanese voice with many languages captions,perhaps

Not very definitive, but it seems that we might be seeing a Japanese release with subtitles in other languages, presumably including English, for the original release. A dub could certainly follow at a later time.

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Volume 9 of the Sailor Moon manga is out now

English Sailor Moon manga vol. 9 - Sailor Pluto

The 9th volume of the new English release of the Sailor Moon manga was released today. This version features Sailor Pluto on the cover. You can purchase the book through the amazon link below to support this site.

This book covers acts 2 to 6 of the “Dream” arc, which is the equivalent to the Sailor Moon SuperS season of the anime. This focuses on the story of Pegasus/Helios. In the final chapter of this book we see the return of Sailors Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Saturn. Be sure to check it out!

G-Anime 2013: Interview with Terri Hawkes, the voice of Sailor Moon

Interview with Terri Hawkes, the voice of Sailor Moon, at G-Anime 2013

This past weekend I caught up with Terri Hawkes at G-Anime 2013 in Gatineau Quebec for this interview. Terri Hawkes provided the voice of Sailor Moon for most of the first two seasons of the show.

Thanks a lot to Terri Hawkes and the organizers of G-Anime for making this interview the best it could be.

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Catch Terri Hawkes at G-Anime in Gatineau this weekend

Terry Hawkes to appear at G-Anime

It’s been a while since we first mentioned this convention back in September but the time is finally here. This weekend, Friday January 25th to Sunday January 27th, is G-Anime in Gatineau at the Palais des Congrès de Gatineau, a few mintues from downtown Ottawa. The main guest that followers of this site will likely be interested in is the English voice of Sailor Moon, Terri Hawkes.

Terri Hawkes will have two panels at the convention. The first will be on Saturday at 11am where Terri Hawkes will talk about her role in Sailor Moon. An autograph session will follow at noon. On Sunday at noon Terri Hawkes will be doing a panel on acting, writing and directing as a professional. An autograph session will follow at 1pm. Though the convention is bilingual both of these panels will be presented in English.

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Japanese reprinted manga is released without fanfare

Sailor Moon manga volume 1 - Japanese reprint

There have been a lot of rumblings about a reprint of the Sailor Moon manga that never came. Word from Naoko Takeuchi herself said it was coming by Thanksgiving. That came and went. Fumio Osano mentioned that it would be coming around the New Year and gave some details but no Amazon Japan listings ever accompanied that.

And then the books started showing up in stores. There’s really not much going on with these reprinted versions. As Fumio Osano had mentioned earlier it’s really just a touched up version of the original manga with improvements mostly relating to slight colour enhancements and digitized images. As I do not live in Japan I have not gotten my hands on these books myself but a few images of them have turned up online. The first image, as shown at the top of this article, was posted to instagram by user gracekansai shows the first volume with a new obi mentioning the 20th anniversary.

Sailor Moon manga reprint vol. 12

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Famicom Dojo on the Go: Sailor Moon S

Famicom Dojo on the Go - Sailor Moon S

Here’s a video of a young Japanese girl beating up a grown man in the Sailor Moon S fighter!

This impromptu play session is taking place at the Famicom Dojo store in Japan. If you would also like to master the Sailor Moon S fighting game just remember to keep light kicking! Using this strategy even a girl who was born over a decade after Sailor Moon was off the air can beat a grown man who runs a gaming store! The Sailor Moon S: Jougai Rantou!? Shuyaku Soudatsusen game is a Super Famicom vs. fighter similar to games like Street Fighter II.

This video was produced by our sister site “Famicom Dojo” and stars the daughter of Famicom Dojo’s Vinnk. Famicom Dojo produces a series of videos looking at the history of classic gaming as well as a great podcast.

You can also buy the first season of the Famicom Dojo series on DVD.

“L’amour & la beauté” Sailor Venus shirt available all day Thursday at Ript Apparel

L'amour et la beauté - Sailor Venus short at Ript Apparel

This great looking Sailor Venus art nouveau shirt will be available beginning at midnight on January 17th. The shirt will be $10 at Ript Apparel for one day only.

This shirt is designed by Eriphyle who previously designed many shirts including similar styled art nouveau Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars shirts. I have both those shirts and am quite happy with how they turned out. Check out Eriphyle’s web site and facebook page for more of her other art and to keep up to date with new stuff.

This shirt features not only Sailor Venus but also Sailor V as well as Artemis. The caption “L’amour et la beauté” is French for “Love and Beauty”. If you missed the 24 hour window you can order this shirt and others like it from this Redbubble store.

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