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  1. Haha. Oh man. I’ve been watching all of the newly uploaded snippets of Cosmos on YouTube now that people have gotten hard copies, and I haven’t seen one scene that really blows me away except one person’s transformation in the movie, which I don’t want to reveal any spoilers to but anyone can guess because she is the only one with any thought put into it. I’m really hoping I just haven’t scene the good parts yet and just saw some trailer type videos. Here’s to hoping next year we get the international release that we’ve all been waiting for. Happy holidays all. Take care.

    • Scene = seen*, must have been thinking of a scene in the movie. And my apologies if I’m being too harsh, I just think a lot of the flaws in Crystal continue on all the way to Cosmos. Just my 2 cents. Take care.

    • Eternal Chibimoon’s transformation clearly had the most thought and detail put into it. Was it very PreCure? Definitely, but the result was beautiful.

      Sailor Kakyuu’s transformation was mega yawn–but then again, she’s already wearing it under her princess dress.

      Eternal Sailor Moon ironically had maybe the worst transformation sequences out of all the characters: putting on gloves and boots before putting on a blouse and skirt is something the nineties anime was very careful not to do because it makes no sense. And her trans seq in kouhen was just straight up Moon Cosmic Power Makeup.

      All the other new transformation sequences were just okay. Really makes it obvious how restrictive Studio Deen’s production timeline/budget was for this project.

      • Yes, Chibi Moon’s Eternal transformation was the one I was referring to. I think Kakyuu’s was kinda ok and Cosmos’s small transformation seems short, but elegant. The rest all seem like redraw rubbish and I can’t even begin to say the flaws in what I’ve seen so far because I really do not want to spoil for those waiting. I will say one thing is the actual animation is top-notch, some of the best I’ve ever seen in all of Sailor Moon. So why not put some of that into the transformations is beyond me. It must be budget like you said.

        • I’m going to hold out some hope that there are surprises that I just haven’t seen yet in these trailer-like videos and maybe the end reason result will still be a good one. I’m really just saying what I’ve noticed and not being over the top critical.

  2. I saw the movie, both parts. The ending did not please me and I felt like the whole thing was like a waste of time, despite gorgeous animation. Yes, the transformations were rushed and given not much attention, but they put a lot of emphasis on story until they just seemingly ran out of time and slapped it together.

    • So did you find yourself a fansub or something? Or just watch it raw?

      I’m kind of annoyed that they’re taking so long to get an official English sub released. I’m trying to be “good” and wait, but it’s frustrating.

      Of course, I do realize I’ve waited a long time for other things, but given how horrendously slow they’ve been with this series from the start, it feels like ten times longer.

      Without getting into too many spoiler-y details, would you say the story was at least done some justice, or not really? Did any of the new stuff they appeared to add (from the previews I’ve seen) improve on the manga, or no?

      • If the sub is taking a long time, it’s probably because the people working on it want to get it right, since this will be the final installment for the foreseeable future. Same is true of the dub, whose script is likely tied to the sub script.

        The main reason for your “delay” is that the official JP disc release was less than a month ago, and the retail sale cycle for that isn’t finished yet. Releasing any kind of localized version now would cannibalize sales.

        I saw the raw, and I enjoyed the story and voiceover performances. The most exciting scenes for me were the ones that mirrored specific scenes in the manga.

        In terms of animation, you can tell where the budget went and where corners were cut, which was true of Eternal as well. Expect a lot of recycling and retconning (Love and Beauty Shock is back to being Rolling Heart Vibration because no one wants or knows how to animate a damn whip).

        • That’s a damn shame. They have a perfectly great example in Catwoman using her whip in Batman Returns. Who doesn’t love a good whip?!

  3. I would still suggest seeing it if you get your hands on a copy because this could be the last storyline for awhile. Good luck you all. Take care.

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