Katie Griffin, Susan Roman and Vince Corazza panel at Anime Revolution

Vince Corazza, Susan Roman and Katie Griffin at Anime Revolution

This past weekend at Anime Revolution in Vancouver there were six Sailor Moon voice actors in attendance. A fan recorded this panel which featured Katie Griffin, the voice of Sailor Mars, Susan Roman, the voice of Sailor Jupiter and Vincent Corazza, the voice of Tuxedo Mask.

The sound isn’t excellent because of interference from another panel next door but regardless the content of the panel is something fans will find quite interesting.

Throughout the panel a lot of insight into the recording of the episodes is given. Vince Corazza even mentioned recording from 15 to 20 episodes on some days.

When the topic of the new 2013 show’s potential dub came up Katie Griffin mentioned being hopeful she would be asked to return to the new show and Vince Corazza added that it would be a lot of fun for all of them to do it. That being said nothing has been determined with regards to the casting of the dub though as Katie mentioned if they wish to keep costs down doing it in Canada would be wise so there’s a good shot some of the old actors will return.

Mars/Tux shippers can be pleased that Darien’s voice actor Vince Corazza thought Sailor Mars was the “sexiest”. Unfortunately Katie Griffin preferred Chad to Darien and hoped her character Raye would end up with him.

We’ll be sure to post the other panel, which featured all 6 guests, if and when it becomes available.

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2 thoughts on “Katie Griffin, Susan Roman and Vince Corazza panel at Anime Revolution

  1. Do we know if the original actors from the last series dub for the English version is going to be the same for 2013. I can only hope, especially when it comes to the Outer Senshi voice actors.

  2. Sarah, this has not been confirmed yet one way or another. All voice actors are excited to return if given the opportunity but it’s up to whoever gets the rights to decide where it will be dubbed. As soon as we hear anything official on this subject we’ll be sure to post about it to the site.

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