Meet Linda Ballantyne, Sailor Moon, and Katie Griffin, Sailor Mars, at MegaCon Tampa Bay October 28th to the 30th

Katie Griffin and Linda Ballantyne

Great news for Tampa Bay area Sailor Moon fans. This weekend is MegaCon Tampa Bay at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa Florida. In attendance will be Linda Ballantyne, the voice of Sailor Moon, and Katie Griffin, the voice of Sailor Mars, both from the original English dub of the first Sailor Moon anime series. Also in attendance will be Cassandra Lee Morris, the voice of Calaveras of the Ayakashi Sisters from the new English dub of Sailor Moon R and Sailor Moon Crystal.

Katie Griffin and Linda Ballantyne at Windsor ComiCon

The main panel with Linda Ballantyne and Katie Griffin to catch is at 3pm in Saturday with “Moon Prism Power! Sailor Moon Memories with Star Voice Actors”. Later Saturday at 6pm fans can see “Anime Bloopers with Cassandra Lee Morris”. Sunday at 2pm is the Q&A with Cassandra Lee Morris. All panels are held in room 18. Will any of you be at this convention?

Jessica Nigri, Monika Lee and more to cosplay as Sailor Moon characters at Anime South December 27th to the 29th

Lindze Merrit, Riki Lecotey, Katie George and Monika Lee cosplaying as Sailor Moon characters for Anime South 2013

Anime South 2013 is this coming weekend, December 27th to the 29th, in Pensacola Florida. Attending as guests will be professional cosplayers Jessica Nigri, Monika Lee, Katie George, Carolann Voltarel, Lindze Merrit, Riki LeCotey, and Anna Fischer. I met up with Jessica Nigri and Monika Lee at Pop Expo 2013 in Ottawa a couple of weeks ago. When I suggested they cosplay as Sailor Moon characters Jessica mentioned that at an upcoming convention in Florida she would cosplay as Sailor Venus, Monika Lee would cosplay as Sailor Mars and Riddle (Riki LeCotey) would be Sailor Mercury. It looks like at least a couple of other guests will be wearing Sailor Moon costumes this weekend as well.

Monika Lee as Sailor Mars

Monika Lee posted a photo of her Sailor Mars costume in progress to Instagram. Riki LeCotey also posted a photo of herself as Sailor Mercury along with Lindze Merrit as Sailor Venus, Monika Lee as Sailor Mars and Katie George as another Sailor Soldier who’s gem is not visible.

Sailor Moon and cosplay fans may want to get a chance to grab a photo with these professional cosplayers dressed as their favourite characters. We’re looking forward to seeing what these costumes look like once they’re complete.

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