The Sailor Moon Eternal movies will be released on DVD and Blu-ray in Japan on June 30th!

Sailor Moon Eternal Blu-ray and DVD

A great gift is coming for Usagi’s 43rd birthday as both Sailor Moon Eternal films will be released on one DVD and Blu-ray set June 30th. The news follows Netflix’s announcement that the movies will be streaming worldwide on their service on June 3rd. There will be a more expensive 3 disc Blu-ray (or DVD) and CD combo or a less expensive but still expensive single disc version. A trailer for the home video release was shared to the official site. You can watch it below.

Though we don’t have a lot of details about the special features the more or less bare bones release appears to be just a Blu-ray, or DVD, of the film itself. The single disc Blu-ray will cost 9,800 yen, about $90 US, while the DVD will cost 8,800 yen, about $81 US. The first run limited edition Blu-Ray set will include the disc with the films, a bonus Blu-ray disc who’s contents have not yet been specified, two CDs which will include songs from the film as well as some drama tracks and a booklet. Drama CDs usually include audio of the characters, performed by the voice actors, along with songs. In this case the songs are Moon Color Chainon, the opening theme for the film, and Moon Effect, one of the character songs which feature the entire film’s cast. The exact content of these CDs remains to be determined. There have been a number of Sailor Moon drama CDs released in the past though they’re not of much use to fans who can’t understand Japanese. This Blu-ray set will cost 15,000 yen, about $138 US. The DVD version is 14,000 yen, about $129 US.

Sailor Moon Eternal Blu-ray and DVD

Note that Japanese Blu-ray discs are region A which is the same region as North America. I have imported many Sailor Moon Blu-ray discs and they play without issue on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 game systems which were bought in Canada. Japanese DVDs are region 2 NTSC discs and are incompatible with North American region 1 DVD players, unless they are region free. These sets will almost certainly not have any English subtitles or audio.

There are also vendor specific pre-order bonuses from specific retailers. Some are included with the base price but some others are included for a premium price. For Amazon Japan the free pre-order bonus is an A4 sized file folder featuring Sailor Uranus and Neptune. The premium pre-order bonuses are a framed lithograph (high quality printed image) and a Luna and Artemis mug set. There are not currently any pictures of these items. The sets are currently being shown as being out of stock on Amazon Japan. I’ve had issues preordering a number of their recent CD sets. We will be sure to share some links once other purchasing options are available.

There are also a number of Sailor Moon figures as pre-order bonuses. A set of the five Sailor Guardians in Eternal outfits is available with what I believe is the official fan club. A different set with Eternal Sailor Chibi Moon and the Sailor Quartet is available from the King e-shop and Sailor Moon Store. (Update 2021-05-03: It seems the King e-shop and Sailor Moon Store figures are of Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Uranus, Neptune, Saturn and Pluto and not the Sailor Quartet. I misinterpreted the half broken translation I was reading.)

Do you plan on picking up any of these sets? With the movies streaming on Netflix in early June many fans will have had the opportunity to see the films before this is released. It is also likely that we will eventually get a much less expensive domestic release of these films, though it’s hard to say when that might be. While the bonus video and booklet certainly do seem appealing I look forward to getting more details of what this includes before deciding if these are worth the price! What do you think?

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30 thoughts on “The Sailor Moon Eternal movies will be released on DVD and Blu-ray in Japan on June 30th!

  1. Even if I could order from Japan I wouldn’t want to see a Japanese DVD. They’ve be speaking in Japanese and I wouldn’t understand a word that was said.

    • Blu ray discs are universal, as for the region 2 DVD you just need to buy a region free or a region 2 player, it’s why I invest in blu ray., works on the xbox.

      • Blu-rays still have regions. We just happen to be in the same region as Japan, region A. Like with DVDs though some discs are region free. I was able to import a Transformers The Movie Blu-ray from the UK which had no region.

