The Sailor Moon Eternal movies are now streaming on Netflix!

Sailor Moon Eternal on NetflixSailor Moon Eternal on Netflix

It’s June 3rd and the Sailor Moon Eternal films are finally available outside of Japan! The two movies, Part 1 and Part 2, are streaming in countries around the world in a number of languages on Netflix. This started at 12:01am Pacific Time, 3:01am Eastern Time and, regardless of your time zone, it’s out now! Go watch it! If you like it, watch it again!

Sailor Moon Eternal - A Netflix Anime Film

The Sailor Moon Eternal movies have been out in theatres in Japan since the start of the year. Sailor Moon Eternal Part 1 was released on January 8th and Part 2 followed on February 11th. Fans have been patiently waiting for the release outside of Japan. It seems like it’s been forever that we’ve been waiting but, all considered, we’ve been less than five months since the Japanese theatrical release of the films. We can now watch the movies in our own homes!

Sailor Moon Eternal poster

Sailor Moon Eternal Part 2 - Poster

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184 thoughts on “The Sailor Moon Eternal movies are now streaming on Netflix!

  1. I have a theory with no proof to back up my theory. I think instead of another movie for the Stars arc they may continue Eternal with a 3rd part and have five parts all together.

    • Due to how the Japanese parts were named (後編), there will most likely not be a third installment with the same [Eternal] label.

      I think I would prefer Stars as a movie or at least a limited series, since the production values for a film would be much higher. The story pacing would also be way too slow if split over a full 12 episode series.

      • Yeah, I agree. After seeing the quality of these films I think Stars would be best as a film. I’d like the drawn-out torture waiting every week for a series, just because it would last longer, but these films are Moon Gorgeous!

        • In general I just wish the fandom itself was a bit longer. Like I’d like to see where the characters would of gone after Stars arc.

          • Me too! I’d love sequels, spinoffs or even new stories with new characters.

          • I’d watch it, but I’d prefer a continuation of the manga story.
            As much as love the old anime, I doubt we’ll see any new movies in that style.

          • It would be like what InuYasha did between InuYasha and InuYasha The Final Act. Same character style but the artwork is more advanced.

          • Yeah, I don’t think we will ever see one, but I’d definitely support it.

          • Hmm, imagine butting into conversations that have nothing to do with you, aren’t hurting anyone, and have no interest to you just to feel a moment of superiority.

          • Someone hacked my account. I did not say, ‘I have a time machine thanks for the suggestion’

  2. What did everyone think of the post-credits scene with Saturn?

    I’m on my third watch but a little disappointed that my region only offers five audio languages and four sub languages, with none of the more exotic languages like Hebrew and Russian. (Right now, I’m watching in French audio with Chinese subtitles. Mercury’s dub voice in French is so much deeper than I expected =P) Looks like a lot of the Amazoness quartet attacks were transliterated to mimic the Japanese versions instead of being translated outright.

  3. so one thing ive noticed is they keep the honoriffics (chan) towards everyone unlike the crystal dubs which didnt have those other then when it was used in the romantic typing like usa chan, the movie really did cram the dream arc almost like word for word with nothing to flesh out the story of the arc at all unlike the crystal dubs which took a tiny bit of liberty to add some flare towards the story or give them a bit more life… the movies while i love them as now were up to the 4th arc with rumors going that the stars arc is coming which while i hope so its too far off right now to even think that as look how long this took…. the movie didnt stray away in the least bit from the manga and that i think personally in the end made the dream arc characters seem very 1 dimensional as there was no story bonding to them it was wham bad guy here then power up bad guy dead and rinse repeat til the end and then nothing more… honestly it felt more like i was reading the manga instead of a movie, gonna watch it again as i found the animation for the most part good mars stood out to me as really well done and the outers transformation let alone how they just pulled a saturn transformation out of nothing was good so…

    • Keeping honorific suffixes intact across translations was a good strategy because they are virtually nonexistent in most modern Western languages and therefore impossible to translate consistently. My weeb friends are actually pretty happy with this because it’s how they refer to the characters anyway.

      As for characters being one-dimensional (I think you mean 2D because one dimension is just a line), I thought character development was executed far better in this movie than in any of the Crystal seasons. All the heroes got their own vignettes (even some of the villains) and we got to see absentee parents, a sexy grandpa, cats as sexy people, and baby Serenity. We are also reminded that several of the characters are orphans: something that is almost never mentioned.

      Pacing was definitely inconsistent, more so in the second half. The transitions were a little sloppy in certain places where footage was cut, but that also happens in television. And if the movie feels like the manga, it’s because it should.

  4. Along with the first arc for Crystal that I watched years ago, this is the only other time that I’ve visited this new iteration of Sailor Moon. I think this movie did what it needed to do and tell a complete story. I don’t think every element translated well from page to screen though.

  5. I’m really happy that the animators chose to honor the manga version of Love & Beauty Shock using a whip chain animation (instead of the Rolling Heart Vibration animation that the nineties anime used).

    On the other hand, I’ve watched Silence Glaive Surprise maybe a dozen times now and I have to say it doesn’t get better the more you watch it. The utter lack of imagination used to animate the first-ever transformation sequence for Super Sailor Saturn continues to be the most tragic loss for me in this movie, and I will probably never get over it.

    • That and the lacklustre transformation she got. Hard to believe, but her Crystal pseudo henshin was 10X better.
      Meanwhile, Uranus got an amazing new rendition of World Shaking.

      • World Shaking must have been a passion project because the animators put way too much detail into it.

        If they had only put the same amount of effort into Saturn’s transformation (or Saturn’s anything for that matter)…

        • I know! That’s what I kept thinking. This old attack is getting a lot of love, meanwhile, everyone else feels kind of half-done or in poor Saturn’s case, underdone.
          If all of the attacks had gotten the same love Uranus did it could have been… earth-shattering. (one might even say, World Shaking.)

          • Killing it in the pun department this week =)

            (Dead Screams in the pun department…)

  6. As expected, the English dub cast is struggling with pronunciation consistency, particularly with proper nouns. No one seems to know how to pronounce “Elysion”, which is not even a Japanese word.

    • I agree! The lack of consistency in pronunciation in general was really annoying. I wish I had gone for the sub version on my first watch. But I don’t think it was really the casts’ fault, I think it was a directing issue, because there was not nearly this much inconsistency in the viz dub for the old series’ Dream Arc.

