Sailor Moon Cosmos Part 1 and 2 are coming to Netflix August 22nd

Sailor Moon Cosmos: The Movie - On Netflix August 22nd

At long last, over a year after their release in theatres in Japan, the Sailor Moon Cosmos films will be coming to Netflix on August 22nd! The poster, which was posted to Twitter, refers to the movie as “Sailor Moon Cosmos The Movie”. No mention of a Part 1 or 2, so I wonder if this will be released as a single film or not. Sailor Moon Eternal, which was previously released on Netflix, is listed as two “episodes” with Part 1 and Part 2 being separate.

Sailor Moon Cosmos - Sailor Starlights reveal trailer - Seiya and Usagi

This will conclude the English release of Sailor Moon Crystal with the fifth and final story arc covering Sailor Moon and the Sailor Starlights’ fight against Sailor Galaxia and her minions. This version of the films should have a dub and subs in English and many other languages. I watched the films long ago when the Japanese Blu-ray release came out though I will gladly watch it again in English. I wonder how many people have really been holding out for the film to come out on Netflix?

Sailor Moon Cosmos Part 2 - Sailor Cosmos

Fans may also be wondering if a home video release is planned. It’s been over three years since Sailor Moon Eternal was released on Netflix and we still haven’t gotten a DVD or Blu-ray release of those films. The poster mentions that Sailor Moon Cosmos is “Only on Netflix” so a home video release seems unlikely in the short term. Since the Japanese releases don’t have subs I’d certainly want to get a domestic release of Sailor Moon Eternal and Sailor Moon Cosmos. Watching them on Netflix is all well and good but I don’t think I can count on them being around forever.

Sailor Moon Cosmos - Trailer #2 - Sailor Chibi Chibi

Have you seen Sailor Moon Cosmos yet? Will you be watching it on Netflix when it finally drops?

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16 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Cosmos Part 1 and 2 are coming to Netflix August 22nd

  1. I’ve seen this already and been holding out for an official English release, and I had said we probably were held back by the strike that happened in the beginning of the year, and we should probably hold out til summer, and I’m so glad I was right, also agree they need a physical release of Eternak and Cosmos

  2. finally, and just after the release of the blu ray part of the original series, cant wait to see this in full english now

  3. This is great, can we get the fixed bluray seasons on netflix too, Amazon and hulu have them why not the streaming service that has the rights to the series films? The weird part is that the english dub was made for the fixed blurays so someone took the time to add the english dub to the original broadcast episodes

  4. This is just my 2 cents, but I think Sailor Moon needs some new material instead of reboots. I’ve seen this movie and it did not really fulfill me. Half the movie was shown as YouTube snippets and I felt like Eternal was a more complete set of movies without giving any spoilers away. Cosmos just had the best animation with a much weaker storyline. Go see the movies, but all the problems with Crystal continued straight to the end.

  5. I didn’t post ‘that is awesome to hear’ twice. Someone as copying the text, as usual. When I said that, I meant that is awesome to hear that everyone can see the final movie of that series, but I personally expected more and I’m not going to go into details because that would be spoilers. It just was a steady decline in Crystal, since they announced movies instead of seasons.

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