Sailor Mercury Art Nouveau Shirt for sale today at teeVillain

Sailor Mercury Art Nouveau shirt at teeVillain - La voix de la raison

Today, December 21st, this Sailor Mercury Art Nouveau style shirt will be on sale for just $11 at teeVillain. This is the 5th shirt in the Sailor Moon Art Nouveau style to be made. It features Sailor Mercury with her computer as well as Luna with the caption “La voix de la raison”, which is French for “The voice of reason”.

As with the rest of this series the artist is Eriphyle. You can see more of her work on her Facebook page. If you missed a chance to pick up this shirt or any others in the set you should check out Eriphyle’s Society6 store where you can get prints, t-shirts and all kinds of great stuff.

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One thought on “Sailor Mercury Art Nouveau Shirt for sale today at teeVillain

  1. Sailor moon the tv show was my most favorite anime I have ever watched but it seems like that could all be lost because of the new series. It seems that the new series will actually be a re-hash of the entire franchise from episode 1-200, seasons 1 to 5. This disappoints me because why fix what isn’t broken? Why remake what was already perfect? I, as much as many of the Sailor Moon fans, have been left in the dark, waiting for this new Sailor Moon when in fact there isn’t one! There is no official artwork, no trailer sneak-peak, not even so much as a thumbnail or any evidence that the show is being made! I was hoping it was the start of season 6 but instead they want to ruin the previous seasons by making it more towards the menga. I didn’t grow up with the books, I grew up with the show and I loved it so much! In the end, I hope that this “New” Sailor Moon series gets canceled and that the old one will remain the true treasure. Plus, if the animation isn’t also what I grew up with, then I’m not watching it. Seeing all this stuff posted on this site in this section makes me wonder… is this all for laughs or is it real? Is the new series a new season or a remake of stuff I’ve already seen when I was younger? I would like to know! I’m starting to get bored with waiting for this magical day to happen and as soon as everyone starts to get tired of waiting for this show to appear… the fan base will disappear and simply watch the old show! Great plan telling us about it so early in the game that we would become bored of it two years later!

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