  7. Honestly, I wish they had just made episodes out of this arc; the pacing was weird, and it just didn’t work well as a movie in my opinion. I also wasn’t impressed enough with the animation; for it taking so long and having a “movie budget,” it just kind of fell flat sometimes (not too mention all the using of the 90’s transformations and attacks). They also cut some some scenes short and others out entirely; I had my manga open while watching, and noticed they cut a scene between Chibi Usa and Helios, which was a bad move I thought because it made the kiss scene feel like it came out of no where, and there really wasn’t any build up in their relationship without that extra scene. Then there was music, or I guess I should say, lack there of; there were way too many times I felt like I was only hearing dialogue and sound effects, but absolutely no background music. It just felt so awkward. Then there was the song they threw in so the final battle that just seemed out of place and did not fit the mood (why didn’t they just use Moon Chainon?). Overall, I was unimpressed. Maybe I’ll have a better impression the next time I watch it, but these are my first impression thoughts. They should have waited to make Stars a movie; the structure of the final arc is much suited for a full length film.

    • how about the fact that how each of them powered up was just way out in left field it made no sense at all, the manga gives a tad bit more info as to how usagi and chibi usa cant and then how they are now able to… then there weapon… helios wasnt the reason for getting them the calidoscopes themselves talk to sailormoon and transform into the weapon in the manga… then for mercury when she gets her crystal there was no mention as to how she got it and why she couldnt transform to begin with so with all information on it she was just clumsy and got captured just because then has a pep talk with herself then powered up, the manga goes further there and gives her a physical weapon which isnt mentioned at all.. mars goes somewhere with it but her arrow is alive which isnt in the movie so thats missed… jupiter went different and talks different but no mention on her crystal… then they go to venus who actually tries to transform but cant which goes nowhere, gets to the point of artimus getting squashed and i get for the movie point they move things around a little but still it went nowhere and she just smacks the 2 sword guys who just seemed more flat then they should of been then cut were at the end of part 1… part 2 gives us some of the outers then they just needed to be fleshed out a bit more instead of feeling like you were forced to speed read the manga right to the end, i could keep going but this is long as is

      • o and the whole as there getting there crystals there all called princess, then they act shocked in the end when there power sprite things all call them princess once more and it felt a bit stupid to say, “congratulations you are powered up” while there in the middle of for all intents getting there asses handed to them and nehelina holding onto the silver crystal for a whole min… then loses it so she gave the whole spiel on how shes invincible then poof scared shitless that shes gonna get killed, even beryl and metalia had the crystal longer for god sakes diamonde had 2 of them for 2 whole episodes even mistress 9 had the crystal for several episodes doesnt even in the manga galaxia use the crystal for laughs even but the evil queen of the moon gets it for 30 seconds then gets offed like a piece of paper in water… come on

        • I’ve personally always felt the powerups even in the manga felt off. Maybe it’s the inconsistency?
          Mercury and Jupiter see the Power Guardians but Venus gets Artemis and Mars gets Phobos and Deimos.

          Now we have even more inconsistency, with Mars and Jupiter getting actual, physical items but Mercury and Venus getting energy representations.

          I would have preferred we got the manga explanations, as weird as they were (especially since they never really go anywhere with them. The fact the weapons talk is really pointless and never mentioned again, so I can see why they did leave it out…but it would have still been interesting to see what kind of voices they had and see if it made any more sense when animated. (I suspect it was just too much for those scenes and they decided to drop it for the sake of pacing.)
          The characterization of the weapons really did seem pointless when I went back and read the manga to prepare for the films.
          It’s basically “I’m Mercury Harp!”
          And Mercury says: “It can talk?”
          Then she attacks with it.
          I do like that it was a physical item, though, and one of the first items created by the god Mercury in mythology.

          • I also reread the manga in preparation for the movie!

            There were definitely some pointless details in the source material that didn’t go anywhere. I always thought the Power Guardians were stand-ins for the animal familiars which Mercury and Jupiter do not have. Interestingly, Mercury and Jupiter are the first ones killed by Galaxia. Looks like those talking weapons didn’t do much in the end.

            Also, what the hell was Venus’ special awakening weapon? Another heart? Another whip? Venus getting shafted with details again.

    • I was also comparing this movie to the manga as I was watching, and there were a lot of scenes that were cut–most likely to keep both parts under a certain runtime. There’s an uncut version of this movie somewhere, but I doubt we’ll ever get to see it.

      As for the soundtrack being nonexistent in some scenes, I think that was to give the story a chance to sit and breathe. The BGM was present in all the action scenes at least.

      Moon Chainon is a power ballad whose tempo and lyrics aren’t compatible with fight scenes. I thought Moon Effect was a little noisy, but the lyrics and hooks made sense. It was also sung by all 10 senshi whereas Moon Chainon was just the 5 inner senshi and Momokuro.

      • Where did you hear that? Filming and cutting scenes is coming in live action movies but not so much with animated ones. There may be storyboards of “deleted scenes” but the cost for every minute of animated footage is so high there’s usually not much of it.

        • I dunno. This movie had a ton of footage that was just people standing mostly still. Wouldn’t be difficult to cut that from the final edit. There’s also the “director’s cut”, which may or may not be the final product.

  8. Maybe I’m in the minority, but I thought it was awesome and it exceeded my expectations.
    I do have plenty of complaints and nitpicks, but this movie had some breathtakingly gorgeous scenes and imagery.
    I’ve seen it in Japanese now and will watch it in English later with a friend.
    For someone wanting a straight-up manga adaptation, it is probably as close as we’ll ever get (minus a talking harp and flesh melting).

    • I am also miffed that Mercury Harp was not given a voice! That and the joke about grownup Cheebee-usa looking like Black Lady.

      As far as being a faithful adaptation of the manga, Eternal checked off a lot of boxes. I got goosebumps every time there was a scene or pose taken directly from the manga!

      I decided to give the English dub a chance but will not be cringing through it a second time. Going to try the German dub with Japanese subtitles next.

  9. Just finished the first film and it was meh. I wish they had kept it episodes too, they could have really fleshed out each episode and given more time to the guardians. They also didn’t explain the crystals at all and it was kind of confusing and felt rushed. I also felt like the animation took a downgrade from season 3 which was honestly perfect. Sigh…long wait for this awkward mess.