  2. I’ll be skipping these, but I’ll get the American release for sure! I am terrified that more figures are coming.
    Haven’t they done enough damage to my wallet this year?!!

    • *Saintfighteraqua’s wallet, though it has clearly taken damage, still soars onward, strong and proud.*

      Godspeed, Wallet. *tearfully salutes*

        • As a Rogue, I have taken the liberty of selling some of your older Sailor Moon memorabilia to make room for Eternal merchandise.

          I have also taken the liberty of investing some of the proceeds in Dogecoin while keeping the rest in my Gentle Uterus for safekeeping. Let me know when you need to liquidate.

  3. I’m eyeing the first-edition Blu-Ray mostly because of the 劇伴集, but 15,000円 is a small fortune. There’s no effing way I’m paying 18,400円 for the figurine set.

    I know post-theatrical merchandise sales are important in recouping production costs, but I’m surprised that there is still a limited edition DVD format, which is an incredibly obsolete format. It might as well be a limited-edition VCD or Laserdisc.

  4. *reads There are also a number of Sailor Moon figures as pre-order bonuses. A set of the five Sailor Guardians in Eternal outfits is available with what I believe is the official fan club. A different set with Eternal Sailor Chibi Moon and the Sailor Quartet is available from the King e-shop and Sailor Moon Store. * what kind of figures are available from the King e-shop and Sailor Moon Store.

    • I have a feeling we will hear about it after it’s streamed for a while.
      I hope they come in packaging that complements the previous releases for Crystal.

      I’m sure Adam will let us know as soon as he hears something.

  5. “The details of the Blu-ray / DVD first limited edition bonus of the movie “Sailor Moon Eternal” have been unveiled!

    Disc 1 contains the main video of the movie version “Part 1″ / “Part 2″ that has already been announced, and includes audio commentary as an audio bonus.

    “Part 1″ is an audio commentary with three people, including Misato Fukuen as Super Sailor Chibi Moon / Chibiusa and Kenji Nojima as Tuxedo Mask / Tuxedo Mask, and “Part 2″ as Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Elios / Pegasus. Is recorded.

    Disc2 includes an insert song “Moon Effect” original animation MV using the video of the main part of the movie, a promotional video collection of the movie version “Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Eternal”, and an event video (4 performances) containing the stage greetings. In addition to (minutes), an interview video of Chiaki Kon and Kazuko Tadano, who was in charge of character design, will be recorded.

    Disc1 / 2 of the bonus CD includes the theme song “Tsukiiro Chainon” and the ending theme “I want to be us” / “” Rashiku “Ikimasho” as a companion to the movie “Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Eternal”. In addition to the movie scale song of “Moon Effect”, the soundtrack used in the movie version will be recorded. In addition, it has a lot of contents including a special booklet of more than 30 pages.

    You can enjoy the movie version of “Sailor Moon Eternal” at home, so be sure to get it.
    Stay tuned for more updates!”

      • Agreed, though you could easily say that about every Japanese release. I think the diehard Sailor Moon collectors (even the ones who don’t speak Japanese) will find some value in the exclusive features specific to Japan/Asia.

        Viz’s limited-edition BR/DVD releases of Crystal (if you can even call them limited-edition since they’re still widely in circulation even today) have historically only featured content with the dub cast, and then there are the potential quality control issues in video, audio, and/or included literature, e.g. remember how Uranus/Neptune were characterized as “friends” in one of Viz’s blu-ray booklets?

        Personally, I’m more interested in the audio commentary since I’ve watched almost all of the press coverage for this movie already (I think). And if the fansub community is still strong, I’m guessing someone will try to translate the exclusive content into English at some point.

    • Usagi, the character, was 14 years old when the manga and anime began in late 1991 and early 1992. Since her birthday is June 30th she would have turned 15 in 1992 so I think I was off by a year when I said 43.

  6. The Sailor Moon Eternal movies dvd release for the United States of America

    I will wait when they ever do the release for the USA dvds

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