“Sailor Nite” shirt featuring 5 of the Sailor Guardians for sale this weekend at Pop Up Tee

Sailor Nite - Sailor Moon shirt at Pop Up Tees

This Sailor Nite shirt featuring silhouettes of Sailor Moon and her friends will be for sale for $12 from now until Sunday November 24th at 2pm EST at Pop Up Tee. The shirt features Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus in front of the Moon. Sailor Moon has her Kaleidomoon Scope weapon which she receives from Pegasus in Sailor Moon SuperS and the length of the ribbons on the back of the Sailor Fukus are consistent with the outfits that the Sailor Guardians don in the later half of the SuperS season.

Kaleidomoon Scope

I’m unable to read that Japanese writing due to it being low rez and my not actually reading Japanese.

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