    • I agree with this completely. Really didn’t want to be disappointed but it was not good. Had I not been familiar with the story, I would have been completely lost. Too many empty characters and a story that moved too fast and yet sometimes too slow. The scenes where the inner senshi are targeted one by one in the first film were excruciatingly slow and predictable. It worked in the manga – not so much as a film.

      My favorite scene was when Hotaru is being raised by the outer senshi and awakens as Sailor Saturn. That was nicely done.

      • Yeah, the second movie was a little better as far as pacing. There were so many times characters were talking without their mouths moving (inner dialogue) and I felt like it could have been an actually conversation with the characters drawn out a bit to explain it. If not makes sense.

        Also, I enjoyed the music but I liked how the 3rd season had bits of the previous seasons music and I missed that. It didn’t feel like it was part of the first three seasons…

        I dunno, again, I feel like episodes would have been better as it would have fixed some pacing issues and fleshed it out a bit.

        • Considering how much footage was recycled from Crystal, I don’t see a point in also recycling music from Crystal–although a lot of it was because Yasuharu Takanashi also composed music for Eternal.

          The continuity is pretty obvious between Crystal and Eternal, with or without the music. _#_

          Once again, everyone is so obsessed with comparing Eternal to everything that came before it that they can’t appreciate it on its own. Typical fandom.

          • Maybe that their very and only way to genuinely appreciate Eternal IS by comparing it to Crystal or to the classic anime, Linh?

            You’re no one to say that these people do not really appreciate Eternal “on its own” as you say just because they compare it to this or that. People often need references to lean on. It’s not typical fandom: it’s typical human psychology. There are different ways to genuinely appreciate something. And yours is not the best nor it is the only one.

          • The films are trash whether you compare it to anything that came before it or not. The fact that there is something to compare it to is the only reason anyone watched it in the first place.

        • I’m honestly not sure if you’re trying to troll or if you just hate Sailor Moon. As a fan, I can say certainly that the films are far from being close to trash, they are not even bad at all. Even compared to what we had before, they are on par with or as good, for the most part, and better in some aspects.

          • We’re all allowed to have standards so he’s entitled to his opinion, however critical, though it would have been more meaningful discussion-wise had he said why he thought the movies were trash.

            Gentle Uteruses for all.

          • Well, at least I’m not the sole target this time. I’m not sure if that will make it easier or harder to dodge.

  10. I will say I did not finish watching both films, but I did finish part 1. I may have missed some things, but it is overall a decent movie. However, I will say that either they needed to add more time to each movie maybe about another 1 hour or so just made this into a tv series. The movie was not bad in of itself it is just everything is happening so quickly and even though they did a good job of trying to add everything they could, more time was definitely needed. This was what made season 3 actually pretty good. They redrew did most if not all of the panels of the manga, but they also expanded a bit on things to me. Of course it was not a whole lot they would have needed 26 episodes for that each season to be honest. For example those first two episodes which originally was 1 chapter for the manga was given more room to breathe. What I did really like that they kept just like in season 3 was the humor or just banter of the characters which it seems was completely left out of the first 2 seasons of Crystal. It would have been nice if they were able to keep all of the scenes and if they had given about 1 hour or more extra each film to just expand on the story a bit more. But that brings me back to the fact that it really should have been a TV series we would be allowed to let the show really expand at least a little. This is the main disappointing part that they were not given more run time like they would have with the tv series of at least 13 episodes.

    The art itself so far in part 1 was not bad. It was not breathtaking, but I kind of figured since I never expected movie quality when they first said it would be movies because how they dealt with Crystal the whole time. In terms of the animation the main disappointment was they reused the same transformations and attacks. The only one being Mercury where both her attack and transformation felt new. The Moon Crisis could have been done as an experiment similar to the Universal attraction where it was a new transformation sequence or even try something different like in Season 3 of Crystal. The Moon Gorgeous Mediation could have used used a refresh in choreography as well. Overall the art did not bother me. It would have been nice if it was the quality of the first poster that was based the manga chapter pose, but it was not that bad for part 1.

    I watched the English dub and that to me was the worse part of the movie. It was not the voice actors, but the fact that they had to add all those honorifics which up until these movies they never did and I can see why. It just sounds forced. That was a bad decision to add it. Every time they said Mamo-chan or someone’s name with honorifics it just sounded odd. Of course was I watching it in Japanese it would make sense because that is how you would speak, but in an English translation it just made the dialogue seem off. Or when the Quartet refer to the Amazon trio in their animal form I believe they kept both the honorific and their Japanese name. It just made the dialogue feel forced, which is for me is the main reason I did not enjoy watching the movie so far.

    Overall I believe the show would have benefited from being a TV series and allowed to keep most scenes or developed some scenes. I miss the opening and ending theme. I miss having those commercial break art. I miss watching it as a series of episodes. Whoever is making the choice to keep those minor character interactions/banter/little bit of humor or even added it really gave the movie some additional content.

    • Dub from another language will sound forced even without the honorifics, which is why I prefer original language audio with sub track whenever possible. Enough of the original language is already lost in text translation and adding voices to that makes it worse.

      As for the animation, no one was expecting Ghibli or Ponoc-level of art direction, but the animation in Eternal overall was as good as or better than the animation in Crystal S3.

  11. I’d just like to say that Mammaroo-sama was smoking hot in Eternal–even when he was clutching his chest, coughing up blood, and generally being a dead weight on the team.

  12. Only saw part 1 so far. Enjoyed it, but the pacing was too fast. You don’t get much time to digest what’s happened before the next major event.

    Jupiter and Hawk’s Eye was the better of the powerup encounters, Hawk’s Eye feeling like an actual character. He was the only thing that kept the Trio from being entirely the evil queer stereotype. Xenotime and Zeolite did not help. It wouldn’t have taken much to flesh out the Trio. The twins are throwaway characters anyway.

    That’s the way they are in the original 90s manga but it feels dated now. Versus their depictions in the 90s anime and some of the musicals, the movie felt like a step back.

    • The trio and the twins were always disposable. The 90s anime just brainwashed you into thinking otherwise. Even Zirconia was disposable. You can root for whomever you want, but the most important survivors from the Dead Moon Circus was/is/will be the quartet.

      Fisheye has always been effeminate, but Tigerseye was neutral if not straight up hetero in this movie.

      • You may have misunderstood. I’m not talking about their demeanor. I’m hardly brainwashed by the 90s anime either. The Trio shouldn’t overshadow the Quartet. That’s not what I’m saying should happen.

