The Sailor Moon Eternal movies are coming to Netflix worldwide on June 3rd!

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie - Only on Netflix June 3rd

We finally have official confirmation of something we’ve suspected for a long time. The Sailor Moon Eternal films are coming to Netflix! Both Part 1 and Part 2 will be released worldwide on the streaming service in many languages on June 3rd! Watch the announcement trailer which includes Sailor Moon voice actors from around the world and some odd music which is absolutely not in the actual movie.

A listing for the film is also now up on Netflix. It is mentioned to be a double feature but it isn’t clear if this will be one amalgamated movie or if both parts will be released separately. With Sailor Moon Eternal Part 1 having been released in theatres in Japan on January 8th of this year the worldwide release will take place nearly five months later. Fans have been waiting for a date for the Netflix release for a while. The fact that the movies were coming to Netflix for international audiences outside of Japan has been one of the worst kept secrets in the industry!

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie on Netflix

The first hint that Netflix would be dubbing the series goes back to November with the Astro Girl fiasco. A listing showed up on the Screen Actors Guild web site suggesting that “Astro Girl: (Aka: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie)” was being done with a “Netflix dubbing agreement”. The simplest interpretation of this was that Netflix was dubbing the series, which we now know to be correct. At the time I classified this as a rumour.

The next hint came in December as a voice actor accidentally shared a photo which unbeknownst to him revealed a monitor in the background showing an image of the Amazoness Quartet and the words “Property of Netflix”. As this voice actor previously voiced Tiger’s Eye in Sailor Moon SuperS it seemed evident that he was reprising his role in Sailor Moon Eternal. At this point I thought there was no longer any doubt that the movies would be released on Netflix. The only question remaining was when. We now have that answer!

Finally in January there was a Facebook post by a Spanish voice actor of Tuxedo Mask who straight up stated that he recorded Sailor Moon Eternal and thanked Netflix for bringing him and some other Spanish voice actors back to reprise their roles. This not only served as further confirmation of the already evident fact that Sailor Moon Eternal would appear on Netflix, but that it was also being dubbed in a number of other languages. We can now see from the trailer that this is in fact the case!

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie on Netflix

For those of you who would only be satisfied by the most official of official statements, here it is! Please don’t mind my saying I told you so!

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie

It’s worth noting that the trailer also includes a brief clip of Kotono Mitsuishi performing Sailor Moon’s voice in Japanese which suggests that fans will have the option to watch the movie in the original Japanese with subtitles in addition to the dub language of their choosing.

Are you already subscribed to Netflix? If not, will you be signing up in order to see these films?

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63 thoughts on “The Sailor Moon Eternal movies are coming to Netflix worldwide on June 3rd!

    • I would say yes until there is a bluray/dvd release and possible digital release.
      If Netflix bought the rights they won’t let it stream on other sites.

      • Hi, Other Scott. As Aqua pointed out, the audio is a generic track which has nothing to do with either the movie or SM.

        The most likely reason is that some or all of the music from the OST is not licensed for streaming outside of Asia, including 月色Chainon, whose rights are owned by King Records. You’ll see the same phenomenon in localization of other anime that include songs performed by J-pop groups.

        • It sounds a lot like the music viz used to use, just standard promo tunes. Also, finally an announcement ppl! Woot! I assumed we’d hear nothing for a year and then Toei would release it overnight or something without a peep.

          • Yeah, it doesn’t bother me as long as it’s just for the promo!
            It does give this an energy that might be misleading, but then again, it’s 2021 and it’s Sailor Moon, I think most anime fans know what they are getting into. ;)
            I’m just so excited!

  1. Oh, oh! Where are my favorites (besides Adam), Joseph, and Aurelia? This is great news! I want to celebrate with them by making awful jokes and puns!

    And yes, I love the rest of you too, but I’m not ashamed to have favorites.

    • Oh yes, wonderful news for sure, my dear Saint! And just before that, there is the 4th season of Castlevania coming on May 13 :) !
      (And again, before that, there was the Mortal Kombat movie, but I saw it and I didn’t like it and was hugely disappointed, except for Sub-Zero and Scorpion who are dope. So I’ll soon rewatch the 1995 movie to sweeten the pill, lol)

      Alas as much as I’d like to rejoice, I don’t feel like coming on Sailor Moon News anymore, for reasons I’ve already addressed… If I ever totally disappear from this website, feel free (both you and Joe) to ask Adam my email address in private if you ever want to keep in touch ;) .

      • I understand! And by all means, do what makes you happy!
        But just know you being here with us helps make the site a better place and if you go we will miss you.

      • I certainly wouldn’t want you to disappear. Don’t want to visit a site which makes you unpleasant though. If you have any specific concerns please let me know. I’ve tried to address the few fake posts I’ve seen.

    • saintfighteraqua, WE DID IT! We… uh… didn’t really take to a battlefield and actually battled for the Western release of this Sailor Moon Movie. As far as I’m aware, no actual blood was shed. But I’ll just say, we did it, mah boi!! Now to eagerly await June 3 to criticize it to high heaven. :D
      (My tongue was firmly in my cheek as I typed all this nonsense.)

