Toonami is looking into airing the new Sailor Moon anime

Toonami Panel at MomoCon 2013

At the Toonami panel at the MomoCon anime convention in Atlanta this past weekend a fan asked if they had plans to play the new Sailor Moon anime that will begin airing in Japan this summer. Toonami’s response was only that they were considering it.

Nothing is definitive at this point but Toonami would certainly be a fitting home for the new 2013 Sailor Moon anime as many American fans were first exposed to the original Sailor Moon anime on Cartoon Network’s Toonami block when they started airing the show in June of 1998. The Toonami block of programming, which centres around more action oriented animation included a lot of Anime, returned to Cartoon Network last May after a long hiatus.

Source: NJ_ at the Sailor Moon forums

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11 thoughts on “Toonami is looking into airing the new Sailor Moon anime

    • Most likely if Toonami was to Air Sailor Moon. They wouldn’t be the one Dubbing it. Companies like Funimation would be dealing on the editing and dubbing of Anime. They are the people you need to warn not to fuck up

  1. toonnami…..let me love you… and please oh please let funimation dub it…they don’t ruin anime… or well as much as some other dubing companies if they do…

  2. I could totally get behind a funimation dub! Also, my first time watching sailor moon was on the now non existent USA Cartoon Express years before Toonami Existed. Looked forward to it and Street Fighter!

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