Kodansha Comics press release about the live event

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Kodansha Comics USA has posted this press release about the 20th anniversary show that took play last Friday, July 6th. Much of the information has already been covered on this site but a few new bits of information were included.

A new 10 volume collector’s edition of the Sailor Moon and Codename: Sailor V manga are going to be released in Japan. It’s mentioned that these will be faithful reproductions including the colour pages. Does this mean the content will be the original art rather than the slightly modified versions from the 2003 rerelease that is currently being released in North America? We can only hope so!

An anime memorial DVD collection, each featuring a different character, will be released. These were at one point though to be the Sailor Moon memorials which exist on VHS and laser disc, but those each focused on a season of the show, so this appears to be something new.

Sailor Moon Memorial laser discs

The character memorials will not be these ones, but may be something similar

Both the manga and DVD collections will be released one volume at a time on a monthly schedule beginning in October 2012.

Check out the full press release below.

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