        I’m literally talking about adding a couple lines of dialogue to flesh out the character. Hawk’s Eye? Done well. Fish’s Eye? Not so much.

        • Yeah, in the old anime, Fish Eye was my favorite of the trio. They had the most character development and his selflessness at the end was touching.
          I always knew they were gonna one-shot these three, but it was a shock what they did with Hawk’s Eye. His last words were so good, and though I am normally against deviation, I think that was a good move overall.
          I guess overall, he was the only one who really connected with the one he attacked.
          Mercury was just seduced and dragged into the mirror and Mars was mocked and ridiculed. But Hawk got to know Jupiter a bit and it was enough to make them change a little.

          • Exactly. They could have made Fish’s Eye jealous because Ami was human and he wasn’t or had Tiger’s Eye committed to defeating Mars because the Quartet promised he’d become a human artist. Nice counterbalances to Hawk’s Eye who gets it.

            One mad that they can’t realize their dreams. One relying on others to make their dream happen. And the last understanding that dreams take hardwork and commitment. Adds a nice punch to one of the major themes of the story.

          • I think Hawkseye got some extra screen time to help flesh out Jupiter Dream.

            Mercury had her parents, and Mars had her grandfather/crows to flesh out their backstories, while Jupiter had no blood relatives due to being an orphan.

            The Japanese VA for Hawkseye mentioned that he and Jupiter’s VA recorded a bunch of scenes together in the booth, which really helped his performance because in a feature like this with such a large cast a lot of the recordings are done solo due to scheduling constraints.

        • “Adding a couple lines of dialogue to flesh out the character” is what the 90s anime did, and we really don’t need more of the same old same old stuff that’s been done already.

    • Yes, Hawk’s Eye’s final words to Jupiter were very poignant and took him beyond the empty villainy of the others; both he and Jupiter shared a similar dream.

      • Yes! That’s what made it painful. His last words to Jupiter, his enemy, were encouraging and sad. I loved that little extra.

  13. I’m confused as to why Sailor Mars ties to transform using “Mars Star Power, Make-up” after she had been using “Mars Planet Power Make-up” in season 3. It happens in both English and Japanese.

    • Yeah, I noticed that too…that was CWI levels of inconsistency! What’s next? Calling Sparkling Wide Pressure “Supreme Thunder?” ;)

      • I remember one episode where Sparking Wide Pressure was localized as “Jupiter Thunder Power” in the CWI dub. It might have been during the writers’ strike, but I stopped watching dub after that.

    • This inconsistency was in the manga too, and it’s never been fully addressed in the text. Mars does ask herself afterwards if she said the wrong thing, but I’m not convinced that’s the actual reason.

      I’m actually impressed that Eternal kept this little quirk intact instead of correcting it. Good catch.

      • Ah, I’d heard there was a big goof from the manga that was left intact! I guess that’s the one, then.

  14. I’m on my fifth or sixth Netflix viewing, and I’m starting to notice the soundtrack. I hope it gets released as a separate album and not just as a DVD/Blu-ray exclusive.

    • I can really hear that Fairy-Tail vibe in the soundtrack. I love it. So much emotion and a bit of a Celtic feeling to it at times.
      This is probably my favorite Sailor Moon soundtrack (for now)
      My main complaint with the soundtrack is the song during the final battle. I didn’t hate it…it just felt off, it was like someone started playing Hatsune Miku on blast the whole fight and threw it off.
      I like the song well enough and it didn’t exactly hurt the scene for me…I guess I just imagined something more epic for that battle all these years.
      The only other complaint I may have is that Venus got her own song and the others all shared one. I understand why, but hearing Venus’ unique track made me wish they all had a different one.

      • I’m sure all the Hatsune Miku fans were pleased.

        Moon Effect might have more epic without vocals because 10 people singing all at once is noisy AF. There was a lot of female bravada though, which is important for whatever girl-power vibes this movie is sending to the kiddos.

        If you’re talking about the music that plays during the transformation sequences, I think Venus’ attack music was used during her transformation instead of the shared transformation music. We won’t know for sure until the soundtrack is released, but that’s my guess.

        Also, Venus’ transformation sequence was a total mess. The animators clearly tried to revamp it a second time but it still turned out sloppy. This fits my theory that the characters who go first (Mercury/Uranus) get the most attention while the ones who go last (Venus/Saturn) get whatever leftover scraps the animators can scrape together as they run out of time and budget.

        • That’s an interesting theory, and it kind of makes sense. The quality does seem to drop as each senshi transforms.
          Imagine if they all had the same level of detail as “World Shaking” or Mercury’s transformation.

          My issue with Venus’ transformation is that it seems to be trying to combine all of them that came before and never really finishes any of the best parts of any of those.
          One of the best things about her 90’s henshin was how the ribbon forms a circle around her and then fires stars upwards, this version chops the part where the ribbon forms the circle but still shows the stars blast upward.

          • Yup, the animators frankensteined Venus’ transformation in Eternal but they half-assed it so badly that it ended up being worse than if they had just straight-up copied the nineties henshin.

            I thought the shooting star/figure skating concept had potential, but it just doesn’t go anywhere. Saturn’s henshin suffers from a similar problem: great concept with the fetal position and rebirth imagery but no follow through.

            I don’t have high expectation for Princess Kakyuu’s transformation in the Stars arc.

          • Toei has always tried to take shortcuts on transformations since the old days. One of the directors (I believe) had to argue with them to give Uranus and Neptune actual sequences instead of something like the Starlights and Chibi Moon got.

            This makes me mad, I know they are probably some of the most expensive animations to make, but they can (and always are…) rehashed by the company repeatedly and they know full well these animations are a huge deal to us.
            The fact they put so little into Saturn is pretty disrespectful. There’s no way they are that out of touch.
            They knew full well the expectations in her and they didn’t follow through.
            I imagine Uranus was so well treated since she’s the winner of the popularity polls in Japan lately (and Mercury was in the old days).
            I felt like Saturn was treated quite well in Crystal season 3, it’s just a shame they didn’t do better with her here.

    • She is in every version, actually.
      It’s stated multiple times.
      In the old anime, (especially the old dub) it is really glossed over or not mentioned, but the manga, Crystal, and live-action make it clear Venus is the leader. (and Mars is second in command in the live-action).
      Sailor Moon was briefly the leader before Venus joined and she was revealed as the princess.
      But since this is based on the manga and not former dubs or even the original series, Venus is definitely the leader.

