Osabu gives details about the new Japanese versions of the Sailor Moon manga

Osa-P wearing a Santa Claus hat

Details about the Japanese reprint of the Sailor Moon manga have been pretty vague or rather completely incorrect in the past. We had some confirmation from New York Comic Con that these rereleases would be out for Thanksgiving, a time which has long since come and gone with no manga in sight. Finally Fumio Osano, also known as Osabu or Osa-P, has posted some updates to his twitter account @osabu8 with details about the manga. Osabu’s tweets are also being translated by the @OsabuP_English account which is run by the Miss Dream site. Osabu has also been replying to some English fans over twitter, as they ask questions about the new anime.

Osa-P with a Kodansha bag

There seems to be very little changed in these new versions. It’s mentioned that the covers will be digitized and have the colours tweeked to resemble the American prints. I imagine this will not entail much of a change as the Japanese and American prints have very similar looking colours. I’ve included a photo of both side by side below. Do you see much of a difference? Similar changes will be made to the colour pages which appear at the front of each volume as well as digital retouches being made to the colour and black and white pages. The Sailor V manga is also mentioned to be in scope for this release.

Sailor Moon manga volume 1 covers in English (left) and Japanese (right)

Raffle tickets will also be included, though details about the prizes will be coming at a later date.

Fumio Osano aka Osabu aka Osa-P

Though New Years is mentioned in one of the tweets it is unclear whether or not this is meant to be a release day for this manga. As Amazon Japan still has no listing for this book it seems unlikely this will turn up in the next couple of days.

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5 thoughts on “Osabu gives details about the new Japanese versions of the Sailor Moon manga

  1. It looks like the covers will just be given some much needed contrast fixes. The US covers definitely have a nicer vibrancy to them.

  2. I remember the original Sailor Moon series when it ran on Cartoon Network. Now, with the new series arriving late in 2013, let Cartoon Network pick it up, again, and run it on Saturday mornings. As we speak, CN’s ratings continue to rise, as it turns out new material and schedule-wise, appealing to both boys and girls, while avoiding gender stereotyping, altogether. To continue it’s ratings rise, bring Sailor Moon home to Cartoon Network and schedule it to precede D.C. Nation on Saturday mornings.

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