Get this “Choose Your Sailor” t-shirt at OtherTees for just $10

Choose Your Sailor T-Shirt at OtherTees

This great looking Sailor Moon shirt is available today at OtherTees. Like many shirt a day sites this shirt is available for a low price of $11 but only for a limited time. Seem cheap? It get’s better! You can save an extra 10% off your order by using the discount code SMNEWS.

Sailor Moon Super Famicom Game Character Select

The theme of the shirt “Choose Your Sailor” is inspired by video game character select screens. This is a fictional game screen but we don’t have to imagine what such a thing would look like! Above is a screenshot from the character select screen for the Sailor Moon Super Famicom game from 1993. The shirt’s design shows silhouettes the main set of five Sailor Guardians Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Moon, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus all complemented by their own colour and planetary symbol.

The shirt is designed by Skullpy. Check out more of the artist’s work on Twitter or Facebook. Get it now because the shirt will only be on sale for this price until 4pm Eastern Time tomorrow, February 17th.

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8 thoughts on “Get this “Choose Your Sailor” t-shirt at OtherTees for just $10

  1. A usual, the “artist” used someone else’s artwork without permission, and didn’t even bother to alter Sailor Jupiter so her costume would match the others.

    • Indeed ! Her back bow tie and her sleeves are different from the others. I didn’t pay attention the first time. Thank you.

      So this art may come from Deviant Art or some site like that… I really hope that the original artist’s permission (if different from the person who designed the t-shirt) was asked…

      • Yes, it’s hard to be sure, especially because it seems that this art was indeed traced from official art – Crystal to be more precise -, though Sailor Jupiter wears her Super suit. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems that Toei has not published any official art concerning the Super suits in Crystal.

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