Kotono Mitsuishi, the voice of Sailor Moon, narrates the Japanese Wonder Woman trailer

Japanese Wonder Woman poster

Do you like female super heroes? The Japanese Wonder Woman trailer is out and it is narrated by none other than Kotono Mitsuishi, the Japanese voice of Sailor Moon in the original Sailor Moon anime and Sailor Moon Crystal! Watch the trailer below!

For years I’ve tried to argue that Sailor Moon is the most iconic female comic super hero! This was certainly true in the 90s when Sailor Moon was a worldwide phenomenon. Wonder Woman is the other obvious answer people give when asked who the most popular female comic book character is. I have no interest in detracting from her importance as a character but having been featured in one TV series 40 years ago and only in 2017 having her first theatrical film she has some catching up to do! Still when most people in the English speaking world hear “comic book super hero” they think of Superman, Batman, capes and tights, which brings Wonder Woman to mind.

Kotono Mitsuishi, the voice of Sailor Moon

The Wonder Woman film will be released on June 2nd in North America and August 25th in Japan. It stars Gal Gadot who will be reprising her role from the Batman v Superman movie from last year. I think she did a great job in the last film and am looking forward to seeing this film. It’s always great to see a film like this promoting women as being strong, independent and kicking ass.

Sailor Moon/Wonder Woman crossover by Andriu

If you’re a fan of Sailor Moon and Wonder Woman crossovers check out TeePublic to get a cool looking shirt for $14. It will also be on sale at Ript Apparel on Sunday March 26th for just $13. Don’t miss it!

Japanese Wonder Woman book

“Select Sailor Scout” and “Lunar Express” Sailor Moon shirts for sale today at Ript Apparel

Select Sailor Scout shirt at Ript Apparel

Today, June 30th 2014, at Ript Apparel you can pick up two great looking Sailor Moon shirts for $10. Select Sailor Scout features Sailor Moon, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter in a character select screen reminiscent of old video games such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. There are actually already a bunch of Sailor Moon beat ‘em up games of that style which were made in the 90s. This screen is an original design, not one from one of those games. The second shirts is Lunar Express featuring Luna as the Cat Bus from My Neighbour Totoro which we’ve posted about on the site before.

Lunar Express shirt at Ript Apparel

“Select Sailor Scout” is degisned by JBaz. For more of his stuff check out his Redbubble store, deviantART page or tumblr. The “Lunar Express” shirt is designed by Machmigo. You can check out more of her stuff at her Facebook Page, Twitter Feed, tumblr or deviantArt page.

SailorPuff Girls Sailor Moon/Powerpuff Girls t-shirt for sale today at Ript Apparel

SailorPuff Girls t-shirt at Ript Apparel

Today’s Ript Apparel shirt, SailorPuff Girls, features Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus, Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter drawn in the style of The Powerpuff Girls. This shirt is $10 today only, February 26th 2014. The shirt was previously sold at TeeFury, though the colours have been touched up and so unlike the previous shirt this version has brown hair and green eyes for Sailor Jupiter, instead of the original black hair and blue eyes which was criticized by some fans.

The shirt’s artist is Nik Holmes. You can find more of his stuff on personal web site, RedBubble Store and Facebook Page.

Spirit of Fire Sailor Mars art nouveau shirt for sale today at Ript Apparel

Sailor Mars - Art Nouveau - Spirit of Fire shirt by Eriphyle

Today, November 18th, this Sailor Mars “Spirit of Fire” shirt will be available from Ript Apparel for $10. The shirt is done in an Art Nouveau style, as have many others in this series. The “Esprit du Feu” on the shirt are French for “Spirit of Fire”.

This shirt has been on sale before. The artist is Eriphyle. You can see more of her work on her Facebook page.

“Tournée du chat noir de la lune” shirt for sale today at Ript Apparel

Tournée du chat noir de la luna - Ript Apparel

All day today, March 12th, this “Tournée du chat noir de la lune” t-shirt is on sale for $10 at Ript Apparel. This is the third time I’ve seen this shirt for sale on one of these shirt a day sites, though it’s the first time I’ve seen it in this colour.

The cat is Luna from Sailor Moon taking the place of the cat from an old poster advertising “Le chat noir”, a French 19th century cabaret which had a touring troupe that advertised with this poster. The French writing on the shirt roughly translates to “Tour of the black cat from the moon”.

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“L’amour & la beauté” Sailor Venus shirt available all day Thursday at Ript Apparel

L'amour et la beauté - Sailor Venus short at Ript Apparel

This great looking Sailor Venus art nouveau shirt will be available beginning at midnight on January 17th. The shirt will be $10 at Ript Apparel for one day only.

This shirt is designed by Eriphyle who previously designed many shirts including similar styled art nouveau Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars shirts. I have both those shirts and am quite happy with how they turned out. Check out Eriphyle’s web site and facebook page for more of her other art and to keep up to date with new stuff.

This shirt features not only Sailor Venus but also Sailor V as well as Artemis. The caption “L’amour et la beauté” is French for “Love and Beauty”. If you missed the 24 hour window you can order this shirt and others like it from this Redbubble store.

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“We Can Punish It!” Sailor Moon t-shirt for sale October 20th at Ript Apparel

"We Can Punish It!" Sailor Moon t-shirt at Ript Apparel

Tomorrow (as of this article being posted) this “We Can Punish It!” Sailor Moon themed t-shirt will be going up for sale for just $10 at Ript Apparel. This shirt will only be on sale for 24 hours after which time it will be gone … forever! I became aware of this sale through Ript Apparel’s newletter. This is confirmed in the ad shown above which is on the artist’s facebook page.

We Can Do It!

This shirt’s design is a reference to the “We Can Do It!” World War II propaganda poster by J. Howard Miller. This shirt was designed by Ninjaink.

Sailor Moon and Goku t-shirt for sale today at Ript Apparel

Idols shirt - Sailor Moon as Wonder Woman & Goku as Superman - Ript Apparel

Today only at Ript Apparel this t-shirt featuring Sailor Moon as Wonder Woman and Dragon Ball Z’s Goku as Superman will be on sale for $10. As is the case for most of these t-shirt sites the shirt is on sale for only 24 hours, which will be until 1am EST October 8th.

This shirt’s design was done by GoldenLegend. Here we have who are arguably Anime’s most prolific man and woman portraying North American comics’ counterparts. Check out more shirts by this artist in his Redbubble store. If you missed your chance to pick up this shirt or are looking for a different colour you can get it from Redbubble for the shirt’s full price.

“By Moonlight” Sailor Moon shirt on sale today at Ript Apparel

Ript Apparel Sailor Moon T-Shirt - Au clair de lune

Sailor Moon shirts sure are getting popular on these shirt a day sites, no doubt because Sailor Moon fans are happy to buy them. Today Ript Apparel have this lovely $10 Sailor Moon shirt showing Sailor Moon in an Art Nouveau style with the words “Au clair de lune” on it. This roughly translates to “By moonlight” which is the title of the shirt. This is likely a reference to “Fighting evil by moonlight”. “Au clair de la lune” happens to be a popular French folk song which, at least in my day, was something kids would sing a lot in kindergarten at French schools. As is always the case for these kind of deals the shirt is only available for a day, this one being September 15th. This leaves about 10 hours as of this posting.

This shirt’s artist is Eriphyle who also designed the Adventure Moon shirt that was sold on Shirt Punch a few weeks back. For more about this artist check out her web site and Facebook page.

I make an effort to check a lot of these daily shirt sites every day so if any more Sailor Moon shirts pop up I’ll do my best to let you all know about them.