Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Panel at Anime Revolution

Sailor Moon voice actor panel at Anime Revolution featuring Vince Corazza, Stephanie "Sugar" Beard, Ron Rubin, Terri Hawkes, Susan Roman and Katie Griffin

Last month at Anime Revolution in Vancouver there was a 20th Anniversary celebration including a panel featuring six of the cast members from the English dub. From left to right this panel includes Vince Corazza, voice of Tuxedo Mask, Stephanie “Sugar” Beard, voice of Rini, Ron Rubin, voice of Artemis, Terri Hawkes, voice of Sailor Moon, Susan Roman, voice of Sailor Jupiter and Katie Griffin, voice of Sailor Mars. The video is split into two parts. The quality isn’t perfect but the sound does come through pretty well so it’s well worth a listen.

Part 1 and Part 2 cover the entire panel. The third clip included below covered a half hour in the middle and is of higher quality. The voice actor portion begins 37 minutes into the first clip as it’s preceeded by some Karaoke and clips of many incarnations of Sailor Moon.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Higher quality clip:

If you really care about the best quality you’ll want to watch the first clip (Part 1) starting at 37 minutes for the voice actor portion up to about 42 minutes and 20 seconds, then watch the last clip (Higher quality clip) in it’s entirety and then finally watch the second clip (Part 2) starting at about 21 minutes and 40 seconds right up to the end. If you’re lazy, just watch the first two clips.

Thanks to YouTube users garct and Sacherz for uploading these.

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