The new Sailor Moon anime will begin airing this winter on Niconico

Sailor Venus, Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars from the Sailor Moon La Reconquista Musical

The Sailor Moon live event is now over. We didn’t learn a ton but it was mentioned that the new Sailor Moon anime would begin airing this winter. It was also mentioned that it would be streaming on Niconico, a Japanese streaming video service. Fumio Osano was in attendance but didn’t have much to tell us. Not much else was learned aside from it being based on the old anime but not being a remake, which is fairly vague.

The Shitennou from the Sailor Moon La Reconquista musical

The event began with a look at various products we’d already talked about on this site. It then included an introduction to certain cast members of the new musical, Sailor Moon La Reconquista. In attendance were Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus as well as all four of the Shitennou. Finally a performance of Moonlight Densetsu was done by Momoiro Clover Z who were confirmed to be doing the theme song for the new anime, which is information we already had. Also unchanged was the quality of Momoiro Clover Z’s performance.

Momoiro Clover Z posing after their performance of Moonlight Densetsu

The event closed with a fairly anticlimactic Q&A. The reaction of the sleep deprived fan base seems to be mostly disappointment at this early hour. It’s safe to say everyone was hoping for a bit more information about the anime. Be patient Moonies! Winter is coming. Now go home and go to bed.

The new Sailor Moon anime is set to begin airing in December or January??

Usagi watching TV

News about many things came in today but I first wanted to share the latest about the new Sailor Moon anime that we’re all very excited for. A flyer for the new Sailor Moon keychains also listed some other upcoming Sailor Moon related dates. Miss Dream has been great in translating the relevant information and reveals that the show is currently in production and set to start airing some time around December 2013 or January of 2014. This lines up with earlier information we heard about the show being delayed until winter. More specifically the small calendar at the bottom of this flyer has an entry in December and January stating that the new anime will start then, but it is punctuated with not one but two question marks! What could it mean? Well it probably means this date is not set in stone.

Sailor Moon keychain flyer - Anime delayed until November, December or January

Needless to say the original date of “Summer 2013″ is no longer something fans should be expecting. This is great, but not terribly definitive news! A delay may not seem ideal but now we some fairly reliable information that the show is underway and a rough idea of when to expect it.

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