        • Since you’ve decided to be wrong twice, I guess I’ll correct you twice.

          Venus is the leader of the inner senshi, whose job is to defend Serenity. Think of them like the princess’ royal guard. Sailor Moon can’t lead the royal guard because she isn’t a part of it. Being the main character has nothing to do with being the leader.

        • Serenity can’t be the leader of the senshi because she’s the princess/queen.

          So in addition to not having seen or read the Dark Kingdom arc, you’re now telling Aqua and me that we’re all wrong and you’re right? This was covered in the manga and both anime series multiple times. It was even covered in PGSM.

          Please do your homework next time you decide to make up your own fandom.

        • Let me put it this way:
          Usagi/ Sailor Moon is the lead character for the story. We’re not disputing that if that’s what you mean.
          As the princess, she is the leader of the entire team in a sense.
          However, the leader of the team usually referred to as the Inner Senshi is Sailor Venus.
          Sailor Moon fights alongside the inner Senshi in the present day but in the distant past and then again, in the distant future, she does not fight as part of the Senshi, and Sailor Venus is their leader.
          Think of her as like “Captain of the Guard”. She is underneath the ruler, but she leads the team into battle.

          Sailor Moon is the Princess/Queen and ultimately in command of all of the other Sailor Senshi.
          Sailor Venus leads the team of the Inner Senshi, which are the Princess’ bodyguards and soldiers.

  15. Getting sick of all the comments comparing Eternal to Crystal when the format is clearly different for a reason. (The comments comparing Eternal to the 90s anime are even more irrelevant.)

    I agree that Eternal’s pacing was rushed but a story with over two dozen characters was never going to be a slow burn anyway in a 160-minute movie format. A lot of fans seem to have unrealistic expectations for what this movie was going to be, and that’s in part due to (1) not having done their homework (i.e. reading) and (2) getting drunk on the hype cool-aid from marketing.

    Ignoring how this movie was primarily fan service to sell retail collabs, I think we should appreciate the creative risks that the creative team took in making an entire story arc as a two-part film instead of the same predictable episode serialization that’s been done time and time again. Could more risks have been taken? Absolutely. Trying to break away form the 90s anime continues to be sabotaged by reusing the same attack/transformation animations from over a decade ago, but striking a balance between nostalgia and creating something new is inherently part of rebooting a franchise. There are always compromises, and those compromises won’t please everyone.

  16. I’m comparing the different dub audio tracks for fun and I’ve noticed that English dub seems to be the only one that translates lemures as “lemurs” (pronounced LEE-murz, i.e. those furry primates from Madagascar).


    • Well, lemur does come from the Latin Lemures (evil or restless ghosts).
      I would say the better way to pronounce it would have been “lem-yer-eez” to make it both more authentic and to differentiate…
      but I just did a quick Google search and the top results pronounce it as “lemurs” for the ghosts even…so I’m guessing they didn’t look much further into it.

      I guess it’s still better than “Remless” from the old English dub, though that bad translation also made some sense since “REM” stands for a state of sleep when we dream, and “less” could make it “Dreamless” .
      Maybe they were actually onto something. (I didn’t come up with that theory, it’s been around for years.)

      • Yup. Naming little black dust bunnies after Madagascan primates is what happens when you take the top Google search results and don’t bother doing any more background research. Makes me wonder what other corners were cut during the adaptation and dubbing process. “Remless” was at least original enough to not be confused for something else.

        • As a fan of mythology, even before I read Sailor Moon, I was thrilled when I saw they were incorporating the lemures…then the dub butchered the word. Funny, but the monsters of the day kind of felt more like lemures in some ways than the dustbunnies (I’ve always hated that design, but I guess it technically fits the pattern after the droids and then the daimons)

  17. Looks like the Netflix release doesn’t have the “to be continued” text at the end of kouhen. I’ve watched the credits several times and can’t find it. Guess that means this is the end…

    • Same, I’ve specifically looked for it and never saw it.
      I don’t know if I’d confirm it’s the end, but it is a bit disheartening.
      We can hope the merch makes up for the performance and convinces them to make more. Goodness knows I’ve contributed plenty for my part, double-dipping on some of the QPoskets and even triple dipping on a few if you count variants.
      If enough of us buy even a little bit of merch (preorder at your local retailers or online) then maybe Toei will see the interest in the west still exists.

      I really hope they don’t drop the quality we saw here if/when they continue.
      I feel like Stars does get overhyped (and if you like the characters besides Sailor Moon get ready to not get fanservice) but the final half of Stars is so awesome and we deserve to see it animated in all its glory.

      • I can’t tell the difference between any of the Qposket variants, but thank you for your service.

        I’m not particularly optimistic about Stars as a movie adaptation, since box office sales were underwhelming for Eternal. Kouhen didn’t even make any top 10 rankings. There’s a good chance that Eternal won’t make Netflix’s top 10 ranking either. Even Cocomelon is getting more views.

        • What? You can’t tell the difference in the variants? But there is like almost a full shade difference in them!!
          Just kidding. They are lazy variants. Except for maybe Mercury’s who is a very paler shade of blue, sort of PGSM Mercury colors. I try to imagine they are “manga” variants to make myself feel better.
          I’ve never understood the need for such similar variants these figures get. At least the ones for Bulma get manga-colored hair as the second version.

  18. I watched both movies, and while they were pretty meh as actual movies, I Ioved them! I would give the animation an A-. Not quite an A. It was very pretty in some scenes, but not so much in others. I don’t know why Venus’ transformation looked so choppy! Like missing frames! And I wish her star ribbons formed her fuku like in the first season of Crystal. They could do that after her skating around with the star ribbons. Also Jupiter needed her lightning to form her fuku. Actually everything should have been animated as well as Mercury’s transformation and Uranus’ World Shaking! My God, World Shaking was awesome! I also quite enjoyed seeing new animation of Sailor Moon doing Moon Gorgeous Meditation by herself in part 2. That was a nice surprise. But for some reason it looked like some of the senshi were drawn pretty badly when they were calling out their castle names. Like, were the designs not good for when the characters looked up with their heads? I dunno why it looked bad to me. As movies, I would probably give these a C+. Because I didn’t really feel anything in terms of emotion. If only we could have had episodes like Crystal, but animation like these Eternal films. And this is random, but in the English dub, Zirconia says “We hold the whole world in our hands” or something like that. Was that in the original Japanese, too? Because it sounds like a bad reference to that English song about God, “He’s God the Whole World in His Hands”!

