Nehelenia will be voiced by Nanao in the Sailor Moon Eternal films

Nanao as Nehelenia in Sailor Moon Eternal

At long last the voice of Nehelenia from the upcoming Sailor Moon Eternal films has been revealed! The news, posted on the Sailor Moon Official Site, is that the character will be voiced by popular Japanese actress and model Nanao. The new trailer for the films includes a brief look at Nehelenia however the image is very dark. With minor tweaks to the contrast and brightness of that image we can get a better look at Nehelenia from the upcoming movies!

Sailor Moon Eternal trailer - Nehelenia

Sailor Moon Eternal Part 1 will be in theatres in Japan starting January 8th. Part 2 will be released shortly afterwards on February 11th. The movies will cover the Dream arc of the Sailor Moon manga which was previously loosely adapted as Sailor Moon SuperS.

What do you think of the choice? Are you a fan of Nanao’s other work?

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22 thoughts on “Nehelenia will be voiced by Nanao in the Sailor Moon Eternal films

  1. Apparently, she was quite conflicted about taking on the role, as she’s still very new to voice acting and she’s a big fan of the series. But apparently she’s been practicing her vocal warm ups and trying to get the best sound recording while recording in an at-home studio, so at least we know she’s giving 110% of her efforts.

  2. I have never heard of her as I don’t know much about voice actors Japanese or otherwise. However, the image of Nehelenia looks similar to her original appearance so there is not much to judge. Overall, it looks decent, but we would need more of her in actual movement to judge.

  3. Still wishing btw the company would finally give us a proper Sailor Moon game in English. Japan got lots of Sailor Moon games and Italy got that awesome DS game. But all we’ve ever gotten was that crappy PC game, ‘The 3D Adventures of Sailor Moon,’ we need something better than that crap.

  4. Oh ya! There was that mobile game, which isn’t a proper game. It was a match 3 game that was discontinued. What I am looking for is an RPG game. A bit like that SNES game. What was it called? Another Story? Or maybe a Sailor Moon fighting game, like those arcade like games they released. And I wouldn’t mind more puzzle games, but not on mobile.

  5. anyone have a link about leeked screenshots of sailor moon eternal like the one that has usagi’s and chibiusa’s ages swapped

    • Checked Google images and there isn’t anymore. The only ones I could find are ones we’ve already seen and I saw some fanart but that’s just fanart.

  6. Despite what I said a short while ago, about feeling “whatever” about things, I admit now that I really am looking forward to this movie. Happy Halloween!

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