The new Sailor Moon anime will begin airing this winter on Niconico

Sailor Venus, Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars from the Sailor Moon La Reconquista Musical

The Sailor Moon live event is now over. We didn’t learn a ton but it was mentioned that the new Sailor Moon anime would begin airing this winter. It was also mentioned that it would be streaming on Niconico, a Japanese streaming video service. Fumio Osano was in attendance but didn’t have much to tell us. Not much else was learned aside from it being based on the old anime but not being a remake, which is fairly vague.

The Shitennou from the Sailor Moon La Reconquista musical

The event began with a look at various products we’d already talked about on this site. It then included an introduction to certain cast members of the new musical, Sailor Moon La Reconquista. In attendance were Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus as well as all four of the Shitennou. Finally a performance of Moonlight Densetsu was done by Momoiro Clover Z who were confirmed to be doing the theme song for the new anime, which is information we already had. Also unchanged was the quality of Momoiro Clover Z’s performance.

Momoiro Clover Z posing after their performance of Moonlight Densetsu

The event closed with a fairly anticlimactic Q&A. The reaction of the sleep deprived fan base seems to be mostly disappointment at this early hour. It’s safe to say everyone was hoping for a bit more information about the anime. Be patient Moonies! Winter is coming. Now go home and go to bed.

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18 thoughts on “The new Sailor Moon anime will begin airing this winter on Niconico

  1. I have to say, I’m beginning to worry about the anime now…no one involved seems to really care about it and all of the facts we have are extremely vague.
    I’m still looking forward to it, but I’m just so afraid.

    • This event was definitely all about plugging the musical. They just didn’t have anything to tell us about the anime. Kind of sad. It doesn’t seem to be canceled so that’s something at least! I’m a bit surprised it will be a streaming series. Is this show actually not going to air on TV? If that’s the case, that is not what I was expecting.

      • Streaming only? That doesn’t sound good…but maybe it can be more action oriented that way since so many anime (Tsubasa Chronicle for one) was dumbed down for tv.

    • I was literally typing up a post, and then realized everything I wanted to say, you pretty much summed up.

      Excited (Oh so excited) but starting to be filled with this gnawing sense of worry and dread.

  2. Its on niconico so it will not be a big production. I have heard that it was almost canceled due to lack of interest. Most people here (Japan) only know about pretty cure when it comes to magical girl stories. Sailor moon was something that their mom might have known about. The target age really doesn’t know or care to know about it.

      • Kids as young as 4 or 5 years old can be big on the show. These aren’t the fans we see on the Internet but from stuff like toys we can see that. For the live action Sailor Moon stage show you can see from the audience that very young girls were into the show. People who were into Sailor Moon in ’92 are certainly old enough to have children who are the target demo now.

  3. yatta!!! it will air this winter!!!
    and lots of otakus outside japan care about sm2013(14) pretty cure is great series i love it but sailor moon was the one that led me to becoming otaku again!!!
    and today i just saw anime episode that featured girl named nico

  4. Makes me a little sad it’s not being made for TV but online streaming instead…
    So Sonic Wasabi could be right stating that this won’t be a big production, well at least it’s not cancelled but it might not be the come back most of us were expecting.
    If its going to be based and it’s not a remake, what it could possible be?
    I’m getting the feeling this might be something different ’cause if it was a remake they wouldn’t need to be so mysterious about it, don’t you think?

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  7. Hey guys!
    I’m excited about the new Anime Sailor moon 2013/2014
    The first time I’ve watched Sailor moon was 6 years ago! And I re watch it EVERY 6 years , AND I’ve just finished RE-watching it, AND the manga too! xxxx
    BUT, After all these comments I’ve read about, “I’m worried it won’t proceed”
    “I’m thinking this would go wrong”, AND, ” No this is a re make” ,”NO there won’t be a re-make” ETC
    I just wanted to say, I’m curious, I’ve got my fingers crossed and my hopes are all up, But the only way to ACTUALLY find the exact answer we’re looking for, Is to wait and see! It’s nice we’re keeping ourselves busy by discussing,sharing and arguing but SOME people are just gone…Mph…Won’t mention it
    But I AM excited and I just can’t wait since Sailor Moon was my only guidance and inspiration, I’m really happy there’ll me another series!Even if there wasn’t a new series, I’d be watching the current one over AND over again :) That’s how much i love it!
    Keep getting excited! As long as there IS a new SM series,I’ll be happily watching it! Evn if It doesn’t go in ALL our favour :P Come on, we can’t really put ALL our likings into to the series at one ! Anyways, I’m looking forward to it! Tataaaah XxX

  8. Oh my goodness….2014 Winter?! 2014 Dec?! I was longing to see this when it was said in 2012 summer! Now its 2013 Sept and i was waiting till this winter when they said 2014 WINTER?! My God all times and hope wasted! :(

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