The new Sailor Moon anime is set to begin airing in December or January??

Usagi watching TV

News about many things came in today but I first wanted to share the latest about the new Sailor Moon anime that we’re all very excited for. A flyer for the new Sailor Moon keychains also listed some other upcoming Sailor Moon related dates. Miss Dream has been great in translating the relevant information and reveals that the show is currently in production and set to start airing some time around December 2013 or January of 2014. This lines up with earlier information we heard about the show being delayed until winter. More specifically the small calendar at the bottom of this flyer has an entry in December and January stating that the new anime will start then, but it is punctuated with not one but two question marks! What could it mean? Well it probably means this date is not set in stone.

Sailor Moon keychain flyer - Anime delayed until November, December or January

Needless to say the original date of “Summer 2013″ is no longer something fans should be expecting. This is great, but not terribly definitive news! A delay may not seem ideal but now we some fairly reliable information that the show is underway and a rough idea of when to expect it.

A new Sailor Moon anime sounds like a great Christmas present!

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26 thoughts on “The new Sailor Moon anime is set to begin airing in December or January??

  1. I have been waiting for the new Sailor Moon anime for sooo long. I hope that it will tell about how Serena and Darian getting married and settling down. I also hope that it will be having new villians and upgrade on their Sailor Suits and powers.

    • I would expect a reboot but we’ll see how far into the future they go! We have only gotten a glimpse into the wedding in the past. I wonder if they’ll still have that giant stained glass rabbit window!

      • Expecting new series impatiently!
        But it’s so sad that we’ll not see Sailor Stars anymore…
        I’d like to know their stories too. The 5th season end is so hopeless to Seiya that I’ve got unfinished gestalt even. May be in next anime movie we’ll hear anything from them, I really hope to see them in happiness. And it would be wondrous if Sailor Moon have to go to another planet to help someone in her turn.

        • Probably subbed at first but I imagine a dub will follow. No specific confirmation though aside from it being an international release. This could just be streaming online at first rather than television.

  2. Well…if there’s one thing we Sailor Moon fans have, it’s patience.
    (Not that they give us any choice!!) ;-;

    • Over 15 years since the last episode. Last new episode of the anime I watched was probably about 13 or 14 years ago. Overflowing with patience at this point!

  3. I hope they expand more on the Moon Kingdom era. The manga and anime barely scratched the surface in my opinion. There is so much material to work with. How was it like for the Sailor Senshi growing up during that time? How were they chosen? I always had questions like these when I was younger.

    • Touching on Sailor V’s origin might cover this. I certainly hope we see Sailor V in this show. Not having her in the anime more was a tragedy!

  4. Im glad to see an update then to see that the update confirms that the new anime is still in the works and not cancled is good enough for me! I check this site almost daily to keep up with the new anime news and im very satisfied with the reliability from this site i just wanted to thank you- sailor moon fans and i appriciate it

  5. I just wish they’d unveil the damned art redesign. I want to see what this is all going to look like. Part of me is living in abject terror that its going to look like Teen Titans Go or some other horrendously “stylized” rendition.

  6. Okay last time I saw season 4 of sailor moon I was 16yrs old in I wanna know is if it’s coming back to Canada and if its the same voice actors coming back :( I’d be really bummed if it didn’t

  7. Finally my wish can true!!!!!!!
    So excited that Sailor Moon will come back. Kids need to watch more cartoons like this one not like stupied one that teach they bad things. They to watch this cartoon it gives kids lessons in manner, not to bully other kids, to help people when they need help, best of all how we should love our selves.
    Never forget to belive in ourselves and never give up.
    I love Sailor Moon Says!!!!!!! ;)

  8. TO be honest this show doesn’t really “teach” kid’s valuable lessons, the transformations especially are highly-sexualised and I think people fail to grasp the fact that these girls are actually 14 YEARS OLD and have always been. It promotes in my opinion low self-esteem due to the fact that these kids know that they are 14 yet they look NOTHING LIKE THEM. It’s terrible really, but I liked the show especially sailor moon stars, and the sailor Saturn arc.

    • It does teach kids stuff it teaches them to be true to themselves, to love people for who they are, to be loyal to their friends and don’t forget “sailor moon says” have I proved my point? I hope I have xx

  9. I hope it shows Darien and Serena’s wedding I can’t wait till it comes out I will cry if it doesn’t come out in January xx

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