    • I absolutely loved Venus’ transformation in Crystal S1 and S2 with the pen twirling and ribbon drawing! Prettiest Venus henshin ever!

      As you’ve guessed, Eternal was not a high-budget undertaking. Unconfirmed, uncited estimates place gross cumulative box office revenue for both parts at only $1.1m, which is far below any production budget for a two-part movie. My take is that the animation part of production was rushed.

      The English dub was a hot mess for many, many reasons but as someone suggested the voice directing was one of them. For some reason, Mercury’s VA repeatedly attempted to copy the DiC/Cloverway style of voicing attacks and transformations while the others were all on the same page more or less. My guess here is that the localization process was also rushed. (Remember Michael Yurchak’s “accidental” IG post last year?)

      Feel free to provide your feedback to the English dub crew for Eternal before the same thing happens with the Stars arc:

      Production Supervisor: Scott Tanaka
      Dubbing Director: Todd Haberkorn (also a VA)
      Adapter: Deborah Crane
      Editor: Airi Mori
      Vocal Editor: Ray Kanagy
      Project manager: Lia Sato
      Dubbing Cast Lead: Carolina Martinez

      • It’s funny, I was thinking the same thing about Mercury. She surprisingly sounds close to Karen Bernstein at a few points.
        I didn’t hate it, it just threw me off a bit.

      • Yay another fan of Venus’ Season 1 and 2 henshin!

        Hey, guys, what was with Nehalennia as a character? She…hardly did anything. Where did she come from? She really lived in the moon? What was she trying to do at Princess Serenity’s christening? It looked like she just wanted some recognition, and to show that light and dark need each other. I know she cursed the princess and that was cool, but I didn’t get what her main goal was at the christening. Then she had ths silver crystal for 5 seconds and didn’t do anything there, either! What’s up with her?

        • If it’s not obscenely obvious, all the Sailor Moon boss villains want the same thing: the maboroshi no ginzuishou.

          What do they want to do with it? Think of Pinky and the Brain.

          Nehelenia actually explains this in great detail in both the anime and manga, which I’m guessing you haven’t read. She explains all of this in her monologues. I could explain the “come over to the dark side” trope, but that would require more reading on your part. This is also explained in the Stars arc of the manga.

          I’d recommend you maybe not watch the dub and watch the sub instead, since a lot of stuff gets lost in translation.

        • If anyone doesn’t want spoilers, don’t read past this!

          Nehalennia comes from across the galaxy, as does Queen Serenity.
          She is an embodiment of Chaos.
          Don’t let her words fool you, the offer she was making to Queen Serenity was not an offer of peace and cohabitation, she was trying to lure the queen into giving her power in the Solar System.
          As sweet as she may have come off at first, you must remember that all of Chaos’ forms have manipulated and dominated their minions who were often good people (the Four Kings, Saphir and Demande, Hotaru, the Quartet) Nehalennia is pure evil and her motivations are not very complicated. She desires power and to spread evil.
          Chaos used many avatars to attack the light (order), including Metaria, Death Phantom/Nemesis, Pharaoh 90 and in the far distant future, Sailor Chaos.

          Queen Serenity and the young Sailor Senshi sense her for what she is, a dark being that is alien to our Solar System so they expel her. They did offer her peace as shown in the film, but she made it clear, her intent was to spread darkness (chaos) in the world. By trapping her in the realm of darkness, this not only sealed her from Silver Millenium, it enabled her to survive the big reset Sailor Saturn brought about after Metaria attacked.
          I think she is based in part on both the Evil Queen from Snow White and the Wicked Fairy from Sleeping Beauty.
          There’s also a character in a book called Queen Zixi of Ix or the Story of the Magic Cloak, where a witch queen named Zixi desires her reflection to be the form everyone else sees through her magic, but in the mirror, she appears as a stooped, bald, shriveled old hag, sort of like the difference between Nehelennia and Zirconia.

          • I don’t have access to the manga to check my references. I believe most if the confusion around Nehellenia stem from some dialogue about both Queen Serenity and herself being from outside the Solar System and being ‘the same’.

            Nehellenia is talking about the Galaxy Cauldron and how both light and dark are born from the Cauldron, hence the two are like siblings. Nehellenia is absolutely trying to manipulate Queen Serenity, using this link as a weakpoint. 90s anime Nehellenia was a good person who was corrupted by her own insecurities. Manga Nehellenia is just straight-up evil.

        • Nehelenia’s role isn’t particularly nuanced in either the manga or Eternal, other than being the first humanoid incarnation of Chaos (Metalia, Phantom, and Pharoah were all shapeless blobs). We’re supposed to feel some kind of sympathy for her because of this, but at the end of the day she’s ​just another disposable villain for Sailor Moon to kill.

          Her appearance during the Silver Millennium had less to do with Serenity’s christening than it had to do with her mother, who was the light counterpart to Nehelenia’s dark reflection. I don’t think the Sleeping Beauty analogy is particularly relevant here, except maybe visually.

          The Silver Crystal is Serenity’s sailor crystal and a part of her, which is why Nehelenia loses control of it so quickly. Galaxia is far more successful on this front, but more on that in the next arc.

          • Thank you Linh, saintfighteraqua, Mars Reiko, and Francisca! I watched the first movie in Japanese with subs, but the second movie in English dub. I will watch the second movie in Japanese tonight. I have not read the entire manga, and I really need to! Thank you so much for explaining everything to me, guys! It kind of makes me think the ’90s anime was better in character development sometimes.

          • Yeah, for all its issues, sometimes the 90’s anime was better, mainly since it had more room to grow and breathe. Of course, it also squandered a ton of potential to flesh some characters out better in favor of random monster of the day plots with one-off characters we never see again.

          • In addition to deviating heavily from the source material and taking on a more “shounen” tone in order to appeal to a broader audience, the nineties Sailor Moon was a little obsessed with reforming its antagonists (think plant aliens, Hotaru’s Dad, Nehelenia, Iron Mouse, Galaxia) instead of sticking to the black-and-white good-vs-evil trope.

