A new Sailor Moon Eternal trailer and poster have been released!

Sailor Moon Eternal poster

With the first Sailor Moon Eternal movie only a few months away we finally have a new poster and trailer for the film! The poster shows us the Sailor Guardians in their Super forms with Sailor Chibi Moon in the foreground. Check out the new trailer embedded below.

There’s a lot going on in this trailer which gives us a lot of Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako as well as our first glance at Nehelenia! We also have Helios and Pegasus as well as the new Sailor Moon Eternal theme song Moon Color Chainon by Momoiro Clover Z. We can see here that this is an adaptation of the Dream arc of the Sailor Moon manga with many of these scenes looking just like they do in the manga.
Some of the art in this trailer looks quite nice. What do you think of it?

Sailor Moon Eternal trailer - Sailor Jupiter and Makoto

Sailor Moon Eternal Part 1 will be released in theatres in Japan on January 8th following shortly afterwards by Part 2 on February 11th. We don’t have any details about an international release of the films yet.

Sailor Moon Eternal trailer - Sailor Mercury

I’ve included a lot of screenshots from the trailer below!

Sailor Moon Eternal trailer - Chibiusa and Pegasus

Sailor Moon Eternal trailer - Solar eclipse

Sailor Moon Eternal trailer - Usagi

Sailor Moon Eternal trailer - Chibiusa

Sailor Moon Eternal trailer - Chibiusa and Usagi

Sailor Moon Eternal trailer - Usagi and Chibiusa

Sailor Moon Eternal trailer - Ami

Sailor Moon Eternal trailer - Rei

Sailor Moon Eternal trailer - Makoto

Sailor Moon Eternal trailer - Minako

Sailor Moon Eternal trailer - Helios

Sailor Moon Eternal trailer - Zirconia

Sailor Moon Eternal trailer - Nehelenia

Sailor Moon Eternal trailer - Sailor Mercury and Ami

Sailor Moon Eternal trailer - Sailor Mercury

Sailor Moon Eternal trailer - Rei

Sailor Moon Eternal trailer - Sailor Mars

Sailor Moon Eternal trailer - Sailor Venus

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21 thoughts on “A new Sailor Moon Eternal trailer and poster have been released!

  1. Looks like they’re keeping Phobos and Deimos under wraps. Smart move, even if they’re not super important. Based on the trailer, looks like this is going to end on the Venus cliffhanger. That is the logical spot. She’s running off, probably to the circus.

    • I’ve already watched it a dozen times today! It’s so pretty!
      If Toei makes sure to polish this, maybe it will be the manga adaptation we have been waiting for!

      • I’m excited for all the little details and characters that we’ve never seen before! Minako and her compact. Chibiusa with Michiru’s mirror. All the future flashbacks when Chibiusa talks about her parents. The Four Kings watching over Mamoru. The age swap~!

  2. Not gonna lie, after watching this trailer a lot of worries that i had about the movie(s) have been taken away. I still think that the character designs are a major downgrade from both season 1 and 3 but i think the compositing and coloring team did such an incredible job and the little animation we saw seems promising from both the storyboarding/directing aspect and the animation quality aspect (love me some sakuga fest). After the disappointing character design reveals and the horrendous transformations this trailer has genuinely made me feel like all this time i spent actually looking forward to these movies was not a waste after all.

  3. I’m excited and can’t wait for a North American release date. At the same time, I’m just like, “Stop reanimating transformation sequences from the original series! We get it, everyone loves that series. But there’s such a thing as too many callbacks!”

    • I think that’s my issue, I think the new transformations are pretty, they just seem a tad lifeless when compared to the old ones in some aspects (and better in other ways) but I’d love to see them really use their imaginations in creating new ones.
      The little flourishes they added with the otherwise bad 3D ones were great, the way Venus flipped her stick, Mercury’s ice skating, those were great touches and I’d like to see those kinds of ideas used to create completely new ones for each girl.
      Uranus and Neptune’s were by far the biggest disappointments for me.
      They put so much effort into Saturn’s arrival, all new stuff, but Uranus and Neptune had bland traces not even as good as the 90’s versions.

      • I see what you mean. But the attacks are almost exactly the same, too. I think the transformations and attacks should be a balance between old and new like Sailor Moon’s and Sailor Chibi Moon’s Season 3 transformations.

        • I’m hoping that with the differences like Mercury’s harp being small and hopefully Jupiter having her Leaves of Oak wreath and Venus’ should be totally different, which could be why we haven’t seen footage of her or Jupiter attacking.
          In the manga, her Love Chain gets an upgrade to the Whip of the Love and Beauty Goddess, and instead of being made of pendants or hearts, it is made of roses.

          The Love and Beauty Shock we got in the old anime is basically just “Rolling Heart Vibration”.

          • Actually we saw a little of Jupiter attacking in the first trailer. Also saw Venus wink in that trailer like in the 90’s anime attack. But she could still get her Whip of the Love and Beauty Goddess, which I do hope they do, instead of, like you were right when you said, what looked like Rolling Heart Vibration in the old anime.

            I forgot to say, Venus’s transformation was super new and different in the first season of Sailor Moon Crystal, too. The only thing that was about the same was the second half of it.

  4. A small thing I find kind of odd is the eye highlights vary for the girls. The art style for Minako, Makoto, and Ami’s eye looks nice, but it’s kinda weird seeing it different for Rei, Usagi, and Chibi-Usa.

    • It could just be because of the types of lighting they are in. Ami and Makoto are in dark places with lights in front of their eyes while the others are in varying light.

      • I thought so too, but even zooming in on the poster shows them differently, and the attack animation seems to show it. Such a small thing, but it’s kinda funny.

  5. This trailer looked freakin’ beautiful! Ok, not so much the actual movement for some parts, but soem of the movement, and especially the drawings! The drawings, colors, and effects are so beautiful!

    Well, one thing’s for sure. I’m super excited!!!!!!

  6. This trailer shows promise in the story, but the animation is not great. They could have at least tried something different with the attacks and transformations, but they didn’t even bother. That was one thing I did like about season 1 and 2 at least they tried to do a different take on the attacks. Kind of. I like the black backgrounds, but having some color would have been nice. I am not s fan of the thin lines. Overall I hope the movie has an extended running time and they work on the animations, but I highly doubt they will.

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