    • Hulu’s all well and good for American viewers but Netflix is the only way to reach a worldwide audience. As a Canadian I could never watch Sailor Moon on Hulu.

      • If I’m 100% honest I will take Netflix over Hulu with its constant 80-second ads even when I’m paying.
        I also feel like it might be treated a bit better here.

          • I agree, I used to use Hulu for anime, but the ads drove me insane and the lack of sub/dub options was annoying.
            I use Funimation now (when I can get it to work…awful infrastructure.)

    • Streaming rights don’t work that way, especially because Hulu never owned them to begin with. Distributors contract with whichever streaming platforms they choose to and can also allow contracts to lapse. It’s just how business works.

      You complain in all of your comments about things you don’t really understand. Be as woke as you want. You’re still a troll.

      • Linh, maybe you are the troll yourself everytime you attack Stephanie because of her harmless opinions. You will not convince her at all. And that does not even matter at all. You are a cyberbully and a troll. I still do not understand why Adam condones your behaviour. Cyberbullying and trolling like yours affect real lives, are you even conscious of that? Or maybe you do not care at all, like most trolls who are sadistic and love hurting others. You are a troll, because you pollute Stephanie’s reactions with your useless and mean comments and ad hominem attacks (like seriously? Calling someone a “woke” in order to easily shut them down? That is called cowardice. Besides Stephanie’s comments does not correspond to the definition of wokism and trollism). Everytime she comments now, you are replying to her comments and calling her a troll, or mocking her because of her linguistic choices. Which is basically… trolling! The mote and the beam, I guess…

        You also pollute Sailor Moon News’ good atmosphere by doing this. You’ve newly arrived here, and Stephanie’s been there for years. She never bothered anyone. Or if she did, people at least were clever enough to ignore her comments, just like with everyone else.

        You are also posting good interesting comments and explanations, that’s a fact, and I encourage that. But you’re also trolling and cyberbullying, and this is what is disappointing. Stephanie does not understand? Fine, then let her go!

          • Don’t worry about it, you’re not acting “woke” or like a troll, either. You’re fine. :)
            I think when you complain about stuff it gives people the wrong idea, but then, I doubt there’s one of us who has been here and hasn’t complained at least a little.

            I do it all the time!

          • Well it’s no different than fans complaining about how bad they think the quality of the redub on DVD and Blu-Ray is.

  2. The instant anything becomes available on any streaming platform is when bootlegs also become available. Many of the younger fans who have been clamoring for a foreign streaming release are actually only interested in watching free HD bootlegs.

    I of course do not condone pirating. Perish the thought.

  3. I’m kind of worried now. I own all of SM on Blu ray and who knows if we will get an NA release of it now with it being on Netflix

  4. well there was a tiny new clip tossed in there of uranus world shaking… do hope that 1 the full cast was available and able to reprise there season 4 voices and 2 i do hope they put this on blu ray dvd sometime further down the line and 3 i know what im watching that week and with several languages to choose from i know im going to burn out a player or 3 watching this set

  5. The weird music is definitely due to a licensing issue, which is disappointing since the soundtrack is very much a part of the movie as the movie is.

    The Japanese music industry isn’t interested in selling or licensing its records to outside markets, partly due to ubiquitous piracy. Its own copyright laws are also quite restrictive, so we’re very lucky if we’re getting Rashiku Ikimasho or Watashi-tashi ni naritakute with the Netflix release.

      • That’s a fair point.

        I don’t ever watch dub, so I don’t know what music is used there, but looking back at S3 of Crystal, Viz’s promotional clips don’t seem to use any Japanese songs, possibly as a cost-saving measure or a way to avoid alienating fans who only watch dub. Music streaming services tend to have separate licensing agreements from video streaming services. I would hope that Netflix also acquired the rights to use the original soundtrack.

  6. on the 2nd photo of this news post what am i seeing other than the one that said Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal the Movie

  7. Does this mean that the rest of SMC is gonna come to Netflix or….
    Also do we have ANY indication if a Stars movie is going to happen?

    • People who have seen the second film said it ends with “To be continued”, so we have that much at least.
      Given that Toei doesn’t seem thrilled with the performance it might be a while if we get another film. It’s possible it could go back to a series.

      • I mean I feel like with covid and everything, I don’t think they expected it to do well in theaters. Maybe they’ll see how it does on Netflix?

        I do wonder WHY they chose to go the movie route instead of more episodes. If they ever do a series boxset or something like that it’s going to be weird having a whole “season” be just 2 movies…

        Unless they decide to split the movies into episodes in that case…who knows.

        • It’s because box office sales are far more profitable than streaming royalties and licensing fees. It’s also harder to pirate a movie before it’s been released digitally.

  8. This is good to finally see, but honestly it has been way too long. With all this time they could have continued it as a TV series as it should have stayed and just given us the rest of the series. To be honest they would have been done by now if they had worked on it after season 3. I cannot believe we had to wait 5 years for this.

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