            This framework made the show a bit more kid-friendly, but it hamstrung both the characters and the plot: nobody was ever allowed to kill anything except Sailor Moon, and half the time she ended up healing rather than killing. At times the story was modified so heavily to the point where it feels like it was completely rewritten.

            But it was all worth it. Because the monster-of-the-week format copied from Toei’s other series (think Kamen Rider and Super Sentai) succeeded in drawing out the lifecycle of the franchise long enough for merchandise to sell, i.e. every filler episode with a monster fight was a chance to advertise a brooch, pen, stick, wand, action figure, lunch box, backpack, or Star Gentle Uterus blinking star thingie. If you watch some of the commercial breaks that aired during Toei’s initial broadcast, you’ll notice endorsements for products that have nothing to do with Sailor Moon.

            I grew up with nineties SM, but I as an adult I don’t care much for it now. Animation is no longer a medium for only children, and hopefully that frees up room for art and writing which are also not only for children.

          • Yes, I agree wholeheartedly saintfighteraqua.

            Francisca, you like Sailor Moon Crystal and Eternal but not the ’90s anime?

            Am I the only one who also thought it was sad and horrible the way Nehalennia died twice? The way she screamed and got blown away made me feel bad for her.

  19. I liked the films, the animation and story points were well-done. I still hope for Stars to return as a series, not two films that won’t premier for seven years. And then I so badly want a followup original series about grownup Chibi-Usa, Helios and the Asteroid Senshi fighting on their own. I also wish we could finally see Kunzite and Endymions other guardians finally reincarnated and reunited with the princesses.

  20. I found a wiki stating there is another SM movie in the works for the parallel universe of SM called, ‘Sailor Moon Universe: Kousagi of Crystal Tokyo’ do not fall for this. No movie by that name has been announced. This is obviously fan made.

  21. One of the loose ends in the story is what happens to the Dead Moon Circus after Nehelenia is defeated in Elysion. Another is what happens to the Moon Kaleidoscopes: are they sitting in the back of a sock drawer somewhere, were they sold at an auction, were they returned for store credit, etc.?

    I guess we’ll never really know.

      • Imagine Umino or Naru or any of the regular school characters being relevant anymore in the story.

        Same question about the Holy Grails from the Death Busters arc: in Eternal (and in the manga), the grails just randomly vanish into the ether after which Usagi and Chibiusa realize they don’t need them anyway. In the Stars arc, Chibiusa doesn’t even use weapons and Neptune randomly starts using a violin in battle. Where is the continuity WTF?!

        I am definitely overthinking this.

    • Well it’s a Cocomelon cyclone then!

      (Haven’t watched the movies yet and might not before too long. Priorities are elsewhere at the moment but my love for puns is still intact.)

        • Hahaha great fanart! Thanks for the link, it’s in my bookmarks now. An attack that will not miss its target ans knock the enemies out everytime!

          • Haha yes, that detail killed me!

            (Thanks to you I’ve just found that in English too the word “melon” is used to refer to a person’s head. In French we have an expression, “avoir le melon” or “prendre le melon” (to get the melon) meaning that someone is getting the big head (“prendre la grosse tête”, literally). Hope that Mako-chan is not getting the big head after this murderous attack! Even when you are able to command to coconuts, you have to stay humble.)

          • Aurélia, “melons” also mean something else in colloquial English, e.g. “Sailor Uranus has huge melons in Eternal”.

          • Oh my! I didn’t know that! I guess there are a lot of connections between our languages even in slang.

            And I didn’t even think about the other usage for body parts in English, Fransisca! XD
            It also makes me think of Jupiter and the safe translation choice Dic made of having here say “I have more talent” as a way to justify being in the Snow White play.
            C’mon Jupiter, don’t be shoving your talent in people’s faces like that!

            vs the original Japanese:

          • Thank you Francisca :) ! This word also has this meaning in colloquial French but given the shape of a melon, I assume it must be the case in other languages as well, lol.

            With Uranus’ huge melons, the world’s gonna shake and crumble for sure! Sorry not sorry.

          • *Fransisca. Cursed be thee, T9, and cursed be the very day I bought a smartphone and stopped rereading myself before posting.

    • I love the Mercury sketches!
      I feel like her style works best for Moon and Mercury but somehow falls a little flat on the other three inner girls.(especially Mars and Venus).

      I’ll always be a bit annoyed we never got to see season 3 and the films in the s1-2 style, but I do think Tadano’s style flows a bit better for animation.
      All in all, I still find her designs are very nice, so classic.

    • For those of you without fansubs, the clip of the audio commentary is basically banter between Fukuen Misato and Nojima Kenji in the recording booth. Nojima says he has trouble commentating while watching footage at the same time due to being a bit absentminded. He forgot his wallet at home on the day of the recording, but luckily he had his transit card with him. Fukuen remarks that Mitsuishi Kotono is not present due to scheduliing conflicts, and Nojima replies that the two of them being together for the recording is an unusual pairing.

      • Thank you Fransisca! It’s great to have you here to provide us the original Japanese sources and help us with a bit of translation. As a language enthusiast myself, may I ask you how many languages you do speak/read/write?

        • Kidding. Google Translate sucks. It’s gotten better in recent years, but it still has problems parsing phrases and sentences in non-Western languages, so I supplement with other databases whenever possible.

          I studied some Spanish/Arabic/Japanese/Greek in high school/university, but I can’t really write or speak them so they don’t count.

          How about you?

          • Thanks ;) !

            Yeah you’re right about Google Translate and non-Western languages. As far as I tried, it really sucks in Japanese, Chinese and Russian as well as in other “Asian” and Slavic languages. It’s good though between English and some other Western languages, the most spoken of them of course. I noticed it had improved over time from English to French and vice versa, which is a very good point. Anyway you’re right to cross the databases when necessary!

            Between Junior High School and High SchooI I studied English Spanish, Portuguese and Ancient Greek and kept on studying the first two after High SchooI. However as an adult a few years ago I studied Romanian (and still do when I have time). So it became really hard to keep my mind clear with 3 Romance languages fighting each other in my head. Nowadays I can’t speak nor orally understand Portuguese anymore. As for reading/writing it, it’s very hard without the help of books or even, of online help. My Spanish is going the same way, unfortunately, though it’s less brutal. Romanian has really taken over, even though I’m very very far from fluency. But those 3 languages helped me to develop skills in Italian (reading and oral understanding). I recently tried to help an Ukrainian woman in the street who could only speak Italian, and all that came out of my mouth was a messy and involuntary mix of Spanish and Romanian with bits of broken Italian and all of that gibberish was ridiculous as hell. I felt powerless.

