Lizzo wishes she could trade places with Sailor Moon!

Lizzo Dressed as Sailor Moon

Lizzo is quite a Sailor Moon fan and in a recent interview with CBS This Morning she told interviewer Gayle King that if she could trade places with anyone it would be Sailor Moon! You can watch clips of that interview below which includes that exchange.

At first I thought of how unrealistic it would be to switch places with a fictional character but then I realized that real people in the real world can’t actually switch places either so why not? Lizzo is clearly a Sailor Moon fan as has been shown in the past a number of times. A couple of years ago she dressed as Sailor Moon for a performance.

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16 thoughts on “Lizzo wishes she could trade places with Sailor Moon!

  1. Of course from where I am, I didn’t know this woman, so I checked her interview, and one thing hit me: the whole part seems to be quite theatrical, as if it was staged. I don’t have the feeling that this Q&A was spontaneous at all. Am I wrong or not? I often get this vibe from viewing American shows with celebrities being interviewed. Also the fact that the interviewer eats while asking questions to Lizzo seems impolite at its highest.

    • Totally understand how Gayle could come off as rude or impolite because she’s gnoshing while talking, but I’m thinking the whole lunch/eating part of this is supposed to actually be a focused element. More interviews are being done (see Pete Buttigieg’s recent lunchtime interviews with Al Sharpton and John Harwood) over food. I think it’s supposed to be humanizing and show people in the spotlight setting an example of having healthier relationships with food. Seeing as eating and food are things Lizzo builds her platform on, I think it was very much supposed to be at the forefront of this interview. Also, this wasn’t a spontaneous thing at all- Gayle King is a huge deal so definitely every element of the interview was very carefully planned and staged. #hollywood :-)

      • A lot of American presentations are scripted or staged, yeah. Pawn Stars, Home & Garden TV., that one hospital show with acting faker than my dreams of world domination…

      • Thank you for your explanations, Matt and Joseph :D !

        I don’t think I will ever get used to scripted presentations, though. Unfortunately, this cringy tendancy is now hitting European TV shows.

  2. As if I couldn’t have loved Lizzo enough before this, literally just made my day. A beautiful entertainer who preaches self acceptance and tells us to love ourselves even if the world doesn’t always love us back- I think Usagi would be mighty proud.

      • Useless to say that those mean comments have something to see, alas, with nowadays sizeism…

        An overweighted person exhibits oneself on the Internet (whatever action they do), and all the hatred of the world falls on them. A thin person does the same, and everyone is in awe and supports them…
        Human spirit is alas conducted by irrationality (thus implying hypocrisy, as you pointed it out, Joe, about some Sailor Moon fans attacking Lizzo) and will always need scapegoats… Why should we feel concerned by someone’s else weight? This doesn’t change anything to our lives…

        • No it isn’t really about her weight, it’s the dichotomy of an unhealthy and unattractive weirdo and the beautiful, fun and feminine Usagi.

          Ironically enough, the Sailor Moon anime and manga are staunchly anti-feminist; hence the focus on beauty and grace. There are many episodes that focus on this very premise Aurélia.

          • I wouldn’t say Sailor Moon is anti-feminist. The show may present a message that some feminists don’t agree with but the show, in its own way, attempted to be empowering to women. Nothing can be all things at once.

          • Thank you Bobby for explaining your view :) . I also read Adam’s reply to it, and I tink you both have a point.

          • How is Sailor Moon anti-feminist?
            If you mean the current wave of feminism which to me seems confused about what feminism is, I’d agree.

            But Sailor Moon is very much about female empowerment, just not at the sake of making others look bad.

            It’s a show that allows both male and female characters to be strong and flawed.

            The issue is, many of today’s feminists attack femininity and the choices some women (like Usagi) make.
            Sailor Moon supports the decisions of all it’s female characters, or at least shows them as all equally valid.
            Usagi wants to be a bride, but she also becomes a queen. She is complemented by and compliments Mamoru and they give one another strength.

            Ami wants to be a doctor who helps people but has to overcome self-esteem issues and shyness.

            Rei wants to be independent, but also deeply values tradition and her shrine.

            Minako wants to be an idol and have fun but also has a take charge

            Makoto is a very strong woman with a tough exterior but is the most feminine of the group on the inside.

            I think Sailor Moon is, if not feminist by today’s western standards, still very much about helping girls see themselves as equals, not just to men but to one another.

            Also, I do not consider myself a feminist anymore, not by that name at least.
            I do believe in women’s rights and equality, I just don’t choose to label myself.

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