“By Moonlight” Sailor Moon shirt on sale today at Ript Apparel

Ript Apparel Sailor Moon T-Shirt - Au clair de lune

Sailor Moon shirts sure are getting popular on these shirt a day sites, no doubt because Sailor Moon fans are happy to buy them. Today Ript Apparel have this lovely $10 Sailor Moon shirt showing Sailor Moon in an Art Nouveau style with the words “Au clair de lune” on it. This roughly translates to “By moonlight” which is the title of the shirt. This is likely a reference to “Fighting evil by moonlight”. “Au clair de la lune” happens to be a popular French folk song which, at least in my day, was something kids would sing a lot in kindergarten at French schools. As is always the case for these kind of deals the shirt is only available for a day, this one being September 15th. This leaves about 10 hours as of this posting.

This shirt’s artist is Eriphyle who also designed the Adventure Moon shirt that was sold on Shirt Punch a few weeks back. For more about this artist check out her web site and Facebook page.

I make an effort to check a lot of these daily shirt sites every day so if any more Sailor Moon shirts pop up I’ll do my best to let you all know about them.

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5 thoughts on ““By Moonlight” Sailor Moon shirt on sale today at Ript Apparel

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  4. Hi, Ript Apparel is selling a Sailor Venus t-shirt by the same designer. I have ordered that one, but I would really love to have this one as well. Unfortunately, once the shirts are in the graveyard on ript they don’t sell them anymore. Anyway you wouldn’t happen to know of another site that would sell this same shirt would you? I would be very thankful for a reply, sailor moon was my favorite as a kid and the shirts are done beautifully I would love to collect them all as the artist releases them.

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