            To add to the useless, I learned the Cyrillic alphabet just to be able to decipher the Slavic languages that use it. And I have a fascination for Latin alphabet diacritics too! I try to learn them all.

            Still you seem to have a good command of Japanese and I admire that :D . Studying languages counts a lot.

  22. I’ve been watching Crystal with someone who hasn’t seen it and so far they like it better than classic. They think the fast pace makes it easier to watch, so I’m interested in how they will react to the films’ pacing.
    We’ve watched the first two seasons and they have no idea the art style changes so drastically in season 3, so I’m wondering what they’ll think of that since they also prefer the Crystal s1 and 2 animation to classic.

    I personally love all the styles so far (with s3 maybe being my least favorite…bizarre since I preferred it on my first watch). I think these new films might be my favorite Sailor Moon designs ever.

    The music might also be my favorite.
    I know some of you have said it doesn’t really stand out, but overall I think it hits the right beats with my least favorite part of that being how loud Moon Effect is during the final battle. I love the song, it’s just not really got that timeless sound like the rest of the soundtrack.

    • With all the sharp angles, heavy shading, and oversized hair, Yukie Sako’s character design for S1 and S2 was probably the most difficult to appreciate for me. All the quality control issues didn’t help either. (Think of how many problems the Moon Pride OP still had even after the redraw.) The supermodel aesthetic also wasn’t a great look on 14-year-olds. Sako’s resume is shounen-heavy so he was an unorthodox choice for a shoujo anime, I thought.

      Takahashi’s character design for S3 went to the opposite extreme: looking closer to the cutesy Pretty Cure aesthetic, which would have been great if the characters were all newborn babies. The body proportions were more sensible than in Sako’s design, but the faces looked overly rounded and sugar-coated at times. 高橋 晃

      Kazuko Tadano’s designs for Eternal look like a modified version of Takahashi’s designs. I particularly liked the different outfits the characters wore, but I take issue with the placement of eyes, which were often too high up or too far apart on the face. This might just have been multiples pencilers working on different scenes. I dunno. 只野和子

      I have thoughts on the music too, but I’m tired.

      • On a side note, Google initially translated the characters you provided as Chinese and translated them directly as “the High Bridge Shook” or “So High” and then “The Only Wild Son” for the second name.

        • Google Translate actually correctly romanized those names for me using auto-detect. Might be differences in settings.

    • God I’m so tired of these low-effort retail collabs. Just sell me a pet rock with Sailor Moon painted on it and be done with it.

      • Hmm, at least these aren’t too expensive. Though I’m sure shipping will be murder. The die-cuts are cute but the direct from the film art stills are pretty low effort.
        If these were sold locally, I’m sure I’d buy them, even though I hate stickers!

    • You made me laugh. I love these but they’ll never manage to separate me from my money. Or: I’ll buy them, but they will be designed to carry my very big wallets. Because if I can afford those bags, then it means that I am rich. Yeah 8) .

      Although as always, they totally disrespected Pluto with those brown ribbons (because unless I’m crossed-eyed, they are brown on the pictures). It’s her secondary color along with garnet (or cherry or magenta or I don’t know what because nobody seems to care), yet everyone has a bag with ribbons of their primary colors, i.e. “aura” colors. When will they stop to be that inconsistent with Pluto’s black aura color? I know it’s (very) hard (if not impossible sometimes) to reproduce in animation. But when it comes it physical objects, this shouldn’t be a problem.

      • It’s so hard to say…from the front image it definitely looks brown but the back image looks black.
        I guess even whoever photoshopped this has no idea what her color is.

        • Totally agree with you but I was lazy to write more, but yes, the first picture has the ribbons brown while the second one has them between brown and black… But I would still say they’re brown, alas… Notice that for all the other Senshi, the colors are the same for every picture. Poor Pluto, again…

    • depuis quelques temps et ça commence
      vraiment à devenir très lourd. Voir les récents messages de Stephanie – ou de quelqu’un se faisant passer pour Stephanie – ici dans ce fil de discussion, prétendant que son compte a été piraté et que ce n’est pas elle qui a écrit certains de ses commentaires, et réclamant une solution pour récupérer son mot de passe (?)… L’avatar et le nom sont les mêmes, donc qui croire ?
      Je trouve que l’espace commentaires jadis si sympa est devenu néfaste depuis quelques semaines. C’est fort dommage…

      • Merci. Je vérifie avec Stephanie pour voir ce qui se passe.

        J’essaye normalement de ne pas être la police avec les commentaire, sauf au cas extremes. C’est certain que dans les derniers temps le niveau d’hostilité a augmenté considérablement. Quand au cas de fraude c’est certain que je vais intervenir. Pour le reste je surveille ca et si il y a des cas en particulier qui semblent êtres abusifs en faites mois signe.

      • It’s just cut off “depuis” from the next comment. Around here we say “dep” short for “dépanneur” but this doesn’t fit the context and just means corner store. Literally “to bail out of trouble”. I don’t believe this term is used much outside of Canada.

        • Cool. I look forward to visiting a Canadian dépanneur one day to buy ketchup chips and bag milk with my loonie toonies.

          • You’ll need a few loonies! And you can’t buy a single bag of milk (that I’m aware of) as they come in three packs!

            Laws vary by province but here in Quebec they also sell booze at the dépanneur. That’s where I get my beer. Better selection than the grocery store.

  23. *Peaks in to whisper with some embarrassment.*
    I STILL haven’t watched them! I’ve been hectically busy (in a good way)! But I’ll come back once I have. Have fun, y’all!

    • Remember to watch the post-credits scene at the end of the first half! It’s actually not a huge deal, but it’s something to look forward to.

  24. I’m watching the European Portuguese dub of Eternal on Youtube (because someone was brazen enough to post it there and it hasn’t been taken down yet), and all the kids sound like middle-aged women–except for Chibi-usa who sounds like a tired, dehydrated 99-year-old chain-smoking grandmother.

    Going to try the Thai dub next though the sound editing doesn’t seem good.

      • Ursula Bezerra (who is the Brazilian dub voice for Chibi-usa as well as Naruto and Goku) is 46, so that checks out. Her voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard, but I don’t know any Brazilian kids so I don’t know what she should sound like.

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