Sailor Mercury Figuarts ZERO Prototype revealed

Sailor Mercury Figuarts Zero Prototype

Bandai and Volks will be releasing a Sailor Mercury Figuarts ZERO figure and have unveiled a prototype. This prototype isn’t painted but we can get a basic idea of what the figure will look like when it’s eventually released. No specifics have been given but based on what we already know about the Sailor Moon Figuarts ZERO figure which is set to be released in March it is a 1/8 scale figure, likely measuring roughly 22cm or 8.5″ in height and costing about 8,800 yen, some $91 US dollars. This figure will not be posable. With Mercury now revealed it stands to reason that we will be getting Sailor Mars, Jupiter and Venus Figuarts ZERO figures in time as well.

Sailor Mercury Figuarts Zero Prototype

Source: Sailor Moon Collectibles and @takfzy on Twitter.

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