Get this “Choose Your Sailor” t-shirt at OtherTees for just $10

Choose Your Sailor T-Shirt at OtherTees

This great looking Sailor Moon shirt is available today at OtherTees. Like many shirt a day sites this shirt is available for a low price of $11 but only for a limited time. Seem cheap? It get’s better! You can save an extra 10% off your order by using the discount code SMNEWS.

Sailor Moon Super Famicom Game Character Select

The theme of the shirt “Choose Your Sailor” is inspired by video game character select screens. This is a fictional game screen but we don’t have to imagine what such a thing would look like! Above is a screenshot from the character select screen for the Sailor Moon Super Famicom game from 1993. The shirt’s design shows silhouettes the main set of five Sailor Guardians Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Moon, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus all complemented by their own colour and planetary symbol.

The shirt is designed by Skullpy. Check out more of the artist’s work on Twitter or Facebook. Get it now because the shirt will only be on sale for this price until 4pm Eastern Time tomorrow, February 17th.

“Moon Wars” Sailor Moon/Star Wars t-shirt on sale at OtherTees

Moon Wars Sailor Moon/Star Wars t-shirt

There’s a great shirt on sale this week at OtherTees which features a Sailor Moon/Star Wars crossover. It is a take on the original Star Wars movie poster. Sailor Moon takes the place of Luke Skywalker while Tuxedo Mask is sitting at her knees, as Princess Leia does in the original poster. The face of Queen Beryl replaces that of Darth Vader in the background. Luna and Artemis replace the droids R2D2 and C3PO off to the side.

Star Wars movie poster

The shirt sells for $11 but you can save $1 on it by using the promo code SailorMoonNews at checkout. As with many shirt sites this is a limited time sale ending at 5pm Easter Time on Thursday May 7th so be sure to pick it up while you have a chance. The design is by DiHA who has made a number of other shirts we’ve mentioned on the site before. Check out her RedBubble store, Deviant Art and Facebook pages for more of her work.

Get a discount on this Sailor Team Space shirt at OtherTees

Sailor Team Space shirt at OtherTees

You can get this cool looking “Sailor Team Space” shirt from OtherTees from now until 10pm EDT (4pm EST) on Saturday for just $11, but visitors to Sailor Moon News can get it for just $10! To save $1 on this shirt just enter the promo code “salormoonnews2″ at checkout. The first 100 users to use this code will get the discount. The shirt features the Sailor Team in front of the moon and a spacey looking background.

The shirt’s artist is EdWoody who has previously designed the Sailor Pop Art shirt we posted about a couple of times. Check out his Facebook Page for more of his work and his RedBubble store to see more Sailor Moon products.

“By the Moonlight” Sailor Moon shirt available until Thursday at OtherTees

By the Moonlight Sailor Moon shirt at OtherTees

This “By the Moonlight” Sailor Moon shirt is for sale for $11 at OtherTees. The shirt features a shilhouette of Sailor Moon in front of the Moon. It is available only for 48 hours, until Thursday April 3rd at 4pm EST (10pm CET). We have a special promo for users from the site! To get an additional 10% off your order enter the promo code “sailormoonnews” at checkout! This discount will be applied to the first 100 orders.

The shirt’s artist is machmigo who has done many other great Sailor Moon shirts we’ve talked about on the site. Check out more of her stuff on her Facebook Page, Twitter Feed, tumblr or deviantArt page.

Sailor Moon/Batman Moon Knight Rises shirt available until Sunday at OtherTees

Sailor Moon/Batman "Moon Knight Rises" shirt at OtherTees

From today until 4pm EST on Sunday, December 29th, you can pick up this Moon Knight Rises shirt from OtherTees for $11. This is a reprint as the shirt was sold on this same site in February of this year. The shirt features a silhouette of Sailor Moon on a rooftop looking like Batman, with a crescent Moon in the background that is being projected like the Bat Signal.

Batman Bat Signal

The shirt’s artist is angicitarocks. Check out her web site, Facebook page or twitter feed for more of her work.

“Crystal Clear Hero” Tuxedo Mask shirt for sale at OtherTees

Tuxedo Mask shirt at OtherTees - Crystal Clear Hero

This great looking “Crystal Clear Hero” Tuxedo Mask shirt is for sale until 4pm EST on September 5th at OtherTees for $11. The shirt features the Moon, a rose and a silhouette of Tuxedo Mask.

The shirt was previously sold at ShirtPunch back in February and again in May. The artist is InkOne who has made a number of great shirt designs which can be bought at his online store. He can also be found on Twitter and Facebook if you dig his stuff.

Sailor Moon biker shirt for sale at OtherTees

Moon's Angels - Sailor Moon biker shirt at Shirt Punch

A “Sailor Soliders Motorcycle Club” shirt is for sale today only at OtherTees. This shirt was previously sold at Shirt Punch back in August. The sale will only be on for another 15 hours, ending at 5pm EST on October 14th. It sells for $12 plus shipping.

As we mentioned last time this shirt was for sale the artist is Méchante Fille Art & Design (tumblr, Redbubble) and if you miss your chance to pick it up you can always order it from Don’t Blink Tees for full price.